Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Purse Post-mortem..

OK, as I was tagged by a blogger gf, Carol on her My Doraemon Pocket Part 2 entry, now it's my turn to present the full report of my purse post-mortem! Ngeh..ngeh.. before progressing further, I have to tell you that once upon a time, I used to sumbat almost everything inside my tortured purse. My ex use to complain  that for a small lady like me, what's the point of carrying an oversize purse. Did I put bricks inside it too? Well, seeing that I buried lots of handbag corpses, I've learned to downsize my purse. Bit by bit for that matters. Now, without further ado..here it is:

My bargain Carlo Rino purse. I love the color, it's a mixed of dark brown and maroon colors with lots of compartments and an adjustable strap. Plus, I love the quirky little duckie chain :-)

the inside..

what did I sumbat inside?
1. make up bag
2. my wallet (been using it like 8 years now!)
3. comb
4. an oversized sunnies
5. dettol wet wipes
6. pocket tissues (it's a must, can't live without it!)
7. medicines (panadol acti-fast and some ubat gastrik)
8. umbrella (yes, we have crazy weather here!)
9. my instant coffee fix, Nescafe (hahahaha, unbelievable right?)
10. Protex hand sanitizer (I use this everytime I exited the public toilet)
11. sun block
12. women's second bestfriend: pantyliner. You never know when that bendera merah flags you!
13. little red coin purse (a gift from my former boss' wife. She bought me this during their trip to Taiwan. I love its Mandarin details)
14. pen & organizer
15. small pocket mirror (ha!)
16. Eclipse sugarfree mints
17. paper strip sprayed with  perfume - utk kasi wangi purse hehehe (my visit to Parkson G @ Wawasan Plaza always resulted in this!)
18. hair clip
19. house & office keys
20. hp charger
21. portable usb wire

....and where's my mobile phone? Not in the pic 'cause I took the post-mortem pics using my mobile.

what's inside the make-up bag..

1. MAC blusher (i'm a huge fan of MAC cosmetics!)
2. eyebrow kit
3. MAC compact power
4. some eyeshadow kit
5. Shiseido eyelash curler (I have  cucur atap eyelashes and this does magic!)
6. mascara
7. gel eyeliner kit
8. Vaseline lip balm
9. lipsticks, lip gloss & lip crayon (in various shades!)
10. lip brush
11. pencil eyeliner
12. mini blusher brush
13. a thumb drive (eh, I even campaked this inside the make-up bag? tsk..tsk..)
14. tweezer
15. a small scissor? (for what?!)
16. nail clipper
17. Garnier brightening eye roll-on
18. face blotter strips (for my shiny t-zone!)
19. a mini bottle of lotion

So, there you have it! Amazing what you can find in a woman's purse, right? That after I downsized mine..tsk..tsk..tsk..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gaya Street Christmas Carnival: 14th-17th Dec 2010

OK, I know..I mentioned in my previous entry that I'd be 'stripping naked' my handbag but I feel that this is something that I am pleased to share with Christians in Sabah or KK people in general. I visited the Sabah Tourism website and I am really happy that a Christmas Carnival in Gaya Street, KK is included in the December event!

Quoting the website:

Gaya Christmas Carnival

Date : 14 - 17 December 2010

"The Star of Great Joy" is the theme of the 2010 celebration that will be held at Gaya Street from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Organised by the Kota Kinabalu City Hall and the Sabah Council of Churches, the event will include colourful stage performances by various churches, organisations and special invited guests.

Over 170 charity and hawker stalls will be erected along the street, making it an ideal venue to scout for a wide selection of items such as food, inexpensive gifts, festive decorations and handicrafts. The Deputy Chief Minster of Sabah, Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, is expected to launch the festivity on the first night. 

Further Information

Organiser : Kota Kinabalu City Hall and the Sabah Council of Churches
Telephone : +6088 265816 / 265817
Email Contact : gcc2010@ccc.org.my

So, people..if you don't wanna miss out the carnival or if you're happen to be in town, do check out the carnival and enjoy the carolling performances and the various stalls. I'm pretty sure you'll find something interesting! Some of the previous carnival pictures can be viewed here - mysabah.com: Gaya Street Christmas Carnival (I don't have own picture as this will be the first time that I'd be attending)

'till next post!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm in Christmas spirit..

..and I love December!

My hols will start from Dec 24th 2010 until Jan 3rd, 2011!

Balik kampung will be the main agenda.

Methinks, there goes my diet plan, what with all those makanan kampung! who can tahan from indulging oneself from those delicious makanan? Will I ever be back to my original/ideal weight??

Meantimes, I am this excited:

Donning that Santa's hat, which I have put one in my office. Gonna start wearing it around the office, next Monday onwards! :)

Ooo..Christsmas Tree @ 1Borneo Hypermall, KK.  Just couldn't tahan myself not to pose in front of it. Hey, everyone is also doing the same.. hehehe :P

Til next post.. I think it's gonna be about this:


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adios to my old room

Thanks for sheltering me for the past 7 months, albeit it's a bit of a love-hate relationship. Of course, I'll miss having all those 'kitchens' just  a few stairs down but that's okay because I'm now currently on a mission of getting my old shape/weight back after heaping on those extra kgs and adding extra love handles. Ha!

Packing up was easy because most of my stuffs are either still inside boxes or my big luggage! I didn't bother to unpack, I just fished out whatever clothes that I'd be wearing that day and with some quick ironing, voila, I was ready to go! That's the sum of my 7 months life with you. Nah, I ain't gonna miss you.

To tell you the truth, dear old room, your replacement is much better. Much more airy and spacey, enough for two persons. I'm also given free reins to invite whomever I like with no extra charges! I mean, how cool is that? It's even closer to my sister's house, that I could just holler out her name. My new room of course is still in a mess now, what with all those barang2 but once they're sorted out, it's gonna be good. Well, it could use a new coat of paint though because I don't really fancy the current one. Not really into that orangy-peachy combo. I prefer the shades of soft lilac..

So, adios my old room. You have served me well but no, I've always known that we won't be together for long.
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