Friday, June 18, 2010

Boring Life? Maybe but I've got my WOMD!

If you talk about leading a near non-existence social life, hell yeah! It seems that all I'm doing now is making trips from my house to office, 5 times a week. My typical day begins at 6.00am and ends at 7.00pm/8.00pm!  Even if my boss is away for a one month leave, my office life still ends at 7.00pm/8.00pm.  Work never ends...oh i know, i'd probably say, "enough bitching about your adult life already!" So, I'm gonna stop here... :) So, here I am tonight, lepaking in the Coffee Bean (in Damai Plaza), sipping my tea latte and well, the Slovenia scored their first goal against the USA about 10 minutes ago! Hmmmm...

What did I do last weekend? Aside from tackling my mountainous laundry, I spent it being closeted in my room, doing  a DVD marathon and did an unplanned purchase of another pair of  WOMD! Lordy, shoes...if they are breathing living creatures, their allergy is probably me! 

Here are pictures of the gorgeous WOMD! Lol..I just can't stop myself from blogging about 'em :-P

They cost me 99 bucks, but boy, they sure made my day! Now...when will I make an honest WOMD of 'em? :-P

Monday, June 7, 2010

Penat & Hitam..

My recent balik kampung was such a happy occasion BUT, was a tiring one. We had this big family reunion, complete with a prayer session.  I became the tukang masak terjun  of the day! Trust me, cooking for huge crowds is one tiring task, especially when the menus are varied. You repeat the process over and over again and by the time it reaches the "makan-time", you'd feel like puking!!

The weather's scorching hot and dry, not like in the capital and it drove me to 'berkubang' like hours at the nearest sungai, macam karabau pula! The outcome? Sia jadi hitam macam pilak sudah ni! My face and arms yang kena the most. I think I have to bathe myself in whitening lotion, baru mangkali my skin revert back to its original tone! 

I returned to the capital yesterday afternoon,  wiped out and within seconds of dumping my bags on the floor, I totally 'pengsan' (slept like a log), woke up nearly 11.00pm! After a quick shower, I went down to have tuaran mee for supper. I woke up this morning feeling tired but despite all that, I'm happy. I've got to eat nearly all the kampung food, be with my families and extended families (although half of them I could hardly recognized, especially the new generations! Gosh, I feel like ancient!) 

Oh my, sekarang musim buah di kampung! I saw fruit trees everywhere, their branches are bowed with a promising and plentiful harvest ahead, especially the tarap and langsat..yum yum..can't hardly wait!

This is me, before and after! 

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