Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas & Avatar! well...,

yup, i'm that wayward soul during the Christmas Day. literally...

i didn't get to celebrate Christmas this year with my family. that's just so sad..well, never mind. i'll celebrate the next one with them. it's a promise, a definite promise to myself.

so, what did i do? i had a pre-christmas dinner and lunch with a couple of my good friends. christmas gifts, yeah. i got them too. my lovely bff, CT presented me with WINE giftbox!! boy, did i not love that..I DID :)

on the christmas day, myself and my bestfriend went to watch that much celebrated and talked movie of the year, AVATAR at Tanjong Golden Village cinema in KLCC. what can i say? the movie's superb. the creatures, the storyline, the plot, the casts, the cinematography and the CGI effects? it's fantastic, kinda blew my mind away! James Cameron is a one brilliant filmmaker! i think, his Titanic fell short of 50% behind his Avatar. 15 years in the making and well, the final outcome is just MAGNIFIQUE!

even my bestfriend (she is not a fan of fantasy and sci-fi movies) was awed and caught under the spell. well, sort of..

me..? oh yes, i'm a fan. she dislikes Transformers, i love it. she hates Star Wars, i love it. she hates all the combat movies in general. me, i like all type of movies..

meanwhile, merry christmas and happy new year 2010 ya 'll.

p/s:  i ain't no lesbian but hell, Michelle Rodriguez is one hot, kick-ass chick!

signing off now...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please laaa, we sabahans are not pekerja-pekerja asing di semenajung..

how long does it take before some of the orang semenajung realized that sabahans are malaysians too? that sabahans are not 'expats' in their own country? another millennium? another century? it's been nearly a decade since the dawn of the second millennium and they are still thinking that sabah is another neighbouring country across the south china sea!! tsk..tsk..tsk..

last week, i encountered this kind of ignorance, again! i was riding the cab and when i was about to pay for my fare, the cabbie asked whether i could show and give him sabah currency! WTF! i had to explain to mr. cabbie about Sabahans being malaysians too, and we're using the same currency as in Malaysian Ringgit! he was like: ahhh? i thought sabah is another country...(i don't think he's stupid, seeing that his manglish was kind of ok)

now how ignorant can you be?

please la...wake up! i'm sure these kind of people do read newspapers, watch the TV, listen to the  radio, and surf the net for information and whatnots and they're still assuming that sabah is a country??!! some semenanjung people also 'cocktailing' up the fact that kota kinabalu (KK) is the capital city of sarawak state and not in sabah!! take my colleagues for instance. i have to correct them from time to time that KK is in sabah, not in sarawak! they will ask me question like: bila lagi nak balik ke sarawak? wah..this after knowing that i'm from KK and the only sabahan  in my office. i damn tuuuuuuulan! don't tell me that they never heard of mt. kinabalu, sabah, the highest mountain in MALAYSIA and south east asia, or (one of the) world's best diving site is located in sipadan island, sabah,  MALAYSIA! don't even mention about mt. kinabalu via feratta (italian word for 'iron road' - the newest route for climbing mt. kinabalu) being awarded by Guinness World Records as the World's Highest Via Feratta! too much information for them to digest? i say, HAH!

in the meantime, it may take another century or millennium before the whole of the semenanjung people realized that, we, sabahans are not pekerja-pekerja asing di semenajung. well, no need to go back to school to study  geography la. everyone is talking about 1Malaysia concept these days..and we, sabahans are always lauded by certain ministers as the best example of 1Malaysia concept. as far as our ancestors (and new generations) concerned, we've been 1Malaysia since like forever!, ada faham ka??!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Missing Home

well, i've moved to my new place. finally. however much small is my new place, it's ok. i can handle it for several months more. in May or maybe before that, i'd probably be in KK!

i miss home and i'm not coming home for Christmas! so sad! what to do? air ticket is expensive, and my present problems need to be solved with money, money, money! after solving some of them, the outcome? no 'I'll be home for Christmas!"  what to do....there's always the next Christmas.  i'll definitely celebrate Christmas with my family next year! my big brother is flying back home this jealous of him!

in the meantime...i'm taking an afternoon nap now.  slept quite late last night.  been out with a friend, lepaking at mamak's. and yeah, Fullham defeated Man United, 2-0. surprised much? i've never been a fan of Man U.  don't shoot me..

Happy Christmas, world!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remembering December As...(The Worst Month For Me In The Year of 2009)

warning: foul languages ahead!

YES! it definitely is!

 a lot of unpleasant things happened to me this month.  Christmas seems to be overshadowed by these personal things. in fact, i don't feel any joy at all. it's end of the year, people normally feel giddy and jubilant celebrating the approaching christmas and new year but it's the other way round for me.  i'm not in the festive mood! what mood i am now is i really want to 'cangak' someone who is so deceitful and bermuka2.  he really is a numero uno moron in my life existence now! his words are totally bullshit and full of lies. keeps on running around the bushes, pitching me and my friend against each other, changing his tune every time we demanded answers from this bas-turd. in short, he's the landlord from hell! he's the lucifer of landlords! he said he will have to deduct the stamping fee for the tenancy agreement from our rental deposit. bullshit, what agreement is he talking about? we never saw nor received the agreement at all. we've been demanding for a copy of the tenancy agreement since the first month we moved in and his answer was, "haven't got the time to proceed with the agreement. i'm busy" EVERYTIME! the last time we asked this pariah, we were shocked when he said, he'd given us the copy of the tenancy agreement! fucking lier, we didn't received any! and now, he had the nerve to say, i have to deduct the stamping fee from your rental deposit?!! fucking moron. you are one big fat ugly disillusions old and bitter bachelor.  no wonder you're still living with your mother even though you're greying! fucking pariah!

i know, it's really unbecoming for a woman to swear but i'm so mad right now. he toad-ally ruined my December. i will always remember Dec 2009 as one of the worst incidents in my life!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The exclusivity of a word..Allah

This is a sole and private opinion of the owner of this blog. This posting is not influenced nor affiliated with any other movements whatsoever. No malicious and slandering intended. World Peace?

A local daily yesterday, The Sun, reported that a Melanau woman has submitted an application on Jan 12th this year to challenge the Home Ministry for confiscating eight CDs of Christian religious teaching containing the word “Allah” while she was disembarking at the LCCT in Sepang last year. The woman, Jill Ireland Lawrence Bill, 27, brought the CDs with titles such as “Cara Menggunakan Kunci Kerajaan Allah, Cara Hidup Dalam Kerajaan Allah and Ibadah Yang Benar Dalam Kerajaan Allah “ from Indonesia. Now, following the "hijacking" of her CDs, she then received a letter on July last year from the ministry claiming that the reasons for the confiscation were:

1. It was a threat to security
2. It was using the prohibited words. Therefore, it was a breach of Jakim guidelines
A threat to  security? How in the world is that possible?  What security? Is the word “Allah”  reserved exclusively only to Muslims? As far as I'm concerned, Allah is an Arabic word for God. 
According to Wikipedia: Allah is the standard arabic word for GODWhile the term is best known in the west for its use by muslims as a reference to God, it is used by Arabic-speakers of all abrahamic faiths, including christians and jews, in reference to "God". The term was also used by pagan meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity in pre-islamic arabia.
The concepts associated with the term Allah (as a deity) differ among the traditions. In pre-Islamic Arabia amongst pagan Arabs, Allah was not considered the sole divinity, having associates and companions, sons and daughters - a concept which Islam thoroughly and resolutely abrogated. In Islam, the name Allah is the supreme and all-comprehensive divine name. All other divine names are believed to refer back to Allah. Allah is unique, the only Deity, creator of the universe and omnipotent. Arab Christians today use terms such as Allah al-ab ( "God the Father") to distinguish their usage from Muslim usage. There are both similarities and differences between the concept of God as portrayed in the Qur'an and the Hebrew Bible.
In pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was used by Meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity.

Arabic-speakers of all Abrahamic faiths, including Christians and Jews, use the word "Allah" to mean "God". The Christian Arabs of today have no other word for 'God' than 'Allah'. (Even the Arabic-descended maltese language of malta, whose population is almost entirely roman catholic, uses Alla for 'God'.) Arab Christians for example use terms Allāh al-ʼab  meaning god of fatherAllāh al-ibn  mean God the son, and Allāh al-rūḥ al-quds  meaning God the holly spirit.
arab christians have used two forms of invocations that were affixed to the beginning of their written works. They adopted the Muslim basm-Allah, and also created their own Trinitized basm-Allah as early as the eight century CE. The Muslim basm-Allah reads: "In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful." The Trinitized basm-Allah reads: "In the name of Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, One God." The syriac, latin and greek invocations do not have the words "One God" at the end. This addition was made to emphasize the monotheistic aspect of Trinitian belief and also to make it more palatable to Muslims. 
another article findings: GODALLAH.COM 
The word "Allah" is the perfect description of the "One God" of monotheism for Jews, Christians and Muslims!

Is "Allah" only for Islam and Muslims?

[No! It is for All Three Abrahamic Faiths.]

"Allah" is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Bible, centuries before Islam came.

On page one [1] of Genesis in the Old Testament, we find the word "Allah" seventeen [17] times

"For God so loved the world..."
- and the word the translators used in Arabic for "God" is the very same word used by Muslims around the planet, "Allah."
Where Does the word "Allah" Come From?

"Allah" comes from the Arabic word "elah"a god' or something worshiped. - (Arabic) means '

so, Jakim is declaring that the use of the word Allah by non-muslim is prohibited and it's a breach of Jakim guidelines? funny, why the Muslim/Christian Arab communities use the same word in their faith exercise then? guess, only in malaysia eh? wow...
This Ms. Ireland hit it right when she demanded the return of her CDs and a declaration that she has the legitimate expectation to exercise her right to possess, use and import publications containing the word "Allah"
i am still puzzled with that "a threat to security"  part!  bravo...cheer to malaysian made 'exclusive rights' by..... i leave it at that!
it appears that Malaysia is more Arabic than the Arab nations themselves. another cheer to to that.
i better stop here before i get hauled up to jail for malicious intent and slandering charge!
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