Friday, April 30, 2010

Hong Kong - March 25th -29th, 2009 (Part 1)

Well, it's like one year too late but I just want to share the pictures with friends. It was during late winter, rainy and foggy and wet but still memorable. I had a good time doing that 'wandering' with my bestie, Dee. Uhmm, some of the pictures are tacky (you know, you just can't stop having your pictures taken with the 'certain landmarks' on the background. In short, the pictures screamed I WAS HERE statement) LOL! Hey, I was a tourist, tourists are a bunch of camera-totting silly creatures. So, excuse me for the I WAS HERE pictures hehehe :P

me and my fellow Sabahan bestie, Dee.

lost in translation, Queen's Road Central

first day on arrival, headed straight to Happy Valley Stadium watching the 2009 HK 10's Rugby Championship

The stadium at Wan Chai district

with the Maori guy, Anthony. Imported player for Sabah's Borneo Eagle

Angelina Jolie was giving my bestie a cold shoulder treatment, The Peak

pathetic, I dare say.  The guy's a wax figure but again, I was just a silly tourist :P

two silly sumandaks, desperation made them to try to smooch a wax figure or maybe they were slightly unstable because of the high altitude effect?

26th March 2009, 16.48hrs, current temp was19 degree celsius

funny notice inside the airport coach bus..

Nathan Road, Kowloon

Li Yuen St, Queen's Road Central

fancy a mask?

Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station

in Kowloon to check out the night markets

Ladies' Market, Kowloon

a selection of pretty and cute pocket mirrors

My bestie, all teeth :)

want a naughty love play costumes? how about elephant's trunk undergarments? LOL, and no, I didn't buy any :-)


waiting for the airport coach bus...

inside the plane, flying back to KL

Coming soon...Part 2

Monday, April 26, 2010

Vision of Forever: Sutra Dance Theater by Ramli Ibrahim

Date: 24th April 2010 (Sunday)
What: Odissi "Vision of Forever" by Sutra Dance Theater Artistic Director: Ramli Ibrahim
Venue: Istana Budaya KL

I've never been to one Odissi dance theatrical show before and I've to say it was enthralling. So, when my bestfriend invited me along, I didn't pass the chance. Yes, I know nothing of Hinduism gods or goddess but heck, I was mesmerized by the gracefulness and gentle strength of the dancers. It's like steel and satin, with a touch of eroticism, not  blatanly erotic, it's a subtle eroticism. The show was chereographed by the renown classical Indian dancer and choreographer, Ramli Ibrahim. Sadly, no cameras were allowed inside the theater hall so I don't have the pictures.

Doesn't matter, I have a few of pictures. To  Lizee Wong, I've got pictures of me rockin' my heels warned, those are pictures of a girl afflicted with narcissism syndrome!

..the bunting

Pity, the picture is blurry. This is what happened when you asked a stranger to take your picture :(

flashing my 'by invitation only' card. Dunno where did my bestie get those cards :)

Sumandak & her heels. Don't 'play play' or there'd be hell to pay! :P

Weapon of Mass Destructions!

from Istana Budaya to Pulse, G.Millenium Hotel KL

having an early dinner with my bestie @ Balifeel, Bangsar South

OH MY GOSH! look at my puffing cheeks! No wonder makin 'doraemon'!

..and THE END!  :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday bloody Friday

The week started with happy news but today, an incident has burst my bubble. A not so good situation,  something to do with HR & Finance Dept in my office. They decided to suspend my paycheck for this month! (Our payroll date this month was on April 22nd)  Their reasoning, they have to check if I owe them anything.  Yes, this one I understand perfectly. However, my argument with them is can they just ‘cut it off’ from the next month’s paycheck? That’s it, assuming that I owe them anything-lah, which I pretty much doubt.   I told them: Couldn’t they just cut if off from the next one? It’s because, my contract still got about 12 working days after the April payroll. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.  So, are they going to pull this stunt again for my May paycheck as well?  Checking again if I owe them anything from April 23rd – May 10th? You bet! That’s absurd!

All these little bits of info reached me after I made calls to numerous numbers and spoke to this and that staffs. A lady at the Finance Dept had the gall of telling me off in that condescending manner of hers (ok, minus the expletives of course) that ‘we’re so damn fucking busy right now, your phone call has caused me to loss several minutes of my fucking valuable times’  to which I counterattacked:  I’m sorry for causing you losing your precious time, I understand how busy your office is. It’s  just that my situation right now is needing attention too. I’ve got bills to pay, I’ve got a house rent to pay, I’ve got a room rental deposit to pay in KK, and  above all I need to pay for my plane ticket.  In short, I just wanted to clarify when can I get my salary because I need to wrap up my personal and official affairs here before flying back to Sabah. Then she mumbled:  You have to check with HR. I called HR and they gave me the same answer about ‘having to look at my record, mana tau  I owe them anything’  and after clearing all those itsy bitsy stuff they asked me to do, only then they will release my cheque.

God knows when will that be but I plan to be the thorn in their side until I get my salary! Yessir, you can bet on that! 

God, bureaucracy is such a pain the neck. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My featured letter to the Editor of

Today must be one of the happiest day of my life! First, I've secured myself a job. Secondly, my humble letter to the Editor of  SabahKini  actually gets featured on the website! Snippets of my letter...

Dear Editor,
I'M writing in response of Lonely Sabahan's article, Please Listen to Sabahan Voice.
The writer echoes my sentiment, totally. I am also a Sabahan, moonlighting in KL. Often times, I came across with not only prejudicial sentiments but also the common assumption of Sabah being a backward place.
I personally experienced one incident which had totally left me feeling flabbergasted. I was riding a cab going to work when this cab driver asked me about where did I come from. I dully answered that I'm a Sabahan. 

Click here to read the rest of the content: Miss, Can I Have Sabah Currency?

To SabahKini Editor, thank you!


In the cloud nine.. :)

These past few weeks, I've been feeling restless and antsy.  Why? Let's backtrack to last month.  Yes, last month. I. Attended. A. Job. Interview! Yes, that was like a few weeks back. Myself having a quickie visit to KK and had a jolly good times re-connecting with my "physical KK self" translation: makanan kegemaranku!

So..what cloud nine am I talking about? About an hour ago, I finally got that 'one reeeeaaally anticipated phone call' and OH MY GOD..! I GOT THE JOB! Isn't this just sweet?! Yes, I am smiling like this ^__________^ and will probably be for the next several months or so? I could never be more happier than this. It's a double sweetness.  I mean, I was dreading the time of starting all over again, going back to KK, resign myself of doing the 'enclosed is my resume' over and over again, riding lifts for job interviews, scanning the newspapers for job openings and such. I actually thought of just pack, catch the plane and do the 'I'll cross the bridge when I reach it' thingy. Luck has never been sweeter than this...

By 13th or 14th of May, I shall be back for good in KK.  Then on the 17th, it'll be my official 'melapor diri'  to my new employer. To all my friends who have wished me good luck, thank you so much.  Your well wishes have more or less given me confidence (and may I add, a little touch of my  rebellion side) during the interview!

...and KK, wait for my return! ^_______^

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lunch Buffett @ Halia, Sime Darby Convention Centre

Where:  Halia Restaurant, Sime Darby Convention Centre KL
Date:  14th April 2010 (Wednesday)
What:  Boss kasi belanja makan! 
Price per head: RM37++

This is my boss punya personal thanks to all his staffs whose butts are highly 'exhausted' for the sake of the smooth running of his office (and curing his headaches, to put it bluntly).  Food selections are rather nice, I liked it. The menus are not swimming in cooking oil and they are fusions.  What I loved the most? The garlic prawn and roasted meat in rosemary sauce. Yummy!

Now for the pictures, taken with my 'lauyah' camera phone :-P campur boss punya camera

LOL, are we some sort of the restaurant's ambassadors or something?

I love the paintings!

the one at the right is my Sarawakian boss..

I was talking non-stop and suddenly the kakak stuffed my mouth with that cake

group pic before pigi serang makanan!

adedeh! quite an unflattering pic, look at my puffing cheeks!

Attacking the garlic prawns and the roasted meat!

isn't this mouth-watering or something?

finally, the desserts! banyak lagi tapi ini jak la yang bulih sia sumbat. I loved the cream puff, so yummy!

Well, we masuk balik office that day dengan perut yang mau malatup suda! Thank you, boss :)
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