Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3 Ways To Rock Your Crop Tops

Hello lovelies? Let's talk about fashion, shall we? :)

Today, my entry is about "ways to rock your crop tops successfully."

Yep, lately, crop tops have been making come back rounds on the fashion circuits. I remember, during late 80s to early 90s, they were such a big, big deal back then . Alongside with big perms, mullet hairs, thick shoulder pads, leggings, leotards, tights, mesh shirts and stonewashed/acid denims. 


When women hear the word crop top, some may feel a little bit insecure while some have no idea on how to work it with their body figure or mix matching it. Crop Top is becoming one of today’s trending fashion clothing with many designs and women can substitute the normal tees or blouses with cute crop tops in their fashion wardrobe. There are three easy ways that every woman should try to experiment with the crop top. The first famous look is the casual look:  You could wear your crop top with a pair of shorts whether it is denim or not. You could choose a lace crop top for a feminine look or just look edgy with a graphic printed one. But if you’re aiming for the sexy, wear a pair of heels, sling bag or sunglasses. If you are a more laid back type of girl, a pair of sneakers and cap will work fine as well.

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The second look for women to try out is by pairing a sleeveless crop top with a short skirt or midi skirt. Show off your fun side and expose the soft ladylike personality you have in front of others. If you do not want to show a lot of skin, wear an outerwear on top of your sleeveless crop top with a cardigan, blazer or even a jacket. Never over accessorize when you attempt to pull this look as too much accessory will make your outfit look crowded. Just stay simple with only a pendant necklace or earrings.

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#3: SEXY

Lastly, this look is suitable for the ladies who want to reveal an extra sexy and outgoing side in front of others. Wear you sleeveless bright coloured crop top with a printed or patterned skinny pants and high heels for a sexy sophisticated look. This outfit will be stunning to wear out on a date with the special someone or even to a party with your friends. Perk it up with a stainless watch, jewellery  and a clutch bag for the complete look. Interested to try out these simple ways of wearing your crop top to perfection? Check out Zalora website.They have affordable and amazing designs of crop tops online. You'll be spoiled for choices, I promise :)

Check out Zalora website as it offers their customers with amazing designs of crop tops online at a very affordable price.

P/s: I need to get back to exercising. One needs a sexy abs in order to pull this crop top style successfully, no?


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

When someone steals your photo...

..and made it as her/his Facebook profile picture.

The picture, which I have uploaded in this blog, was used by a woman as her FB profile picture. Being an open account, it generated 'likes' and hundreds of mixed up comments. Some of the comments were positives, others were just hateful, sarcastic even. The comments started with "not bad for Sabahan ladies", with the usual remarks of females' attributes in between. Tales keep on spinning, the owner of the account even invented a story of my cousin being a widow (she is not, thank you very much!). While I, is apparently an unknown tourist, probably from Korea and a complete, selfie-crazy person! Heyyyy, I do selfies but I'm no Kim Kardashian, OK? She's the master of all selfies.

Initially, I didn't know the existence of that woman's FB account but one of my friends (she's frm my hometown) asked us (my cousin and I) if we have other accounts. To which we said, no, we don't. She then sent us a screencapped of the that woman FB profile and well, hell, my pic is her profile pic. Suffice to say, we're not happy with the comments posted next to it.

Long story cut short, we have asked the person to remove the picture and asked her to write an open letter of apology for using my picture without permission. I have to say, her friends were less than happy when they found out that she's been carrying tales all these while.

I don't have issues with people who use images I've uploaded online, but it is only fair to ask for permission no? The only problem is when strangers misuse your photos, it posts a threat to the real owners. Cyber crimes bullying is the worst thing that can happen to you! It's no laughing matter.

Well, since the woman made a public plea and acknowledged her mistakes, we accepted her apology.

Always be cautious, people.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

34 Years Later..

Yeah, a few days ago, on Feb 11th, it was my birthday. Man oh man, hard to believe that I'm old. In a few years time, God willing, I'll be 40! So, one of my friends had suggested that we should go for a trip. She said:
"Hey, why don't we go to Bali?" I said "Sure, that'll be fun. Let's"

So, it was then decided that Bali it is. Unfortunately, timing is all wrong. So, we then decided to shelve it until May. And so, we'll be going to Bali. But wait, if it's Bali, I should at least shave off a few kilos of my fat. Yes, I am flabby. I need to lose it. Especially my 'cushiony' tummy. I don't want to end up like a washed up whale! NO.

So, 34 years later..I've come to this:

What will next year brings? 


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

That Awesome Traveler - Rick Mereki

I came upon this guy, Rick Mereki at Vimeo like, recently and I have to say, I love his videos. One particular video that I really loved is titled "MOVE".

44 days, 18 flights, 11 countries, 38,000 miles, two cameras, him and his two other mates have recorded a 1 minute terabyte of epic footage! That deserves a super epic awesomeness!

Here's the video:

He's like basically everything I wish I could be!
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