Friday, June 29, 2012

Bargain Hunting

I love bargain hunting. I don't really emphasize on clothing/accessories brands. Be it designer brands or those found in flea markets, I love them all! Nowadays, I tend to buy clothes that can be worn without worrying whether in years to come, they'll be out of trends. I love simple cut and silhouette, simple yet chic, boho chic and yes, VINTAGE! I'm a huge fan of vintage fashion :)


Retro sunglasses from Vincci, RM23.00 

Sandals:  L-R, Bata RM20.00, Vincci RM24.90

Tunic dress with lace embroidery, RM35.00 (discounted price  @ 69.90)

Maxi dress by Cotton On, RM69.00

Lace dress with tassel sash & tulle hemline, RM65.00

Grey vest dress, RM25.90

What say you? Lovely bargains, yes? 


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Parhelion: Twins Sun Effect

I have the luck of seeing this phenomenon today. It happened around late afternoon today (27th June 2012). I was coincidentally outside of my office building complex with several of my colleagues when this appeared in the sky!

Well, that was me...and my office building

Nice, eh?

Getting darker..

What causes this twins sun effect or also known as sun dog or its scientific name parhelion? You might get the answer HERE :)

Another one of our galaxy's mystery, no? On the other hand, I am thankful for being able to witness such beautiful phenomenon.

Now, don't you go around downloading my pictures and sharing them around, preaching about "this is the sign of judgment day, armageddon thingy". I may be a bible philistine but I do believe in God and I'm not a fanatic.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NSFW: Shia La'Buff's Full Frontal Nude Experiment

Gone was the scruffy kid with explosive and unruly curls in the movie Holes, the kid from Disney's Even Stevens, the let-me-save-the-world Transformers hero and NOW, let's welcome the new Shia LaBouf. Shia LaBouf The Dancer, naked as jaybird.  He bares all in a new experimental dance film for an Icelandic indie band, called Sigur Ros. The band's piano instrumental called Fjogur Piano MV portrays Shia and another woman as locked up in tangled with violent, destructive addiction and dark desire relationships. Both actors went on full-frontal nude. Well, what can I say? From a woman's point of view, I think Shia and Daniel Radclife's West End, Equus are up for competition. Dang, I feel like a pervert!  Plus, Shia LaBouf is not exactly a shy, retiring type no?  After all, this MV is readily available on Youtube.

I'll leave you to it:

Not too shabby, eh?

P.S: Uh huhhhh...the video has been taken off by EMI. Sorry guys, you have to dig the internet for the video. You might try to YT Sigur Ros. Last time I checked, their official YT account does have this video. Good luck!

Oh, right, for only about several seconds, you'll get to see his weewee but it's not in HD..(Errr, am I still in pervert mood?) Tee hee..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Short To Shorter & The Nightshirt/Comfy Shirt

Well, I finally cut off my hair. My long hair was beginning to bankrupt me, what with a big bottle of shampoo and roughly two tubes of hair conditioner every month! Hair care is not cheap! Not counting the amount of time I spent just primping and preening! Besides, the crazy and hot weather keeps on grating on my nerves and my hair's constantly plastered on my neck. Shorter hair: easy peasy maintenance!

And, the other day, I went to Suria Sabah. F.O.S was having a warehouse sale. I saw this Chelsea FC jersey (Well, I'm a fan teeheee) and it was being sold at RM15 apiece. What a bargain because the original price was much more expensive, I think, it's over a hundred ringgit. Unfortunately, they only came in XL and L sizes. I said to myself, OK, it's cheap and it's big. What could I possibly do with it? Oh well, I'll just turn it into a nighshirt or a comfy shirt while 'lepaking' at home.

So, there you have it. Me with my newly shorn off locks and my Chelsea Comfy Shirt :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kota Kinabalu Arcus Cloud Porn Frenzy Day

Date:  12th June, 2012
Time:  0900hrs- 1030hrs
Location:  Sabah & Labuan

The popular talk among Sabahans and Labuan folks yesterday was the CLOUD!  In fact, people really got into sharing frenzies of the pictures in Facebook and Twitter.  In my case, the moment I shared the pictures in my FB page, within minutes and hours they were shared around about hundreds of times over. I was bombared with friend requests, tag requests and people messaged me constantly. While five of the pictures are mine, several of them aren't.  Just like everyone else, my sources were from Twitter and Facebook. I do not know who were the original uploaders and all I can say is they aren't mine to claim.

Ok, never mind about that. Just what it was that made my people got frothy on the mouth about these picture of clouds?   While in US, arcus cloud is a common occurrence especially in a twister and hurricane attack prone states, you have to understand that Sabah is relatively sheltered from the major typhoons. Hence, it's nickname as The Land Below The Wind. But, at the rate of world's crazy weather is going, the nickname might have to be scrapped off.

What is arcus cloud? According to Wikipedia, aarcus cloud is a low, horizontal cloud formation. Roll clouds and shelf clouds are the two types of arcus clouds. A shelf cloud is usually associated with the leading edge of thunderstorm outflows;  roll clouds are usually formed by outflows of cold air from sea breezes or cold fronts in the absence of thunderstorms

Let's just make it simple without all those scientific jargons eh? Just storm clouds then.

Here are some pictures:

View from my office window around 09.30am, near Jalan UMS, Kota Kinabalu
5 minutes after the above image

Here are pictures from various accounts of people in Facebook and Twitter:

                                                               Source:  Facebook - Marina Court, Kota Kinabalu. 

Source: Facebook - Marina Court, Kota Kinabalu

                                                   Source: Facebook - Penampang

                                             Source: Facebook (Ankol Tom) - Tamparuli

                                                   Source: Facebook - Kolombong, Kota Kinabalu

Here's a picture of the storm cloud in Labuan:

                                                                      Source: Twitter. Amazing, isn't it? 

Well, there you have it. Because it's an out of the blue phenomenon, people around town are kind of awed yet feeling a little touch of 'it's the sign of armageddon' judging from the conversations in Facebook. For me, it's one of mother nature's wonder and I'm lucky to be able to see and experienced it.

Here's the picture of the aftermath, from my own coffer: 

                                                        Out of my office window, again 

                                                                  Out in the driveway

                                 By the roadside, near Alamesra and 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu

End of the cloud story.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Event: RockFest Marathon III 2012 - Concert For The Environment

Hello my fellow KKians!

Got anything planned for your July calender? If not, then why don't you head up to this exciting event and support our eco-green crusade?

Info as seen on the organizer's Facebook account:

Image courtesy of


AWARENESS AND EMPOWERMENTThe main purpose of ‘Rockfest Marathon III 2012 - Concert For The Environment" is to convey a strong message and to prove that we can lead by example.

It is the gathering of the tribes from all musical backgrounds rock, contemporary, metal,alternatives to blues. The other main purpose is to showcase our local musical talents through the freedom of expression.
It is the gathering of the tribes from all musical backgrounds rock, contemporary, metal,alternatives to blues. The other main purpose is to showcase our local musical talents through the freedom of expression.

Through freedom of expression and music as the vehicle we empower our next generation to spread the message of:-

1. Drug Free Society
2. To Implant Responsibility and Awareness To Save This Planet
3. Advocate and Educate our future generation about our environmental issues.

For more info, go to: or visit their website at:

Well, I am going and I got me this :)

Hey, they are giving away 500 free tickets. Just go to their website and fill up a form. Ajak semua kawan-kawan korang isi ramai-ramai. You and your friends can rock together.

See ya!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Ditched Life. Well, almost...

For someone who used to bar-hop during those wretched years spent in KL, returning to KK was a far cry from my former life. While I was in KL, guzzling down alcoholic drinks during weekdays pretty much summed it up. The normal practice would be partying from the early evening and staggered back home the next day after. The security people down my apartment complex had gotten used to our ‘itineraries’.  Having our carpark space next to their security post was, as far as the tenant’s information goes, of course more than sufficient.

After returning to Sabah for good, that was middle of 2010, I finally resolved myself as a born again novice when it comes to clubbing scene.  Gone were the days of staggering home with mussed up hair and make-up, walking barefoot with shoes toed off, lying in abandoned inside the car and no more binge-drinking  taking precedent to a much abused whole year round body.  No more passing out hugging the toilet bowl. If you ask me now whether I’d still be able to withstand the onslaught of alcohol in my system,  I seriously doubt it. To be exact, I’ve been sober for nearly two and a half years now.  Well, to begin with, I’m not an alcoholic junkie. I drank a lot, but luckily I wasn’t hooked on it 24/7. I didn’t suffer from withdrawal syndrome and I am perfectly calm and nonchalant when I walk by the wine corner at supermarkets. I do enjoy wine. I drink it while at home or picnics or during family gatherings.  I was a binge-drinker. That much I admit.

In all fairness, nightlife in KK is not one we can call boring.  In the city centre, there are a number of watering holes to sink yourself into, to spend a chunk of your monthly wages off.  To call forth your Twitter/Facebook friends for the catching-up and socializing in the flesh.  I remember one time back in late 2010. After attending an event at Le Meridien Hotel, my friends practically frog-marched me to BED, where people from every walk of life in KK congregate.  At a relatively cheap cover charge, anyone can squeeze themselves in. But of course, drinks prices in this establishment are not cheap!  One thing for sure, this club is always jam packed, especially during weekends.  The locals, the tourist, the immigrants, the hookers – all converged into one.  From the moment I stepped inside, the familiar tobacco fumes practically gave me cardiac arrest. Jostling with sweaty bodies, toes got stepped on, boobs getting grazed with various peoples’ anatomies (and some louts copping a feel at my bottoms) while on stage, some mad Filipino band shrieking and gyrating in skimpy attires over the too loud music you could hardly hear the vocals and there I was, feeling out of place and too old compared with the rest. I had the sensation of being trapped in the tunnel of mayhem.

Half an hour inside, my tops got sloshed with icy drink by an overly hyped guy, who was dancing and totting his glass drink high up his head (If appeared like a man gotten his nuts kicked all the way to Timbuktu is what we can call dancing at all) and a guy next to our table kept on coming to ours with his ‘let’s clink our glasses together’ phrases.  The other girls were beginning to turn the other cheeks and proceeded to dance with no care and I was left dealing with the bore.  I said: excuse me but please, enough with your ‘aramai ti’ cheers.  Leave us alone, we’re not interested.  Red faced, he never attempted to approach us again. I looked at the bar top counter located in the center of the cavernous room  and several girls were trying to drug the crowd to oblivion with their super-Shakira moves.  On a closer inspection, it appeared that one of them was a tranny  in stripper’s heels, denim mini skirt and leopard print bra. While that irritating Sean Kingston’s  Fire Burning lyrics was blasting about calling 911 because Shawty (whatever and whoever that is) is burning, a young girl crouched on the bar top counter, skinny thighs splayed apart,  showing her not so flattering panties while a man below held up a burning ciggy lighter up her gyrating crotch, the crowds grew wild. It safe to say that that tranny in leopard print bra was ousted! 

In the remaining hours of the night, I tried to blend in. My attempts on reviving my ‘party people coolness' were unsuccessful. In the end, my bottoms remain glued on the stool and I was left looking at the people who used to be the shadow of my former self. These days, I prefer to kick back and relax with friends in laid back bar/lounge, preferably with some Irish bubbly or cocktails and have proper conversations without shouting and breaking my eardrums. A simple teh tarik session with friends is a luxury that I never want to forgo. 

And that, have probably made me a boring woman? I draw the line of being a recluse, by the way.
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