Saturday, November 24, 2007

Am Wasted!

yeah, the usual craziness of too much alcohol and ciggies! But, uhm...wait a minute, I don't normally do it, i mean do it all the time lah. it's kind of "being temporarily crazy" which is associated with weekend night outing :-) nahhh, i think there's still light at the end of the tunnel, at least, for me lah. I think, i'm not a lost case :-D

i woke up nursing a hangover, leftover from last night drinking session with my friends. It was around 9pm when I received a call from a friend. Apparently, she's having a party (at Bisik Rest in Ampang Park) with a horde of her gila-gila friends. Naturally, she was 'clucking' that I should get my ass off over there and 'enlisted my aide' in finishing the drinks (well, actually i am not really enamored with whisky, so to speak) but hey, there's always beer and cocktail. So, off i went and's a-okay night albeit I didn't really enjoy the selection of the songs (performed by the 3 piece bands) and the freaking DJ kept on spinning old retro records (ok, i'm sure he's really good at what he does).

we left Bisik approximately close to midnight and the girls regrouped at Conlay. Tropical Storm was brewing there, lol no lah. Tropical Storm is the band which currently playing there. Then, you do the usual stuff la. Drinks and ciggies combined, what else. Hummppph..the place was packed with groups of youths who looked like minah & mat rempits to me! Okay, the music was a good improvement compared to those I suffered in Bisik. Sorry, no pun intended. Maybe the night was intended as retro night...

Anyhow, we left the place around 3am and as usual, continued wasting the hour away at Lotus. It was close to 5am when I reached the safety of my own room, washed, stripped and snored my drunkedness away.

my my my...what a night.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Back in KL

hmmmpphhh...after my pleasant 'balik kampong' i've adopted (AGAIN!)the slow, idyllic and lazy days :-( it is rather sad, leaving the familiar faces and places back in my hometown, and be a Sabahan in KL. One thing for sure, i've gained weight! when i look at my latest pic, yayyyy....i look more 'montel' than the last time I had my pic taken! That's what happened when you stuff yourself with homemade cooking, the one that your mum cooks :)

suffice to say, i was chewing most of the time, be it morning, noon, evening, or late night suppers! aside from my mum's cooking, my sister's fiancee kept on feeding us! No wonder my sister has become 'tersangat-sangatlah montel' During my last night stay at my sister's place, he treated us with 'makan-makan' session at the stall, in front of the shopping mall (which is within walking distance from my sister's house) I had beef & chicken satay, soto ayam, beef burger, chicken wing bbq and fresh fruit juice. Gosh! that's all i can say....

overall, my vacation was great! oh, forgot to add... my skin has turned to brown! i was outside most of the time, roaming the streets of KK, checking out new shopping malls :-)


i got myself a brand new tatoo, on the left side of my legs :-D
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