Monday, December 16, 2013


Albert Einstein once quoted this:

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots"

Well, Einstein, you weren't wrong. The world now is overrun with generation of idiots, as you had correctly predicted.

Well, we have idiots running around, speed chasing smart technologies. Errr, I'm actually sugarcoating this. What I meant was ruled by smart phones, which if I might, I'm calling them as generation of:

I'cooler than the regular kids'
I'rich n famous'
I'nstagram bitches'
I'selfie bitches' name a few.  Of course I'm the owner of a smartphone myself but I believe there's still a 'kampung' soul in me. I don't get attached or enamored with my smartphone. I do have Instagram/Twitter/Facebook apps in my trusty Samsung S-II but I don't log into them like 24/7. I still crave the conventional human interaction. When I'm out with pals, I don't clutch my phone like it's my lifeline. I take selfies, I take food-selfies but only for maybe a few minutes at a time. Well, maybe when I'm trapped in a bad date, then I'll envoy this "OMG, I'll totally die without my phone" tactic! At home, I will be the only one whose eyes are glued on the telly. The rest of the house occupants, their eyes are glued onto their smartphones' screen! In any functions that I've been to, you'll see the guests will be doing the same. People around us are doing the same. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace!

Take a look at these (sources from the internet):

Coffee dates with girlfriends..

It ain't Beatles..

Updating your FB status: 'amazing game today'

A very merry thanksgiving dinner with the fam..

Leisure drive around the city with BFFs

All for one, one for all..

Let's have a date..

Guess the paintings at this gallery failed to bring forth these ladies' artistic souls. Beaten by the technologies..

Grandpa is a bit puzzled..

Coffee date at your local Starbucks

Ahm sexay and I kno' it..

What a warm feelings I have...

A good day for BFFs outing..

Ok, mate. I'll take care of burger, you take care of your cappucino, eh?

Oyy, mom! You're a danger to your kids.

and the winner is..
May the force be with us, in the darkened cinema..
Maybe thousand years from now, archaeologists will probably find ancient fossils of smartphone prototypes at their digging sites all over the world and note in their findings: our forefathers in the 21st century were great pioneers in today's technologies !

It's Smartphonegeddon!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Goodbye, Great Mandela

On December 5th, 2013, the great and charismatic Nelson Mandela died. Leaving behind a great example of a man who had ever walked the face of the earth. He was 95.

RIP, Great Mandela. Your legacy lives on.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dream Vacation, What's Yours?

Hmmm... mine is Santorini Island, Greece!

With its aegean sea, thousand years of history and great weather, that's heaven on earth. I've always been a history buff. I love history, I even scored straight A's during my school years (yes, that's the 'vain' in me talking!)

I have always been fascinated with islands, histories, cultures and arts and this comes from a non-artsy person. I can't draw a single line. Give me a crayon and I'll probably 'kill' it before managed to produce a decent straight line!

It probably sounds cliche but being an Aquarian, I have fondness for water. I love islands. I love the emerald and sparkling blue sea. I love everything about the ocean. Relaxing on an island is my top pick for vacations. Luckily, in Sabah, we have many islands to choose with. Within KK City's distance itself, we have the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, a cluster of islands: Manukan Island, Mamutik Island, Gaya Island, Sapi Island and Sulug Island, forming a marine park. These islands can be reached by speedboat rides under within 20 minutes! They're a big hit among local and international tourists. My personal favourite is Sapi Island. A nice place to indulge in water sports and I love their yummy grilled buffet lunch!

Now, back to Santorini Island, I won't go in details about its topography and history. I'll let Wikipedia does the explaining. Click Santorini Island, Greece for info. I first saw the island in the hit 2005 movie, The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants, where Alexis Bledel's Lena Kaligaris went to Santorini to meet the Greek side of her family. Oh.My.Gosh! I was totally bowled over by the scenic aegean sea, its surroundings,  the people and the whitewashed building structures of its principal city, Fira. The bluest of the blue sea. Totally heaven on earth! I could imagine myself sitting in a sidewalk cafe, basking in the Santorini sun, having conversations with friends while sipping wines and feasting my eyes upon the scenic natures banquet!

I have this idea of celebrating every milestones of my age in islands. Well, celebrating my birthday each year in an island is not a bad idea at all. Even it isn't, at least maybe every 2, 3 years? I remembered during 2011, I celebrated it at Mabul Island in Semporna. It was one of the best birthdays ever! Next year, I'm planning to head up to BALI!

Sunset at Santorini, Greece (images courtesy of Places To See In Your Lifetimes )  To see more stunning images, click on the link)

Here are pictures of my birthday vacay in Mabul Island (Feb 2011)
Stayed here, backpacker lodge Sipadan.Com. I always travel in backpacker style. Easy on your wallet & more laid back
The map of the island

Sipadan Mabul Resort (SMART) jetty. Day 1, Feb 9th  (Arrived at noon)

The very first (morning) day 2, Feb 10th. Woke up & straight to the deck. It rained the night before, still a bit cloudy..

Relaxing on the lounger with my friend. High tide. It 's a pure bliss!

Reading and lounging at high noon!
Low tides..about 2.00pm.

Looking forward for the sunrise! About 5.40am. Day 3, Feb 11th (D-Day!)

Sunrise, playing hide and seek..

About 6.15am, after sunrise

Me, in glorious sunset silhouette..

There are tame dogs in the island. This one was really friendly towards me, it literally dogged my steps :)

Early morning is normally high tides. You wanna have a morning swim? Just jump into the ocean :)

Just like them! It's about 6something AM, during high tides. They just jumped off from the deck and splashed around

The Sea Gypsy or Badjao Laut, a.k.a Palao is said that in the gypsy's tradition,  newborns are normally thrown into the sea in a quick dipping ceremony so that they will grow into a strong and courageous sea warrior.  This is one of my favorite shot. They paddled from their boat to our deck in the early morning, begging for money. That boy was around 9 years of age and that little girl was about 3 years old. This was actually during the high tides. 

This is one of my favorites (like the pic above!) I think I, managed to capture this child's expressions quite well. Colors are gorgeous, too! 

Just beachy.. :)

Brown! After just an hour or so..

Morning dip! 

Went snokerling. This was about 18-20m deep!

Divers surfacing..

....and here are the collages...I got hundreds of amazing pics but hey..I can't possibly upload them there..

One of the figures (diving & swimming among the fishes) is my friend. She did the night-diving activity.

                         This was me, getting wasted on my birthday, Feb 11th! Drunk & browned!

Last fill before going back to KK! 

The Brownie Effects!

Waiting for our ride!

Kg. Pakalangan's jetty! A short cut to Semporna town. This is normally where the boat docked when it's low tides in Semporna's jetty. It's about 20-30 minutes ride by road to the town.

Checking-out. The backpacker's office is located at Semporna Jetty

All in all, it was a very memorable birthday vacation ever! I'll definitely visit Mabul Island again.

Meanwhile, Santorini, you're my dream and I'll step on your soil one day, certainly!

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