Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Cousin & Her Photoshoot "Who The Most Beautiful" Contest

Hello world!

In conjunction with the Tadau Kaamatan Festival in Sabah, one of our local photography studios has organized a contest titled, WHO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. I've encouraged my lovely cousin to enter this contest. The rules of this contest are simple:

1. Photos are being published in the Studio's Facebook page at: Niems Photography Studio
2. Open the photo album: WHO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL
2. Photo that gets the most LIKES is considered as the winner
3. LIKES should be 'clicked'  at the Studio's own FB page and SHALL NOT be from other shared sources

So, Netizens, help me pretty please.. :)

This is my cousin:

To vote for her, kindly visit this link: My cousin, Dinah. She's the one wearing a high-cut/high-waisted jeans. Appreciated any LIKES from you guys.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Kaamatan 2013


Kaamatan (Harvest Fest)  is around the corner, again! We, Sabahans are celebrating it on May 30th-31st 2013. So, in light of this, I'd like to wish all my fellow Sabahans a very Happy Kaamatan Festival. Let's be merry but respectful to others. Drink responsibly and celebrate it with goodwill and friendship.

That's me and my cousin, donning our ethnic costumes, the Dusun Tinagas of Ranau :)

Mucho, mucho love from me.


Friday, May 24, 2013

My Cousin's First Tattsperience!

Well, that's her. At first, she was so scared and kept on asking me whether it's painful or not. I told her, well,   of course it is. A little but the finished product worth the pain.

So, armed with her preferred design, off we went to the tattoo parlour. At first, she's like gasping and asking the tattooist to stop like, every single minute. Then it stretched to 5 mins. Then she stopped, sitting quietly. I believe the pain became a dull ache and she told me: just take some pics, as a reminder of my first 'tattsperience'. An hour and 15 minutes later, that's the finished product. For a tattoo that size, they only charged RM80!  I believe their prices are pretty cheap compared to other tattoo parlours in KK! Oh hey, they are located at Inanam. As of now, she's quite happy with the result, even planning on adding another, possibly in future.

Me? Well, I've already got my own design and when I showed it to the tattooist, he said: Good design. For this, only RM100!

I'm adding another. Soon.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bob Side

Hola peeps!

I've cut off my hair. Firstly, I've never tried this new hair style before. I seemed to be having a reservation for this particular style. Possessing a heart shape face, I was too afraid to experiment with different haircut. Well, my heart shape face doesn't help either. I have a high and wide forehead with chubby cheeks. The only parts that I wouldn't change about my face are my chin and nose. I'm quit fond of them :)

Secondly,  maintaining a longer hair is quite expensive. I have quite thick tresses and I wash my hair daily. I can't go without washing my hair, DAILY! Longer hair means two bottles of shampoo and two tubes of hair conditioner. Not counting the hair mask and hair serum! My gosh, hair products are fairly expensive!

So, getting fed up from my high maintenance tresses, I ask my stylist friend to chop them off last Tuesday! I went for the bob cut look, which I was kinda worried off because I've never tried that particular style before.  I just closed my eyes and let my friend snipped away! I must say that I  liked the result. It changed and transformed my face. My colleagues gave me compliments too. They said, I look so much younger. LOL, that's the main objective, no? To look younger than your actual age! Hahahaha...

Here's my new hairdo:

Amacam? Does short hair suit me or not?

Well, I'm happy with my new hairdo. It no longer trying to bankrupt me.


Oceanus Kaamatan 2013 Festival

What? - Oceanus Kaamatan 2013 Festival
When? - 25th May 2013, Saturday, 12noon -7.00pm
Venua? - Kota Kinabalu City Waterfront Boardwalk & Dataran Bandaraya KK

Hey folks,
Sabah's own merry month is here again. In conjunction with the Tadau Kaamatan, here's a very interesting event to fill up your weekend. Let's all go! :)

Aramaitiiii :)
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