Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Coming Soon...Mr. Two Timing Loverboy

Well, I have this draft about a person whom shall I call now as Mr. Two Timing Loverboy.
It's still in early stages of drafting. Basically, it's a story about my ex (That cheating bastard!)

I am writing not out of spite, rather it's a warning to other ladies out there to be wary of this man. I learned the hard way. So, stay tune..



Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Welcoming 2016


It's been so long since I last updated this very neglected blog of mine! One whole year and a half, to be exact. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. I'm back. So..hello again, blog..

As a first entry of 2016, I'm not going to write a longish entry. I'll just upload pictures of my recent gathering with the 'original' circle of Sabahan Blogger ladies (at least three of them - Mimi, Carol and Lizee. The rest couldn't make it)

Our first meet up after the last (that would be back in 2010 I think) was on Jan 2nd, 2016 @ SOULed OUT. It's a newly opened restobar located at IMAGO KK Times Square. Place is a bit crowded, you need to book tables ahead if you are coming in groups. Price wise, can be a bit pricey and menus are limited. But, you can always try the Chef's recommendations.  Plus, I loved their signature Mojito drinks variants.

Here's our merry pictures, ringing in the New Year 2016.

Myself and the ever the sweet, Lizee

A shaky shot of Mimi and I. I guess I was a bit tipsy from the Lychee Mojito ;)

Lizee and I 

The Chegu Carol and I

A wefie :)

Lizee, Mimi and Carol

We 'victimized' the ever attentive waiter to take this group shot :P

Group shot before heading back home.

Basically, it was all about "whatever is currently happening in my life right now" meet up.
Mimi, thanks for the gift. Wangi hand soap tu bah. I like!

Ladies, here's to a many more wonderful moments like this and let's toast  for a lifelong friendships.
Til next entry...


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