Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Wedding, islands cruise & 2010 IRB Borneo Sevens Rugby Tourney!

This month is going to be pretty exciting and eventful for me. First, there was the UMS Convocation & Tamu Gadang (which had left me exhausted!) and now, I'd be closing my October calendar with a much lighter and happier mode. Yep, I've got spring on my steps! Why so? I'll tell you why :)

Well, tomorrow's gonna be my last working day for the month. I have applied for my leave this Friday and yes, I am so looking forward for the weekend :)  My bestest friend is coming down to town from KL for the 2010 IRB Borneo Sevens rugby tourney (we are crazy about rugby!) on the 29th-31st of October. In between, we will be squeezing in a mini vacation, consisting of islands cruise excursion. According to the tailored package, we'll be cruising and stopping over to Sapi, Mamutik, Sulug, Manukan & Gaya Islands. Lordy, when my friend emailed me the itinerary, I was, WOW! It's heaven, paradise (that's my cuzzie's tagline actually) I can't even recall when was the last time I've ever been to one. Was it in 2007? 2008? memory is starting to fail me, scary that. Ah-ha, I need a new pair of bikini. I can't remember where did I store the old ones! Islands, here I coooomee... :)

On the other hand, one of my former course mate during my uni days is getting married! Blessing ceremony is tomorrow but since it's weekday and I'm working, I have to miss  that one out. However, I will be attending the wedding reception, which is going to be held this Saturday at Penampang Cultural Centre (to which I don't know where that is). Gosh, I don't know what wedding presents shall I give to the bride and groom. You see, I'm so bad when it comes to buying gifts! The only thing that I can think of is to give them 'ang pow'. I did google for wedding gifts idea and apparently, money is acceptable. Adoi..I need some pointer here..

...but of course, I'm much more excited with the rugby tourney! Last year, I also attended the same with my best friend and I had such a blast!  The anticipation, the screams, the adrenaline rush: those are the essential potion that makes me hooked into rugby! Ahem, those buff and the charging testosterones running around the field are of course an extra bonus! Ahem! Hehehe... For his year, I'm hoping that our local rugby clubs will make it to the final and win! To Sabah Eagles & Borneo Eagles and other Malaysian teams,  I wish you guys good luck! Oh, some quick facts about this tourney:

Date: 29-31st October (8.00am - 5.00pm)
Venue: Likas Sports Stadium, Kota Kinabalu
Entry: FREE!
Participating countries: unions from Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Guam, Singapore and Sri Lanka
Women's rugby team will be kick-starting the game on the 29th. Expected women's rugby team (unions around Asia Pacific) will be 8 teams all together!

So, rugby fans around the city, do come and cheer for your favourite teams!

Whew..a wedding, islands cruise and rugby tourney: what a great way to end my October calendar. I, for one is planning to have a friggin' blast!

Me & bestie: 2009 IRB Borneo Sevens, KK

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12th UMS Convo 2010 - Days In Pictures

It was held from 9th-11th October 2010 at the Chancellor's Hall, UMS. I was one of the officers on duty (usherette) and gosh, it was such a tiring day.  So, during the last day of the event, we revenged and took loads of  'em to compensate for our tiredness! However, most of the pictures were taken after the event ended. Well, we couldn't take pictures while on duty..

Love this picture. The photographer asked  me to act up the as a lovelorn girl.. LOL

Play-acting with my colleague, Radie.."geezzz, they  aren't roses'!

Final day saw me barefooted and beaten up! It was that tiring..

Finally...legs tortures ended! Heading towards the Tamu Gadang..

on a side note, I met Chegu Carol yesterday (final day of the Convo). Although it's only a brief moment but I was glad. Congrats to her brother, whom recently graduated! :)


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Korean Movie: 3-Iron

Warning: Content not suitable for minors!

Movies that are slightly weird and one of a kind always fascinate me. Even if the movie itself kinda makes me rack my brain up in order for me to fully grasp its meaning or it delves on confusing metaphors, I'd still watch it. Weird movie stimulates my brain and at the same time gives me something to chew on, long after the movie ends. These days, I seldom buying myself DVDs. Instead, I trawl the net or any other movie streaming sites that I could readily find in the net.

As such, I found one of the 'just my taste' movie. No other than one of the South Korean's finest Director, Kim Ki-duk's. This 2004 award winning movie, Binjip (Empty House, alternate title 3-Iron) had won several prizes and special director's award during the 2004 Venice Film Festival. I was blown away! Why? Simply because the male protagonist literally didn't utter a single word of dialogues throughout the entire movie but his facial expressions and body languages were enough to make this movie an intriguing watch! I am not going to write a review of this film. For review and synopsis, you may read them here.

So, enjoy the movie.. oh yeah, the OST was ahh-mazing too. It featured Belgian-Arab singer,  Natacha Atlas' Gafsa. 
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Final part...

So, how was it? For me, it's fantastic!

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