Friday, August 26, 2011

Today's picture: Rafael Nadal, the Prince of Hot!

Ayyyy, Papi! Smash it like Rafa! I'm sure the ladies are in full unison of Rafa, being the Prince of Hot *tee hee*

Hey, I too, ogle hot guys earnestly doing their modelling thingy, giving an eyeful service of choco-abs and chiseled faces.  Believe me, by admitting so, I'm so insanely normal! Just a normal red blooded woman and nothing's wrong with that :-P

I surely do envy Rafa's high slashing cheekbones! That come hither look he casts our way...

Loookeee, what have we got here, hmmm?  I've just got some early Christmas present for you.. it sex on gaze? sex on choco-abs? Or shall we slowly unwrap the rest of the pressie?  

Si senoras/senoritas, this is me holding the balls in court! *some early Christmas present indeed!*
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I say, David Beckham who??? 

Monday, August 22, 2011

You want to cop-a-feel of my bottom?

Well, be my guest if you really want a taste of my spiky heels!  First of all, I am not some  ‘champione du feminisme‘  and like other red blooded women out there, I do play the flirting games although I refuse being  tagged with cockteaser  tag. I let them burlesque dancers take the title (Dita Von Tesse, anyone?) 

Actually, I decided to write about this after reading an article about a woman in UK suing her former employer after he sacked her, following an argument  or rather, a heated confrontation because of his tendencies of pinching and slapping her bottoms and other sexual innuendos thrown her way! Tired of her boss’ constant sex harassment, she finally had enough and confronted him on his behaviour.  You know what did the former boss said to her? He said that she had it coming.  That she’d been casting some signals of possible rolls between the sheets to his direction. It’s in the way she dresses, every time there’s a boardroom meeting, it’s in the way she bats her eyelids.  The fact that the woman dressed appropriately in power suits apparently escaped his notice. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. Well, the lawsuit was filed in court and she won. The former boss was sacked with his reputation in tatters. Justice is sweet, ain’t it?

Now, a few weeks later, the actor Jeremy Irons has said in a controversial interview  “any woman ‘worth her salt’ should be able to take a pat on the bottom with good humour” The 62-year-old declared that such an advance is nothing more than a man indulging in friendly ‘communication’.

Such pompousness! Any woman ‘worth her salt’ will indulge in Jeremy Iron’s version of ‘friendly communication’ only when it involves some horizontal body positions or tango in bed and I bet you, it won’t be a mere pat on a bottom! Well, who could blame him? After all, this came from a man who freely admits that “his relationship with his wife as ‘dysfunctional’ and claimed that ‘part of our nature is to have as many partners as possible’. I say, this man doesn’t have the word ‘faithful’ in his dictionary. He’s still wrapped up in daze of the bygone eras of 60s and 70s, where alpha male believed that bottom grabbing was a testament of men’s triumph over the fairer sex!

Back in the 60s or 70s, women just gritted and bore the bottom grabbing and pinching silently.  The situation was like: You tell stories and be prepared to move office or quit the job altogether! The infuriating part was, the men got to keep their jobs! Back then, there wasn’t any specific law to protect women employees from leering male colleagues. However, the rise of feminists crusading for new bills/law/rights to protect women, especially sexual harassment, was finally paid off.  The lotharios learned to zip up their trousers, bind their wandering hands and curb their enthusiasms towards the fairer sex in workplace.  I do believe that law for sexual harassment applied to both sexes now.  Which is good and fair,  because men are also as vulnerable as women when it comes to sexual harassment!

Friendly communication is alright I guess, just don’t go around grabbing anyone’s bottom though. Unless you have some telepathic connections with the other party involved of doing the horizontal tango then by all means, go and grab each other’s bottoms! No one will give a damn if you ended up sporting blue black bottoms from all the grabbing!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Grandpa in his 20s?!

I'm not shocked, at all!

*I'm not discrediting UK and I'm sorry if this entry hurts other people's sensitivity 

UK has the highest rates of teen pregnancies in the world, percentage of school dropouts, juvenile (hate) crimes running rampage on the streets of London, worrying surge of  unemployments and families surviving on benefits. There must be something wrong with their education systems!

Source: Daily Mail UK

The 29-year-old grandpa (center, far back) posing with his 30-year-old ex-partner (far right) with  the newborn's parents

An unemployed man, 29, has become one of Britain's youngest grandparents after his daughter gave birth at 14.
Shem Davies and his former girlfriend Kelly John, 30, were overjoyed when their daughter Tia, who was born when her parents were 15, gave birth to little Gracie earlier this month. Tia's boyfriend, Jordan Williams, is 15.
Shem said: 'It is an absolute joy to see Gracie thriving. I'm incredibly proud of Tia. She'll be a brilliant mum. At first I wasn't overly pleased that she was pregnant but I soon got over than. Now it's all about being positive.

'I've got to know Jordan and he's shaping up to be a decent young man,' Shem told The People.

However, nurses at the maternity unit were left embarrassed after they thought the young grandfather was in fact the teenage father of Gracie.

Apparently when he entered the ward they thought the 29-year-old looked so fresh-faced they asked him to prove he was over the age of 16.
But the arrival of Gracie wasn't easy as Tia was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, seven weeks before her due date.
Worried doctors decided their best option would be to deliver the tot by Caesarean section.
The condition, which often leaves expectant mothers with high blood pressure and protein in their urine, could lead to life-threatening symptoms for both mother and baby.
Tia said the contrast between the carefree fun of the school playground and then the fear of death for her and the baby was something she would never forget.

Happily after a 25 minute operation Gracie was born but only weighed 2lb and was rushed to the special care unit at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, which is close to the family home.
Little Gracie is still being kept in an incubator but has managed to put on enough weight which means she will be allowed home in a few weeks.
A week after Gracie was born Tia celebrated her 15th birthday in the ward surrounded by friends and family.
The teenager, who has been dating Jordan for 18 months and wants to be a hairdresser, said she didn't plan on celebrating her birthday in hospital but added that her baby daughter was the best present she could ask for.
Once mother and daughter have been released from hospital they will be staying with grandmother Kelly so that Tia can finish school.

Grandad Shem, who has a young son of his own, said he is keen to get stuck in and help Tia and Jordan settle into life.
Jordan, who sat his final GCSE just weeks before Gracie arrived, said he understands responsibility. 'I'm captain of the school rugby team and that's like having 14 kids.'
Despite her young age, mother Tia says that she would not be happy if newborn Gracie became pregnant at 14 but that she would do as her mum did, which is respect her choice to have a child.
She also paid tribute to her mother, who was 15 when she was born, saying that she could not have wished for a better parent and role model adding that they have a very close relationship.
Britain's high teenage pregnancy rate means that many more young people in this generation are set to become grandparents in their late twenties and early thirties.

The latest figures show in 2009 38,259 girls under 18 became pregnant, but nearly 50 per cent had a termination.
The UK still leads the way when it comes to young mothers, and our rate is five-times higher than in the Netherlands and twice that of France and Spain.


Grandpa on your 20s? Boy, am I glad being a Malaysian..

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