Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Men's Characteristics That I Hate..

1. Critical in almost everything about me: for example, the way I dress up, talk (especially my slang – don’t tell me on how to pronounce the ‘R’ consonant. Can’t do anything much about this, since it’s my tongue! ) once, I reprimanded a friend because he told me “itu ‘R’ jan kasi takan, bah”. I said to him, “aih..camana juga mo ubah, I talk like this, since..always. It’s my tongue, can’t do anything about that” man, don’t do that! It irritates me to no end..

 2. Constantly Cracking up dirty jokes! I mean, heck, I can handle dirty/sexy jokes (every now and then) but please, must you do that all the time? Remember, I maybe a good sport but first and foremost, I am also a lady, not a randy-goat sailor. Got that, cowboy?

3. Loudmouth & “look at me! Look at me!” guys - it’s like wanting to announce to the whole world that he’s the man, 'I’m the coolest among the packs, next to me the rest are pale in comparisons'. They actually believe that it’s a guaranteed charm in snagging women! DUH! In short, boastful men turn me off. Eating humble pies once in a while is ok. Otherwise, you’d be permanently chewing on the bloody crows! Yuck, damn disgusting visions!

4. Abusive – whatever actions or words that coming out of his mouth, all reeking with abuse., grow up now or just GTH!

5. Clingy and whiny men – gosh! This is the worst among the worst! they need you to report to them about your daily schedules. Where you went, with whom, why not answering my text messages, why didn’t pick up the my call..and the list goes on and on and on.

6. Snobbish – yes, I was born into a very modest family. I’ve known hardships. Spartans living is no big deal. i can possibly live, eat and sleep in backward places. I love street foods. So, if a guy cringes to all these and says: ‘what? Gerai tepi jalan? apa kelas!’ or ‘I don’t socialize with hillbillies and hick people’ then I say: boleh blah!

7. Neanderthal men – they think women are slaves. women’s existence are solely to serve men. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no feminist. I don’t hate men. In fact most of my friends are guys. Don’t be surprised, in today’s world, there are men who still cling to the ancient conviction of: men gather and bring home the kill, cooking and washing are for women! Orang perempuan, tempatnya di dapur! well, then, shall I serve you dirt?

8. Men who are lazy, disheveled and look greasy all the time. I don’t care if you’re not a greek god. do take care of your appearances. if you’re presentable, decently dressed, wear cologne/perfume and know how to carry yourself well, then you can have my number :)

Well, I’m not searching for a perfect man. There’s no such thing as a dream guy! I’m no Cleopatra. I have shortcomings too. If you’re not all of the above, then you are most welcome to be my friend :)



  1. i think i'm number 5... too honest maybe

  2. that really? my ex-bf used to emotionally-blackmailed me. at first, he was a half-way perfect boyfriend. after a while, he started to turn into mr. clingy. we constantly bickered because of petty things. the only time that i didn't have to report to him was when i was sleeping. well, the relationship turned sour and i cut him loose. there's no point of staying in an mentally and emotionally draining relationship.

  3. i'm not into black-mailed person only love making report. hahaha

  4. Ennie, we share the same sentiment here.. I especially hate it when men criticize me on how I talk. And that point 7? I see this all the time with my friends and families and I hate it..

    I know there's no such thing as perfect men, but looking at your list and comparing it to my Bo, I'm happy to say he's almost perfect!

  5. Mi, exactly. that no. 7,i think kalu dunia kiamat sekalipun, it'll never changed! indeed, you're lucky to have your Bo.

  6. Wow... Well said. All I can say is I'm considering to do a men's version of this post. AJ, why don't you do one? haha... Hope all is well with you Ennie. :-)

  7. Luckyly im not the person that u mentioned above. Dinoza, u reply 1 laa in ur version..hahahah..

  8. LOL! Dino, yup. do it, do it! really wanna know from a guy's point of view :P

    Tsaiyuri, thanks for visiting and following my blog :-) glad to hear that too

  9. Lets see...(I apologise in advance for the long post below, but I'm a sucker for commenting on stuff like this :D)

    1. Don't care how anyone talks, as long as they don't talk crap.

    2. Only around the guys. Usually stops when a female shows up, unless she wants in on it.

    3. I let others find out for themselves if I'm THE man. Its a lot of fun to see the expression on the “look at me! Look at me!” guys' face when they do.

    4. Won't even help my mom kill a chicken. Not squeamish about blood but it saddens me to watch the chicken struggle for breath before it dies...

    5. If I can't trust my better half, there's no point to be together.

    6. Currently doing a Masters degree at the University of Hard Knocks. Nuff said.

    7. Two income is always better then one! Saves me paying for her makeup and saloon visits :P

    8. I'm lazy, but its because I can afford to; I don't have much facial hair so that's never been a problem; I don't like dress shirt, tie and all that snazzy stuff (been there done that now I don't have to so I won't) but people still call me 'tauke', so I think I pass in that department...

    And yes, I'm taken. The good ones usually are... XD

  10. Hi Ennie, it's been a while since I talk to you in NRT. So how's life btw?

    You take a good care of yourself, allright?


  11. Nex, i like your comments!*smiles* well, i don't expect my man to be wearing jacket and ties all the time. there are places and time for that, no? yes,it's sad indeed, all the good ones are either taken or expired :P

    pssst.. i think men in jeans and collard shirts are sexy :)

    jimbeam, yeah..long time no hear from you. i seldom logging in on NRT these days. all those "chest-thumping" heehaws are kinda wearing me out. that's, hmmmm..nothing much. nowadays, i'm leading a pretty boring life :)thanks for dropping by..

  12. I'm not of the above and I wear perfume. Can I have your number then? Please?

    A belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2010 to you and all your readers.

    Cheers, Anton

  13. WoW! I am lucky I am none of the above... LOL LOL!!11

  14. Anton,
    thanks. same goes to's your son? i know he's a smart kid like his daddy :)

    WoW! that's too good to be true :P


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