Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gaga the scarecrow..

what does the oddball and eccentric lady gaga and the scarecrow have in common?

well, put them side by side together and they'll scare the crows away! the famously 'brit's humor' has certainly livens up to its name! a british farmer apparently had come out with a 7ft gaga scarecrow after watching gaga's bizzare red carpet outfit during last tuesday's brit awards. after failing to drive out the crows in his farm despite numerous trials, he resorted to erect the gaga scarecrow in his field. amazingly, it worked like a miracle. the crows no longer 'terrorized' his corn crops!

the farmer, mr. nigel britten posing with his gaga scarecrow!

the celebrity gaga scarecrow, uh...literally. it got featured in the uk's famous online mag ya'know!

...i say, try putting a real lady gaga running around in the field,  it'll definitely double the effect!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jacky the Puppy

I think he's a Jack Russell terrier..well, kind of. I'm not too sure myself but he definitely looks like a JRt. he's our Jacky, our puppy back in KK. only three months old and quite an active little doggy..that's what my elder sister told me. I haven't got the opportunity of meeting him but i'll definitely spoil him to death when i'm back! Hmmm...I shall bring him pressies :)

that's our Jacky. Cute, ain't he? Gosh, I just love doggies!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Simple gestures and courtesy will bring you everywhere

at least that's what i've been led to believe, and yes, i am still holding on to that value and hope to pass it down to my next generation. that's it, if i am to reproduce mini-me(s) la!

this morning, while i was on my way to work... (conversations between a cab driver and myself)

Me: good morning, i'd like to go to..

Cabbie: morning, ok. 

Me: thanks.

Several seconds passed....

Cabbie: miss, are you malaysian?

Me: ah? oh yes, i am. why?

Cabbie: oh, i thought you’re a foreigner.

Me: eh? what made you think so?  i'm malaysian, all right. i'm from Sabah.

Cabbie: oh, Sabah. no wonder. no la, just that i've been driving taxi for so long and from my personal experience, only foreigners greet me when they hail my cab. that’s why i thought you’re a foreigner. local passengers never bothered to do so. i never expected this, it’s really nice of you. i think your parents have raised you well.

Me: why, thank you. actually, sabahans are generally friendly. (yang kambang lubang idung kijap ni)

Cabbie: ya, you’re right. i heard that a lot.

Me: thanks (smiled)

it’s a good feeling when someone compliments you on your simple courtesy, and you didn’t even see it coming. you think that because it’s a daily fixtures of life, people won’t notice your simple routines but there are some, who actually noticed it. yes, it is such a good feeling indeed.

just wondering whether malaysian kl-ites are that stuck up..or maybe it's all about the 'simply can't be bothered' attitude. hmmmm...

LESSON - simple gestures & courtesy will bring you everywhere.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Mr. History

I know you're probably checking up my blog.

to answer your question, no, i don't hate you. hate is such a destructive thing!

i just, never think of you anymore.

i don't keep track with my past bfs (not that i have many x-bfs!)

please move on with your life..i've moved on with mine.

closed chapter remains closed chapter. our 'book' had been edited from front cover to back cover, published and it wasn't a bestseller. it's a total flop! 

please stop sending me text messages. i don't like it, nor will i ever reply your messages.

do erase my number from your contact list. 

i don't harbour any ill-feelings towards you. after all, we were once in a relationship. 

when i said 'let's break up' it meant: love don't live here anymore. 

hope you'll find whatever you're looking for, be happy.

once again, no, i don't hate you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

have a happy tigerish new year :)

what am i doing now? as of tonight, i'm sitting here by the pool, sipping a can of coca cola, a pack of salem menthol, tic-tac-ing my lappy's keyboard and basically whiling the hours away!

actually, one of my friends suggested us to go party but i declined. i prefer to have a quite night at home rather than being squashed in a jam-packed place! wow, there were times when the mere mention of party will squeeze the party juice flowing out off me! makin tua makin malas mau party..

well, well, a lot of people are lepaking here by the pool tonight! (so, it's not a quiet night after all) kiri kanan pun ada orang, macam2 warna lagi tu! my place is kind of a 'united nations'  of a neighborhood! and i think, i'm the only sabahan yang ikut sama melepak tonight :)

i rang up my sister and brother-in-law back home to wish them "Gong Xi Fa Chai, Ang Pow Lai Lai". lol, can you imagine an old girl like me minta angpow? so people, have a happy tigerish chinese new year. may this year brings you luck and good health.

...and remember, don't get drunk and drive :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Turning 30

WARNING: this entry contains an objectionable and inappropriate image for minor (or adults). I do not own the picture. Image was taken from the social networking site,

Ok, I’m now officially the undisputed old and unmarried daughter in my family. Scratch that, not only in my family but the entire suku sakat! Seriously, I’m not jesting! During my last visit (that would be Nov, last year) my mind was practically bruised from all the probings on ‘ bah, bila lagi turn ko ni? Masih nda ada burung2 yang besiul ka? Jangan tunggu lama2, nanti kelambatan’ and the elders were like: “atuukoi, haro no dii karait dikau? Mogihum no bo do koruhang. Alaid no di mimbujang om sukup no gia. Mogihum no la do tontok tinan. Kalanut moti’

Those were the exact words. Music to my ear? Not! Well, who can blame them? i am old hahahahaha..i’m 30! That’s the big three-oh! Luckily, my petite size disguises my exact age. Hah! Adussssss…tua suda dis.

This morning I woke up and talked to the mirror in the bathroom, and the woman on the mirror said “girl, you’re 30 today” and I was like ‘OMG!’ talking to the mirror? What a worrying symptom. Gosh, being 30 has addled my brain!

So, what would be my plan for the next 10 years? Honestly, I have no idea. That is an extremely worrying thought. Being 30 and having no plan? I’m screwed big time!

Ok, on the risk of sounding desperate, my plan for now is:

May 2010 – go back Sabah for good, and drink myself to oblivion during the Kaamatan Festival


After securing a job – FIND A BOYFRIEND! (or let him finds me?)

Gawd, great plan?? Pathetic much..

i hope when i'm old, gnarly and still single, i won't end up like this:

What a scary worst case scenario...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


you ever heard of the London indie rock band called Athlete? I'm one of their fans.

brief facts about this awesome indie rock band:

this band is frigin' awesome but i personally think that in other part of the world, they're still relatively unknown. man, their stuffs really got me hooked. i'm a sucker for awesome rock stuffs. my music preference first and foremost has always been rock. not really into all the pop/hip hop stuff. well i could listen to them but i'm not really a hardcore fan of this type of music. i'm more to rock, r & b soul, acid jazz and country. these days, i listen to european rock bands. well, mostly.

my all time favourite from this band is their 2004/2006's Wires. take a listen to this song below. couldn't imbed the original video music though.  it can be viewed here: WIRES

shite, that was friggin' rockin'!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The downside of having males housemate

yes, it's a breach of freedom to femaleland's turf. worst still, if the male housemate is a total stranger. you don't know him from ADAM! i think almost half of my life, i spent it living with the fairer sex. my highschool days, my uni days - it's hostel, hostel and you can call it "femaleland orgasms".  throughout my whole adult life, i spent it by being ensconced in the "femaleland orgasms" (btw, i'm talking about co-habiting with females housemate, of course)

currently, i'm co-habiting with two total strangers. a malay woman and a chinaman (yes, he's from China). the atmosphere? well, beyond the occasional hi/hellos, we're pretty much aliens to each other. having a male housemate, my days of being 'comfortable in my own skin' around the house was pretty much put on the 'stop/eject' buttons. the two major hiccups are:

1. no more prancing around half-dressed/naked around the house
2. have to share the bathroom - which leads to my bathroom blues - la tortura

whereas before, dressed or naked  - the whole house is yours for the exhibition, honey!

geez, not happening at all!
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