Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gastritis Attacks, Birthday Party, SBG 2009 & Halloween Party? the bad and the good.....

Gosh! Thursday, 24th Sept 2009...the scorching afternoon sun is enough to kill my mood to go out. well, i should be on my way to the clinic by now but it's damn hot outside!

didn't go to work today. the story goes like this:
woke up this morning, and my room was spinning madly. no shit, my gastritis has decided to plague me again. headache, nausea, heartburn and i was salivating like a bulldog. despite of all these, i still managed to shower, put my clothes on but when i was about to walk out from my room, i was like "no, you are not fit to go to work today.  take an MC' in the end, i disrobed, drank a glass of milk, took some medicines, slept and woke up at 1.00pm. well, i'm gonna go the clinic after this. anyways...

first thing i did after waking up was to switch on my lappy, logon to and bought myself a return air ticket to KK for my balik kampung trip end of next month! i managed to get myself a 310(MYR) deal (which i think cukup bagus sudah compared to AirAsia's 386MYR)! so, 29th Oct - 8th Nov 2009 - KK/Ranau trips YAY!

hmmm. 30th Oct, it's my little sister's birthday party. it's going to be her sweet seventeen birthday. what gift shall i give her? i'm not really good in gift-giving department. i'm totally clueless. shall i give her a necklace? a perfume? clothes? can't think of anything besides necklace and perfume. tia tau, masih mencari lagi..

31st Oct, it's Sabahan Bloggers Gathering (SBG) 2009. well, i didn't go during the first gathering which i think was held back in 2008 (umm dunno if this is correct). so, this time around i decided to join in. i think it's going to be great, what with guest performing artists, lucky draws and free goodies (harap2 dapat heheheh!) and i've got to see my fellow sabahan bloggers. Owhhh, it's Halloween night too! can't wait, can't wait! what shall i wear? a mask? a catsuit? no, cross catsuit. i'm no halle berry nor kate beckinsale.  shall i be the murderous schoolgirl Gogo in that Kill Bill movie? a military inspired get ups? aissshhhh...bingung! still searching. i wonder what would be my crazy friend, Daniel the Gallivanter wears..i think he's going to wear something gila-gila...LOL! after all, he's the life of the party and a nearly converted Sabahan :P

i'm so looking forward to this trip. gonna sukat the whole city of KK, eat my favorite foods - sayap ayam panggang, soto, ngau chap yum yum...and if time permits, check out the current clubs scenes. heard it's getting more and more interesting...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wankers, Go Bang The Pie!

Right now, I am pissing mad with some of the egoistical and moronic men in WM about their typical assumption that most girls from Sabah are easy. I was reading an online forum where most of the typical ‘my dick is too small, I can’t score, that’s why I’m getting my release by jerking off to some porn-star bimbos on the net’ losers. First, they were discussing about Daphne Iking’s estrangement from her husband. Well, I can’t be bothered with their conspiracy theories but what irked me the most is that one of the forumers’ comments about girls from Sabah.

His exact comment was this:

“She is like most women from the place she comes from”

And then, another forumer asked:
“u mean from suckBAH?”

Of course, the answer was obvious seeing that Ms. Iking is also a Sabahan herself.

He’s implying that most women from Sabah are loose. He’s implying that Sabahan girls are highly sexed up. they even had the audacity of  nicknaming Sabah as “suckbah”

What fucktard mentality!

I wonder, why Sabahan girls are always labeled as ‘sexed crazed, easy, sporting, adventurous’? I beg to differ. sexual tendencies and prowess has got nothing to do with where you came from. It’s a natural born traits that each individual has. After all, our  pheromones are unique on its own way.

So, the fucktard yang cakap suckBAH tu, apparently he has an ego as big as Mt. Kinabalu. You can go bang the pie! What pie am I talking about again? Go watch the American Pie movie.

What I’m saying here is that, EM is different from WM. Our cultures, customs and way of life is different. We might be lacking in  development compared to WM but in terms of open mindedness (I‘m not talking about sex here), we are progressing way ahead of our counterpart. After all, who in the world has over hundred of dialects spoken but us Sabahans? In spite of all these, we’re living peacefully. Regardless of which ethnics we’re from, we identified ourselves as ‘urang Sabah’. there’s no such thing as Melayu, Cina & India.

did I hear the echos of the word ‘touche’?

p.s  pardon my foul language. ah, i mean, those are the only words that i deemed as "almost polite"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Monkey comes, monkey goes

the carpark at my office has become as some kind of  monkeys' playground! some can be seen doing their 'monkeystics' on top of the parked vehicles. some are just contented 'monkeygazing' at you with their flashing small, beady and intimidating sharp eyes! this is a familiar sight at my office building surrounding area. hmmm..takut juga kalau one of these days, they would turn rabid on you! saints above, they might be carrying diseases!

whenever i see them, i'd totally freeze. i am quite traumatized with the story of people being mauled by rabid monkeys! well, if you don't kacau them, i guess they will leave you alone.

that's what happened when the forests are felled, the hills are cut to make way to new constructions. the animals lost their habitats and they will begin to 'migrate' to a human populated area!

meantimes, manage to capture a pic of the other monkeys, perked on their chosen spot, watching me snapping their pics from afar..eeeiiiii takutnya!
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