Friday, January 29, 2010

Odoi! laptopku, nokuro?

yes, nokuro? why must you broke down when your warranty expired narrowly just one day before you decided to torture my wallet? now, i'm 588 bucks poorer because of your unfortunate temperament! first, your LCD screen did these little flickers that gave me eye strains. next, you projected jumbled images. lastly, your screen just stayed static. great, just great. what a nice little 'disaster present' you gave me after your warranty expired.  araat tomod koh nogi kumaa doho kio.. *sniff*

yes, that's me. doing a monolog with my laptop. it broke down last night, something to do with the LCD screen.  i called up the service centre and the friendly voice at the end of the line informed me: your laptop warranty has expired (i know *sniff..sniff*),  let's first try troubleshooting to determine the problem (which we did. the result - my LCD screen has gone kaput) the new replacement will cost me about 980. that's  for labour cost and the new LCD screen!! holy cow, urang makan gaji macam sia ni, 980 is a lot! A LOT! adeeeeeh, tumuru romou mato ku! :-(

then the nice ah chai said : why don't you extend your warranty for 1 more year? it's only 588, but only for today (that's today 29/1/2010) after that, it'll be back to 980. so, what's you pick? if you choose to extend your laptop warranty, then your wallet won't suffer that much la. we can arrange a technical support to do an on-site repair by tuesday, next week.

ok, i'm not gonna take the high road. sia bukan mulau mo bayar tu 980!

so, today, during lunch time,  sia pigi cucuk duit *bawling now* paid the 588, faxed a copy of the bank in slip to the service centre, waited anxiously for the nice ah chai to call me, in which he did, 6 minutes after i faxed my letter together with the bank in slip! i must say, what an efficient staff he is. he confirmed and assured me that by tuesday next week, my problem will be solved! within 20 minutes, i received a call from the technical people and they will conduct an on-site repair on tuesday afternoon.  i've to say, kudos to the service centre for hiring an effecient employee like him!

...and, i'm left poorer by 588 bucks. i'm happy but crying at the same time :-(  til then, there'd be no new blog entry, no facebook and no bc buddy...

*sniff..sniff..sniff. curi-curi blogging time karaja. nasip bos nda ada. sniff*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ye..I do watch korean dramas :-)

...but i don't watch all genres. i mostly watch the comedies, throw in together some actions and peppered by romance and i'd be happy as a lark : -) trust me, when you became an old maid like me..sitting at home watching tv soaps is equal to having a boyfriend (lol, at least for me la) hahahaha, sounds pathetic, right? oh well.. my all time fave korean actresses are:

Kim Sun-ah:

Yoon Eun-hye, i don't get tired watching their dramas over and over again. Kim Sun-ah was funny, gutsy and chubby in the 2005 runway hit My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, while Yoon Eun-hye starred convincingly as a girl, pretending as a guy in the highly successful Coffee Prince (2007). Both are award winning actresses, humble, A-lister in the Korean entertainment industry!

Kim Sun-ah's 2009 political drama, The City Hall was another huge success. yes, i've watched this drama and i loved it. i like the way how this drama poked fun at the Korean political scenes, it's funny. yet, ironically, i think it happens in the real political world too. contrary to her humble looks in her dramas, she's actually a stunning woman! on top of that, she's also a gifted pianist!

Yoon Eun-hye's comeback to the small screen was a success too. her 2009 drama, Take Care of Agasshi a.k.a My Fair Lady was quite a success. she starred as a haughty and bratty heiress who fell in love with her personal butler! The show's rating in Korea might be on the borderline of 19% but elsewhere in the world, it was a huge hit. well, she's after all Yoon Eun-hye, korean's CF (Commercial Features) Queen, a successful model and one of the top paid celebrities in korea, commanding between USD600.000 - 700.000 per commercial! her last year's earning alone was USD5mil. Now, how crazy is that? and yes, she does charity works too.

my all time favorite K-dramas:

My Lovely Sam-soon a.k.a My Name Is Kim Sam-soon

The City Hall

Coffee Prince a.k.a The First Shop of Coffee Prince

 The Time Between Dog and Wolf

 btw, i might be as lonely as the next door spinster but i don't watch idol dramas. i can't stand watching pretty boy actors who are even prettier than the female actresses (cue - Boys Over Flower) it makes my skin crawls! I want a BADANG-man, not flowerboys! well, not as strong as the legendary Badang, but a real man nonetheless ^o^

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bathroom Blues - La Tortura


sharing a bathroom with a guy is almost like a daily torture! one with a bad bathroom habits at that.  well, i don't have much complain about my new place but the bathroom, gawd! .  i'm sick of seeing yellow stains on the toilet seat. i'm sick of seeing grimes in the toilet bowl after this guy is done with his 'dumping'. i'm sick of doing the cleaning, everytime. the first day i moved in, gosh...the bathroom was in a mess. i didn't even dare to use the toilet. i remembered going back to my old place just to have my shower. the next day, armed with bathroom cleaning supplies, it took me almost two hours to clean the entire bathroom!  in the end, all my efforts were seemed to be futile. my housemate's toilet habits is disgusting! arrrgghhhhhhhhhh....

what should i do? stick a laminated note on the bathroom wall, detailing list of rules that he has to abide to? or continue my role as a merry maid? hurrrm, maybe, the best way is just confront the guy and tell him point blank that he is now sharing the bathroom with another human beings and as such, making the bathroom in usable and clean conditions is the responsibility of the both of us!

i look as disgusted as the lady in the above caricature, except that i'm not as large as her.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hall of Shame: 3 phases of humiliating episodes in my life

well, ummm so far la..

so, any embarrassing incidents happened in your life so far? me, yes, three major humiliating incidents! each respective episodes happened in 3 different phases of my life.

1st phase:
i was 8 or 9, travelling with my mum, heading towards the little town of ranau in my uncle's old rumbling datsun pick-up.  and boy.. my uncle drove like he was competing in the rally! when i think back, at the rate he was going, the speed-o-meter was probably be between 80/90km per hour! imagine burning rubber on a gravel road. you're bound to get your butt bouncing mid-air in your hardwood-like seat (well, i think the seat was made in wood, padded with a disgustingly thin sponge and covered in black plastic vinyl!) and the humiliating moment happened when the pick-up went through a pothole and next thing i knew, i flew off from my seat and landed directly  against a pak cik (who was doing a betel nut-chewing marathon, sitting on the opposite side of my seat). i tried to break my fall with my right hand and it landed squarely against his crotch!! everyone inside the pick-up was laughing and hooting madly. the pak cik yelped, i think he probably be feeling his painful nut and he was gaping with a mouthful of betel nut! i was big enough to know the true meaning of humiliation and throughout the remaining journey, i didn't dare to lift my head up. i believe i shed tears of humiliation that day too!

2nd phase:
i was 15. i was inside this bookstore in Centerpoint KK (the name of the shop is Eaton's) buying stationeries. the cashier tallied my purchase, and it was RM25. I fished out my wallet and it was empty. i dug out my pocket and out came this 50 sen coin (loose change from my bus fare earlier). as it turned out, my mum had given me a hundred and i forgot to put the note inside my wallet! i left it laying on top of the dressing table in the room that my sister and i shared! i was damn malu because other people were queuing up behind and i was standing there with an empty wallet. in the end, i told the cashier that i left my money at home, i needed to go home and would come back later to pay the 'ransom' for my purchases. thank god, she agreed. otherwise, i had no idea on how to salvage my shredded dignity! and the 50 sen coin? coincidently, the bus fare to my house was 50 sen! and i did come back to the bookstore, paid up and made a quick exit. i was saved by a 50 sen coin, literally!

3rd phase:
it was around october, last year! i banged myself against a glass door. my office gallery door to be exact and it happened while the gallery was in use for a lunch function, organised by one of the departments in my faculty. the resounding thud, followed by a loud "aduuiii, SHIT" was enough to stop all conversations, all gazes were diverted in my direction, glasses, forks and spoons raised in mid air, acara menyenduk lauk-pauk juga tergendala. the impact was enough to make the glass door shook/rattled and i was kind of melekat macam cicak kubin against the door. the outcome? humiliation as big as sarawak, not to mention a super huge blue black lump in my forehead! imagine hearing the word 'SHIT' while you're lunching! how did i manage to tabrak the door in the first place? well, usually the door is left wide open but on that particular day, it was partially closed. i was talking and looking at my friend (he was standing a few meters away behind me) while making a beeline towards the door and next thing i knew, crash!boom!bang!

so there you are, the three phases of humiliating episodes in my life. i hope there won't be a fourth! fingers crossed...

what's yours?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Even Sabah's Orang Utans Are Not Spared..

yes, i know. this is kind of a double entries for today but i just can't help myself from being too overwhelmed!  unbelievable! after milking sabah's natural resources dry, even the orang utans are not spared from the same fate..

as reported today in The Star Online:

Sabah against relocating orang utan

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah is not keen to relocate any orang utan to Peninsular Malaysia for eco-tourism purposes.
State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said not only is it dangerous to remove the sensitive primates from their natural habitat but the local people were against such a move to send the state’s icon away.
He said this when commenting on a statement by Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk James Dawos Mamit, who said they would obtain orang utan from Sabah and Sarawak to set up an eco-tourism attraction similar to the Sepilok orang utan sanctuary in Sandakan and the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre in Kuching.
Mamit had told reporters in Kuching on Sunday that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had requested for some orang utan to be sent to Peninsular Malaysia to promote eco-tourism.
Masidi said yesterday orang utan were not like some other animals that could be easily relocated from their habitat. He said any relocation could be traumatising enough to cause their death.
He said relocating an orang utan involved a lot of technicalities and planning.
“The orang utan should stay where they are.
Those who want to see orang utan will have to come to Sabah to see them,” Masidi said adding that there had been no official request made to the state government for the primate.
wow...brilliant, just brilliant! well, as a proud Sabahan, I dare say : Fuck off! leave our orang utans alone!!!

Is this an asian thing?!

dammit, i was really tempted to go and tell the girl (below picture) this: "why, your bf looks stupid carrying your purse! can't you carry that purse yourself?!"  geez..!

my fellow asian women, nothing is uglier than having your spouses/bfs carrying your purses while you're sashaying away empty handed! i notice that it's quite a common sight here in KL.  You, ladies should be banned from buying handbags/purses permanently! women's purses/handbags are meant to be ours alone and NOT to accessorize men! and why, it always occurred to me that this ugly practice only involves asians. is this an asian thingy?

i'd definitely go ballistic if someone touches my purse!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colour Me Bad..?

experimenting with different hair colors is okay. provided that it suits your skin tone, personality and the mixing and coloring process is done by a professional. Otherwise, the result will turn out just like this:

not quite a desirable sight if you're a middle age man, trying to disguise your graying hair and moustache by dying it in orange. yes, i took this picture in a crowded bus during my way home from work. i think,  it would be better if he used black hair color, instead of orange!

that hair disaster might be forgivable but it's definitely not a good sight if you walk around sporting orange-colored moustache!'s been a long long time since i had my hair dyed *pondering*

Friday, January 15, 2010

What's with people and their "It's Complicated" FB Status?

why?  why the 'it's complicated' FB status?

doesn't matter if you're married, in a relationship (shaky or solid) as long as you have someone beside you and you consider that person as your bf, gf, domestic patner and whatsoever - it doesn't define you as 'unattached'.  you're still in a relationship!

my take on this:

1.  married ppl who checked on the "it's complicated' are looking for extra-marital affairs
2.  people who checked on the "it's complicated" are in an unhappy relationship, they might've already booked their one way ticket, out of the relationship and currently in the look out for "new stops"
3.  they are natural-born philanderers!

well, happy or unhappy, if you have someone beside you - YOU'RE STILL IN A RELATIONSHIP!

that's my stand. though others might argue that "who cares, that's my prerogative! "

well, then...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Lord, Have Mercy On Us... words can express the way i'm feeling right now.  where have all the 1Malaysia spirits gone now? i guess it's merely a political manifestations. a political decorations?  deep down, i still think that it's kind of difficult to achieve a fully 1Malaysia concept. racial barriers are still deep-rooted among the people, doubts and distrusts are still in evidence.  take this current 'wildfires' for instance. All because of one word, the nation is literally in uproar! Arsonists have been making rounds burning several churches in KL, as a sign of protest and attempts to overturn the highcourt ruling over the usage of the word 'ALLAH' by non-muslims in this country.

what saddens me the most is, how could a person who believes in God/Allah go and burn other people's place of worships? staging demonstrations is one thing, burning those churches? those are sacred places for the Christians. how would you feel if a non-muslim goes around torching the masjids?

on the other hand, reading the reports on the newspapers today, i couldn't help but felt a bit of a resentment towards all the 'authorities' and 'politicians' lending their faces and voicing their 'supposed concerns' regarding the incidents.  it kind of disgusts me. there's always a hidden agenda(s) somewhere, that i'm sure of.

somehow, i can't seem to shut out these words out of my mind "DIVIDE AND CONQUER". it keeps on nagging me.

anyhow, i hope my fellow malaysian christians won't retaliate against the muslims.  whatever grain of justice we could attain  from these incidents,  we shall leave it to the authorities (even if it's only a little grain). we shall remain calm and pray for peace. may our faiths not be shaken, be humble, forgive those who have wronged us because they do not know what they are doing. Amen..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Men's Characteristics That I Hate..

1. Critical in almost everything about me: for example, the way I dress up, talk (especially my slang – don’t tell me on how to pronounce the ‘R’ consonant. Can’t do anything much about this, since it’s my tongue! ) once, I reprimanded a friend because he told me “itu ‘R’ jan kasi takan, bah”. I said to him, “aih..camana juga mo ubah, I talk like this, since..always. It’s my tongue, can’t do anything about that” man, don’t do that! It irritates me to no end..

 2. Constantly Cracking up dirty jokes! I mean, heck, I can handle dirty/sexy jokes (every now and then) but please, must you do that all the time? Remember, I maybe a good sport but first and foremost, I am also a lady, not a randy-goat sailor. Got that, cowboy?

3. Loudmouth & “look at me! Look at me!” guys - it’s like wanting to announce to the whole world that he’s the man, 'I’m the coolest among the packs, next to me the rest are pale in comparisons'. They actually believe that it’s a guaranteed charm in snagging women! DUH! In short, boastful men turn me off. Eating humble pies once in a while is ok. Otherwise, you’d be permanently chewing on the bloody crows! Yuck, damn disgusting visions!

4. Abusive – whatever actions or words that coming out of his mouth, all reeking with abuse., grow up now or just GTH!

5. Clingy and whiny men – gosh! This is the worst among the worst! they need you to report to them about your daily schedules. Where you went, with whom, why not answering my text messages, why didn’t pick up the my call..and the list goes on and on and on.

6. Snobbish – yes, I was born into a very modest family. I’ve known hardships. Spartans living is no big deal. i can possibly live, eat and sleep in backward places. I love street foods. So, if a guy cringes to all these and says: ‘what? Gerai tepi jalan? apa kelas!’ or ‘I don’t socialize with hillbillies and hick people’ then I say: boleh blah!

7. Neanderthal men – they think women are slaves. women’s existence are solely to serve men. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no feminist. I don’t hate men. In fact most of my friends are guys. Don’t be surprised, in today’s world, there are men who still cling to the ancient conviction of: men gather and bring home the kill, cooking and washing are for women! Orang perempuan, tempatnya di dapur! well, then, shall I serve you dirt?

8. Men who are lazy, disheveled and look greasy all the time. I don’t care if you’re not a greek god. do take care of your appearances. if you’re presentable, decently dressed, wear cologne/perfume and know how to carry yourself well, then you can have my number :)

Well, I’m not searching for a perfect man. There’s no such thing as a dream guy! I’m no Cleopatra. I have shortcomings too. If you’re not all of the above, then you are most welcome to be my friend :)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A chat with my west msian friend - sabah, according to his testimonial

...snippets of the conversations:

nghanseng: i was offered to go back sabah, kk. but i declined. better offer there actually...
enniemye: why? gaji tak siok?
nghanseng: 25% higher than in kl,
enniemye: den?
nghanseng: but i dun wan cos its too far
enniemye: same like kota baru la. you drive there how many hrs?
nghanseng: plus benefit not so good. KB lain la... can drive home anytime, since i travelling one...
enniemye: i can't wait to go back. new happening things in KK are abundance
nghanseng: yes, lots and lots...but i miss the most is the drive from kk - sdk.  and the food...
enniemye: yep, i miss the food
nghanseng: that mountain is beautiful........
nghanseng: and the ladies...
enniemye: why? the ladies are friendly but we're not bitchy  ^-^
nghanseng: hahaha,  friendly lar, the trademark of ppl from the east mah. not like the west. sikit sikit ingat kita laki gatal...
enniemye: what about here? overly friendly ka atau sombong?
nghanseng: here? sombong lar. like i said, if in sabah, i said hi or smile sure smile or hi balik one. in kl, the lady will think i sudah gila
enniemye: sombong but they are the one who normally get kantoi in the end haahhaha, methinks :P
nghanseng: most probably will taser me to oblivion!
enniemye: LOL!! here, they don't say hi to men. they say, let's go khalwat! better yet, they'd give their love freely to 'awang hitam' 
nghanseng: LOL!!!!

..sorry, no pun intended. it's just a joke not a statement. don't raise your hackles guys and gals. peace :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Ok, so this is my first entry for the year of 2010.

How was my new year countdown? it was fun, i guess. me and my fellow sabahan friend, Ray and a group of my KL friends celebrated it at the Republic Sunway. Sunway was jam packed, as expected. I had pasta for dinner at Italiannies, but couldn't finish it off. i forgot that the serving is quite big, big enough for two. so, half of it left untouched. What a waste of food..tsk tsk tsk.. in summary, my new year countdown was this:

friends+dinner+black label+tequila+dancing+mamak's = twas a fun night!

I’m not gonna make new resolutions list this year. I think I’m through making new resolutions list. What I’m hoping to get this year and hopefully the coming years, is good health and fortune for myself, families and friends. My mind is forever stamped with RM signs on it, and you can practically see the RM letters twinkling in my brown eyes, LOL! Bila la jadi kaya ni?? Actually, I think I’m turning into a little miss gold digger. hajiman, chamkamanyo! I’m not ‘that kind’ of a gold digger. I’m hoping to get RM through hard works, tears and grits ok. Not leeching out old-lonely-pervert rich men off their money! HAH! I love money, who doesn’t? the only thing that differentiates us, money-loving people is: how do we earn it. By honest means or dirty means? Well, choices are always in our own hands..
Hmmmm, that’s all for now. saranghamnida and happy new year 2010, my friends..

word glossaries (Hangul - Korean):
hajiman - but
chamkamanyo - wait a minute/moment

saranghamnida - i love you
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