Friday, January 29, 2010

Odoi! laptopku, nokuro?

yes, nokuro? why must you broke down when your warranty expired narrowly just one day before you decided to torture my wallet? now, i'm 588 bucks poorer because of your unfortunate temperament! first, your LCD screen did these little flickers that gave me eye strains. next, you projected jumbled images. lastly, your screen just stayed static. great, just great. what a nice little 'disaster present' you gave me after your warranty expired.  araat tomod koh nogi kumaa doho kio.. *sniff*

yes, that's me. doing a monolog with my laptop. it broke down last night, something to do with the LCD screen.  i called up the service centre and the friendly voice at the end of the line informed me: your laptop warranty has expired (i know *sniff..sniff*),  let's first try troubleshooting to determine the problem (which we did. the result - my LCD screen has gone kaput) the new replacement will cost me about 980. that's  for labour cost and the new LCD screen!! holy cow, urang makan gaji macam sia ni, 980 is a lot! A LOT! adeeeeeh, tumuru romou mato ku! :-(

then the nice ah chai said : why don't you extend your warranty for 1 more year? it's only 588, but only for today (that's today 29/1/2010) after that, it'll be back to 980. so, what's you pick? if you choose to extend your laptop warranty, then your wallet won't suffer that much la. we can arrange a technical support to do an on-site repair by tuesday, next week.

ok, i'm not gonna take the high road. sia bukan mulau mo bayar tu 980!

so, today, during lunch time,  sia pigi cucuk duit *bawling now* paid the 588, faxed a copy of the bank in slip to the service centre, waited anxiously for the nice ah chai to call me, in which he did, 6 minutes after i faxed my letter together with the bank in slip! i must say, what an efficient staff he is. he confirmed and assured me that by tuesday next week, my problem will be solved! within 20 minutes, i received a call from the technical people and they will conduct an on-site repair on tuesday afternoon.  i've to say, kudos to the service centre for hiring an effecient employee like him!

...and, i'm left poorer by 588 bucks. i'm happy but crying at the same time :-(  til then, there'd be no new blog entry, no facebook and no bc buddy...

*sniff..sniff..sniff. curi-curi blogging time karaja. nasip bos nda ada. sniff*


  1. odoi3..nokuro laptop nu? ekekek ;P

    hehe..hye there. it's me deanona from bc buddy. i've link u on my blog. ;) have a nice day! =)

  2. If the problem still persist... then its a whole new story.

  3. banyak tu..... but what to do kan. Just leave it like that or fix it.

  4. Paling bikin panas if we have to spend money to REPAIR something... It's not like using the money to BUY something kan? But if it's for the better, why not.. In fact, the amount of money I spent to repair my laptop can buy me another cheaper version one... *sigh*

  5. That is indeed a huge sum. Odoi... kanapala tu laptop tia rusak the month before X)

  6. kawan2ku sekalian,
    mr. lappy okay suda. tapi sia pula yang ketawa sambil menangis..huwwaaa!

    yup, it's a huuuuge sum but what to do. just swallow the bitter pills. IT is an expensive business. we can call it 'cyber vampire' sucking your blood dry bit by bit, in this case not blood but your money! adussssss!

  7. hi there~ visited from borneo colours :D

  8. hello there theeggyolks! welcome on board :)


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