Tuesday, March 30, 2010


well, post interview, let the pictures do the talking.  it's laden with 'heart-attack' indulgence, plus a serving of my relatives' pictures. kunun..

baikut, hokkien mien (with crispy pork skin), a bucket of beer and a bottle of guinness = recipe for beer gut!

one of the famous kadai kupi@ Happy Garden, Luyang. only opens at night tho'. this kadai is within walking distance from my sister's house. how convenience!

the famous pau shop in Damai, Luyang.  I hantam-ed 4 pieces, consisted of su nyuk, charsiew, tausa & chicken! thunder thighs & expanding waistline's best friend. gawd, no wonder my jeans is bursting!

it's 10.00pm and I was still stuffing myself with woh ti, beef/lamb satay, char kuey tiaw & roti kawin! yes, it's a bloody gluttony! another cm on the waistline, damn!

one of the best roti that  i've ever tasted! this kopitiam in Damai (Fook Yen) sells this addictive roti! people come in droves to this particular kopitiam because of this! believe it or not, after 'membelasah' the roti, customers still can be seen tapau-ing the roti!

...and they come in generous slices! fluffy and thick, definitely a good worth for your money :)

ummmdon't get distracted by my baggy eyes, look at those roti! you can't see my mouth and the tip of my chin. that's how thick they are!

veggies and beef noodles. the chilli and the clear soup  are the real killer! i died and gone to heaven! can't remember the shop's name but it's in Damai Point, Luyang, next to the little Tobacco Shop.

additional info: Luyang is one of the best cari makan places in KK.  Damai Plaza/Damai Point in particular are teeming with people with 'gluttony' agendas. however, most of the food establishments serve non-halal variants. this is where travel & tours companies normally bring tourists (esp those from hong kong, taiwan & mainland china) for makan-makan. craving for your java? don't worry, you can find Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Olde Town Station here. Steaks and grilled? just head up to Upperstar. there's also korean and japanese restaurants. you can also find the local favourite, YoYo Cafe!

and now, the 'I Am Vain' moment:

l-r: sis timie (our adopted sister), my cuzzie Dena (yes, she's married with an adorable daughter) sis wean (taken also) and yours truly! 

goofing around with a stick of cigar! 

me and cuzzie momentarily forgot about the heavenly soto (on the table) and bullied my brother-in-law to be the shutterbug. LOL! on other note, Happy Restaurant in Asia City, KK serves lip-smacking soto and bakso! they have another branch in Sinsuran Complex. 

shiny faces, no thanks to the sweltering heat!

me and cuzzie, pose yang inda menjadi!

yes, our secret fantasy of becoming  Unduk Ngadau nga inda kesampaian. kasian!

that's all folks! XOXO..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The War Has Ended...

which had practically left us (the candidates) in a roll! those interviewers played the "good interviewer, bad interviewer" interrogation game. i don't even know if they really read our resumes. one of them repeatedly asked me when did i obtain my degree, which year, majoring in what. Gosh, it's all stated in my resume, and what degree was he talking about? I politely pointed out to him:

"i'm sorry, sir but i don't have a degree cert. i only have a diploma cert. i majored in office management and technology, it's all stated in my job portfolio. I too have brought samples of paper works of two important events that i was involved with. for these two events, i was pretty much involved from the beginning til the end.' . then he flipped through my job portfolio folder and said "ohhh, ya pula" OK, this is really bad of me but i need to give him a nickname: " interviewer fuhrer!"

the other two were okay. they just 'menyampuk' once in a while but that "interviewer fuhrer" made me stewing silently inside but out front, i just answered and smiled. no wonder, all candidates made their exit from that 'war zone' with some kind of dazed and confused expressions! i thought i was the only one yang kena, the one after me also kena! hah..i think the fuhrer did it deliberately to gauge our response and how to handle a negative situation which practically attacks our self-confident and our negotiating stratagem when dealing with crisis. I think so la..

so, after all that, sa pun terus bawa diri pigi 'sintopoin' jalan2.  i ended up entering 4 different kadai kasut and looookkkeee what i found? i consoled my stewing-self with a pair of gorgeous heels in Vincci!

take a look at those killer heels:

these two really make me like hugging them to sleep tonight!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A short trip to KK (Prologue of my impending return)

..for a job interview and it is nerve-wrecking.  It dawns on me that this coming interview is making me more nervous compared to the last one (that interview landed me my current job)! I actually applied for this long before my current job and it finally took them over a year to respond.  I initially thought that my application was simply unsuccessful, shucked aside. It was quite a pleasant surprise when I received a call for an interview.  Even sweeter is the fact that, the office location is in KK. Triple sweeter that I'd be moving back to KK for good at the end of May this year.  In short, yes, I need this as a stepping stone to inch my way back to my old life. Hometown and families, the familiar surroundings - where my tongue doesn't get tangled up speaking languages for the benefit of others (that's my way of saying KL) because they don't understand Sabahan slang! It's time to untangle my poor, heavily abused  tongue, so to speak! ^-^

Back to the job interview, I asked the officer why did it take them  nearly a whole year responding to applicants. His answer was: there were about 800+ hopeful applicants and it took them quite a while to shortlist candidates with the most potential. From that 800+, they cut it down to 15 candidates. Out of the 15, my name was on the list (thank god, for that!) Of course I hope that I'd get the post but if not, it's okay. I can still apply for another, right? I hope that on that day (25th March 2010, 9.00am) I'd be able to do my best and convince the employer-to-be that I'm qualified for the job.

Well, I'd be stepping onto my beloved soil, tomorrow night around 9ish! Am feeling antsy.. *smacks head* OWH! bulum packing barang lagi. Job portofolio pun bulum susun lagi dalam folder..tsk tsk tsk..adedei, lampu bilik pun tiba2 kaput, either the starter or the bulb yang rusak. Blinking2, sakit mata sia. Bisuk saja la packing.

May lady luck is on my side..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A tale of two people and a bench..

I don't get these women. This afternoon,  I was waiting for the bus to come when I saw these two, yip-yapping happily and loudly with no apparent care of their surrounding. They're standing up while their things, dengan selambanya 'languishing' on the bench! Hello?! Benches are there for people to sit on, you plunk your butts on top of it, NOT letting your things occupy it while others are standing up, being robbed out of their seats!!

I whipped out my mobile and snapped a couple of pictures of these two inconsiderate culprits. A lady standing next to me (she was obviously fuming, giving the barang-barang  an evil eye) glanced at me with her raised left eyebrow.

Mr. Bench:
Oyyyy..you two, git your big ass over here la..otherwise, scat and let others sit!

Mr. Bench:
No? Obviously, you two are a pair of ill-mannered person.

Hish.. geram betul dengan orang jenis macam ni! These two need to learn a thing or two about proper ettiquette.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rafael Nadal is one sexy beast..

*sobs* Youtube has removed the video! *sobs*

Yep, he sure is.  This young Spaniard - the pirate of the tennis court is undeniably hot. Teamed up with that sexy Colombian siren Shakira, it's hot and burning. Check out her latest music video Gypsy..they are sexy without being vulgar and cheap.

What can i say? A mi gusta Shakira, esta MV es muyyyyyy  linda  (lol, i'm not sure if my Spanish is correct!)

I love the lyrics part:
'cause I'm a gypsy, are you coming with me
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me

Double entendre much? ;-)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Nosey Business

Apparently, the shape of your nose reveals your human traits. This according to a computer software, PhotoFace which puts human nose into 6 categories. This software is said to be highly effective in tracking down terrorists, illegal immigrants, fraudsters and identity thieves: by scanning their noses.

(Images and descriptions courtesy of Daily Mail UK)

1. Turned up

What it looks like: Imagine the shape of the ski jump at the Winter Olympics — it’s a long, curved, almost-concave slope with a slight upward peak at the tip.

What it says about you: cutesy uppy-nose types are often kind, optimistic and nurturing in personality with bags of enthusiasm, a strong sense of support for friends and family. Oh, and a sexually adventurous side too.

2. Roman

What it looks like: This nose has a small bump protruding out, about halfway down the ridge. It points downwards at the tip, but not quite as much as the hawkshaped nose.
What it says about you: This signals a strong personality — but not always an impulsive one. They are very good at rallying people to take action, often very influential and carefully measured.

3. Greek

What it looks like: A long, straight and rather strong nose shape. If you look at the angle between the nose tip and the groove above your top lip, it should be about 80 degrees, almost a right angle.

What it says about you: These are grafters, efficient, hard-working, matter-of-fact sorts of people who keep their emotions close to their chests and can be difficult to fathom. You’ll want to be around them in a crisis.

4. Hawk

What it looks like: This type of nose has a deep hook at the tip, pointing downwards towards your lip. The shape of the ridge is often curved.

What it says about you: Out of the six types of nose personality, these are least likely to care what others think of them. They don’t seek approval, are often rebellious and are most happy when pursuing their own goals.

5. Snub

What it looks like: This is a short, small nose that doesn’t usually protrude to any great extent in any particular direction.

What it says about you: People with this type of nose are often quick-witted and more street-wise than your average person. They react quickly — sometimes too quickly, which can sometimes lead to aggression.

6. Nubian

What it looks like: Short and wide, not as protruding as the other shapes and quite an uncommon shape among European noses. It’s common among certain ethnic groups.

What it says about you: This nose type is said to reflect creativity and passion. Its wearers are often charismatic,which draws people to them.

So, people,  what nosey business are you? Me, i need to consult my old trusty magic mirror. I think I'm a cross between  number 5 and 6. I think...? eh..dunno la..

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