Friday, July 29, 2011

Kodak moments of the yesteryears..

LOL! Have you ever take out your ancient albums and relived your Kodak moments? I remember when I was little, I used to take out my ancient family's albums, full of my relatives' pictures! Oh dear, the amount of 'classic shots'  mostly in big hair, bell bottoms, wedges, jersey dresses, big lapels and etc etc.  The most important part in picture taking back on those days were: 

1.  Picture of you holding a stalk of artificial/real flowers
2. You, hoisting up a cassette/tape recorder player or as the kampong folks call as "rediu" on the shoulder, arm akimbo, leg propped on a rock/tree stumps
3. A black/white studio portrait of your family (normally the youngest child would be sitting on the mother's lap) and there's always a prop like an antique vast, blooming with artificial bouquet)
4. Your parents/aunts/uncles in big lapels and small shirt, wearing bell bottoms trousers
5. Fat side burns and  handlebars moustache, afro hair, big sunglases
6. Ladies in plank/platform shoes & jump suits
7. It's all about that thick/black eyeliners, baby! 
8. 80s fashion: Everything was NEON/bright colors 
9. Big shoulder pads, big hair, big collars, and ironically  high-waisted, skinny & flared trousers!
10. Those neon colored leggings & spandex!
11. Guys were still favoring those flared jeans/trousers
12. End of 80s: ripped off skinny jeans, acid washed jeans, neon colored fishnet shirts! OMG)
13. All the ladies were sporting 'kuriting kasar" hair styles
14. By this time, holding a stalk of flowers was not an 'in thing' but you rather had the whole flowerbeds as your props! 
15. The 80's and 90s: Your cool factor decrease if you don't own a KONICA/KODAK camera! 

LMAO, here's me and my cousin trying to recreate the classic kodak moment, circa 1980s:

Pose - checked! Bench - Checked! Lighting? very bad! i guess this pic would be great if we were in the park, with lots of light. HAHAHAHA...!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cool illusion

Rest your weary mind and  take a short break :)

What did you see?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Adieu, Ms. Winehouse

Utter shock!

At a young age of 27, one of the most talented and gifted singer of her generation was found dead in her North London flat, suspected of lethal coctail of drug overdose and alcohol binge. Her turbulent life was widely followed by the vulture-hungry medias and gleefully aired to her anti-fans and adoring fans alike. To me, she might had her own personal demons to battle with but she's extremely one talented singer.  Her raspy and soulful voice was her USP.  Following her death, the sales of her records have been soaring up and mourners left flowers and other tributes outside her London flat.

Amy Winehouse, died at 27, like the other '27 Club' of musicians who died at that age (Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Choplin & Rolling Stone's Brian Jones) left a legacy of her own - tragic death, too soon, too talented and too young to die. May her soul rest in peace..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

It's true, it's a proven fact and the ensuing chaos after that won't leave you in peace.  Just ask this lothario here. As reported in a local daily:

A CASANOVA who allegedly cheated at least 10 women for the past two years was caught and taught a lesson of his life when the victims’ family members threatened to cut off his private parts, reported Metro Ahad. 

They also took naked pictures of him to ensure he would not repeat his crimes again. 

The suspect, in his 30s, was finally stopped when the victim’s family members decided to gang up to seek justice. 

The group also seized 15 mobile phones from the suspect and found nude photos of girls he had cheated stored in them. 

After discovering the nude photos, the group stripped the Casanova naked and threatened to cut off his private parts. 

However, he was not hurt as some of the victims’ family members did not want to break the law. 

The group’s spokesman, who wanted to be known as Haji Ali, said the victims’ families decided to take matters into their own hands because it would be hard for the authorities to prove that some of the victims were raped by the suspect. 

“We did this as a lesson for other people so they would not fall for this type of person,” he said. 

The families, Haji Ali explained, hired a group of people to help them track the suspect. 

“The incident took place around 8am last Thursday when the suspect was brought to a place for an ‘investigation session’. 

“When questioned, the suspect admitted to cheating at least 10 women whom he had met on Facebook,” he said.

I actually saw this in a discussion board of an online forum that I frequently log on to, just to check on the current topics that are being discussed and dissected! You could say that this forum is infested with megalomaniacs, the intelligent, the bored, the jerk, the jester, the delusional, the hamsap, the natural, the fascist, the racist, etc..etc. Why do I visit such online forum? Well, I indulge myself in people watching but don't mistake me for being nosey. I am not.  I like to observe human behavior. How they morphed themselves from being  square to triangle to round and other shapes that they could morph themselves into. Oh, I am far from being perfect and thus, observing their behavior/arguments help me in many ways.  They help me questioning myself about my intelligent, my low, my high, my worst/best personal traits and my sanity.

So, on the topic, one of the forumer's indicated: If he didn't rape those ladies...

I felt like he's saying : So what if he's a casanova? For all I care, he could wave his dick  to all and sundries if he wants to. It's not that he's pointing guns to those women's head. Is that enough to 'teach him some lessons?'

I am no Amazonian, but this typical "cat being offered fishes in a silver plate" kind of ruffled my feathers.  Not raping is not an excuse. He deliberately led those women with the notion of him being single. While I don't believe some of the women were not aware of his promiscuity, I do believe some of his gullible victims were under the impressions of him being sincere.  I have to say that for a person to say, "well, it's not that he raped that woman" it clearly indicates that he has a questionable sanity/morality. I'm not implying that I'm perfect but still, cheating and toying with a person's love and affections is a cruel betrayal. Oh, there were times I admired/lusted after other hot men, who were interested in me and I felt tempted and flattered but I guess I don't have enough guts to cheat. I simply didn't have the courage to risk what I had at the moment. Besides, I am also a firm believer of karma. What comes around goes around. What goes around comes around..

'til next post..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Escalator Parenting"

Yes, I am talking about the real escalator, not in a metaphorical way. The ones in the shopping malls to be exact. Of course, to the seasoned escalator riders, they look pretty safe and harmless. Except for my mum of course. She hates riding escalators. She rather takes lifts or the stairs. She thinks escalators are devil devices which are going to swallow anything from shoes, slippers, skirts and even human! Such is her aversions for escalators!

Well, to be fair, I believe that my mum has a valid point.  There are some cases involving escalator mishaps.  Little kids' foot get caught between the steps/comb plate of escalators, people injured when the escalator they were riding down suddenly accelerated and they fell or were thrown at the bottom of the escalator, bits of clothes getting caught in the comb plates and etc. Personally, I believe that escalators are danger to small kids. 

There's one incident that left me furious! This happened like a few days ago. I was riding up this escalator and several steps in front of me there was this woman with her kid.  The kid's around 3 or 4 years old and he was standing and swaying in his short little legs. It might be because he had the difficulty of balancing his legs with the movement of the escalator.  The mother was oblivious of the kid's struggle and was busy talking on the phone. She did hold her son's hand but loosely! Suddenly, the kid  rocked front and back, left hand flailing and  fell down on the step. The mother kept on chatting away on the phone. The kid managed to pick himself up  but fell down again, for the second time, hitting the step knees first. This time around, the mother did noticed. Noticed reeeaaal good. What she did next was completely unbelievable. I was aghast, so did other people behind me.  She yanked up the kid's hand forcefully and  furiously slapped his right cheek, twice! Berating the kid for being naughty. The smacking sounds from the slapping was pretty loud that it made me wince.  I think, she's more furious because he had interrupted her phone chat. The kid yelped once but didn't cry. I have to say, witnessing such disgusting acts had left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. What kind of parents who care more for their phone chats than the safety of their small children while riding the escalator? Don't they realized that escalator is hazardous to small children? Such negligence is unacceptable.

Parents should supervise and pay attention closely when riding escalators with small children in tow. They should hold their child's hand tightly or even better pick them up.  If you have unruly kids, then taking the elevator is the safest way possible.

Negligence acts equals to casualties and fatalities. Better safe than sorry, no?

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm enniebelle

I call this: the 'enniebelle's stance'!

Well, I guess a week notice is ok.

As of today, I'd be no longer thewanderingsumandak but I WILL BE enniebelle

It's simple.

It's me..a belle and as a woman, I believe belle is the best word to describe my new blog title.

It has a nice ring on it.

Everybody can remember it.

So, welcome to enniebelle's  port.

Hope you'll have a nice and enjoyable moments while docking on my port.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Wish List #2 - Samsung Galaxy S-ii

Did I ever tell ya how much I love the Sony-E Xperia arc? Oh yes, I am still in love with it. As ever.

But now, I'm torn between two smart phones! What is my second love? It's no other than the new Samsung Galaxy S-ii! Yes, these two make me literally going frothy and tingling with the sensation called "WANTING"!  Why am I torn between Sony-boy and Samsung-gal?

*click pictures to enlarge

Yes, those are some of the WHY(s). 

If you're wondering with the rests, click .SAMSUNG GALAXY S-II

Hook, line and sinker ? Hell yeah!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Announcement: TheWanderingSumandak will be no more...BUT..

Dear my recruits & accidental readers,

Please don't be alarmed of this announcement! My lappy is not in trouble, nor am I saying kiss goodbye to the blogniverse (Yes, I think I'm the inventor of this word. It's a combination of BLOGging & uNIVERSE hehehehe!) I am pretty much still signed in to blogniverse! :P

So, keep on reading folks..

I have been blogging since 2006 albeit sparsely (my early year of blogging).  There were stretches of times that I was plagued with the much dreaded writer’s stumbling block per se.  Nowadays, I might not be as active as before but whenever there’s an issue or ideas that my mind keeps on instructing me to ‘you must write about this’ only then I’ll try putting some sentences together.  

This time around, several of my friends have been complaining about my super long blog’s name. Admittedly, it’s a tad too long “”.  That’s 31 letters all together! Actually, I came out with the name during my gallivanting years  in KL. Between 2005 – early 2010, I was working in KL and I guess the name was aptly put.  Come to think of it, between 1999 – early 2010, I was (and still am) actually living a gypsy-like existence.  There were Uni years  in Sarawak, followed by a brief ‘striking  out on my own’ between 2003-2004 back home, then continued living in KL from 2005 til early of 2010.

The year of 2010 sees me going back to me hometown. I guess my wandering years is finally over. Logistically, yes.  Mentally? Well, I’m no vegetable but I think somewhere in the deep recess of my mind, my inner gypsy is still residing. Hmmm..forgive the melodramatic me, would you? However, I've to admit that I'm pretty much settled in now. Not fully settled but I am more than half way there! :-)

So, this year, I will be changing my blog’s name but I haven’t got the idea for its name. Maybe something simple? A name which is reflecting my name? My  personality? Or maybe something eye-catching? Or  something very ‘cincai’? I will post the name later and will retain the current name for maybe a week to let my readers know about the imminent changes.

‘til next post.. XOXO

Monday, July 4, 2011

Kota Kinabalu Food Fest 2011

It's the inaugural debut, bringing you a tasty turn of events (this year's theme)

As I am a foodie lover, this event is just what I need and I believe KK folks would love this too! This is also a good opportunity for the outside visitors to sample the fusion of local and international fares! Tempting, right?

Let me share the goodies with you! After all, sharing is caring, no? :P

Source from the organizer's website :

Welcome to Kota Kinabalu Food Festival

Kota Kinabalu's first food festival makes its inaugural debut from 9th July 2011 (Saturday) to  22nd July 2011 (Friday).  Appropriately themed “A Tasty Turn of Events”, the KK Food Fest is a 2 week showcase of Food & Beverage establishments in and around Kota Kinabalu.

Organized by Malaysia's first premier online lifestyle magazine,,the crux of the KK Food Fest is to discover and promote varied dining options in our city, catering not only to dedicated gourmands, but also to those of us who are very simply foodies at heart.

The KK Food Fest encourages delicious experimenting by way of a specially designed “Festival Menu” - available only throughout the duration of the festival. Diners will be able to enjoy  unique  offerings from participating establishments in this first-of-its-kind event.

The KK Food Fest culminates in a Food Fest Finale which will be hosted on the final day of the festival to celebrate the diversity of our city's food heritage. This main crowd puller of the festival brings with it a fun and relaxed feel. Marry this with stellar entertainment and you've got all the ingredients for an appetizing evening to remember. Participants of the KK Food Fest include restaurants, lounges and bars attached to hotels, stand alone F&B outlets, qualified chain eateries, as well as gourmet food products and wine suppliers.

KKFF Promotional Video 1

KKFF Promotional Video 2

For further info, drop a visit to

Gastronomy weeks, bring it on!

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