Monday, February 28, 2011

PIKOM PC Fair 2011 coming to KK and I'm excited.  Although I'm not a techie geek, I still want to go look see. It's of course a heaven for techie lovers out there. So, KKians, this is your opportunity to check out what's in store for you. Sounds like a great plan for a weekend, no?

Oh, I am going myself.  I need to get me a new modem stick (or was it stick modem?) for my broadband. The old one died on me. The lifespan of that shitty modem was only less than six month! Apparently, if you buy a new one, it will cost you about RM180! I'm talking about RM180 for a junk! The salesperson of my broadband service provider informed me that I could get a cheaper bargain during this fair!  Come on, cheap bargain. Save me from ripping my wallet for a junk! Ha..

Brief details:

Date: March 11th - 13th, 2011
Venue: LG Carpark Exhibition Hall, 1Borneo Hypemall, Kota Kinabalu

More info @ PIKOM PC Fair 2011

We're looking forward for a nice weekend ahead, no?

Ah, I'm not paid for this announcement.  I'm merely sharing the news of what's happening around the city :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

10th KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt

The Annual Treasure Hunt 

27th February 2011

Nexus Resort Karambunai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Flag Off! & Prize Presentation Ceremony

Greetings KK folks... Just want to spread some exciting news on what's happening around the city :)

The Annual Treasure Hunt, jointly organized by Kota Kinabalu City Hall and the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (Sabah) in conjunction with the 11th KK Day Celebration 2011 is back!   It promises fun and excitement during the City Day, also promotes Kota Kinabalu as a tourist destination. 

The hunt requires participants driving their cars on the trail for answers and complete several tasks at specific locations in and around Kota Kinabalu City and surroundings.

Embracing “Green and Clean” as their main theme, this exciting hunting games drives most important responsibility to be a strong international platform to promote the ‘No Plastic Bag’ campaign, which positioning ‘1Malaysia Green and Clean’ mission.

The challenge will be on for teams consisting of two or four persons. Participants will be flagged off at Nexus Resort Karambunai and follow a pre-determined route mapped out by “rally tulip” which will take them to places in and out of the city to hunt for clues and answers, before ending at same place. The team that scores the highest point will be declared the winner. At the end of the day, the treasures collected by the participants in the form of food, drinks and sportswear, which they have purchased, will be donated to charity homes. Entries will be limited to the first 150 cars on a first come first serve basis, with RM300 registration fee per team.

Everyone is welcome to join the hunt with fantastic cash prizes and goodies to be won. First place will get RM 8000, goods and certificate, while second and third place will win RM 5000 and RM 3000, goods and certificates, respectively. Consolation prizes consisting of cash, goods and certificates are waiting for winners at 4th till 20th place. Other than that, there are also attractive lucky draws and goodies waiting for each participant.

The forms can also be downloaded from their website @

Grab your forms and sign up now! There is no deadline! Participant can walk in during the registration and briefing day on 26 February 2011 (1.00 - 4.00pm) at Dewan Besar, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

Act fast because entries are limited to the first 150 vehicles. For more details and information, please contact:  
Norsarahana Zaki / Emmanuel Gerald at 088-521800 or 088-270326.

Now, start and rev engines and go hunting!

Happy weekend and till next post. Ciao..

Inky Piggy..

After the outrage over  magician's synchronised fish TV Show  in China, now comes the inky piggy controversy! Man, the Chinese really know how to put their country on the map. Take this news for instance: A farm in China took  it to this great length of decorating their pigs in tattoo! This, of course has risen the hackles of animal rights activists! I mean,'s a common practice for farmers to brand their livestock but tattoo?  This is pushing it too far..

Inky piggies pics:

Images courtesy of: 

I'm of course a human carnivore but poor piggies..tattooed, then  slaughter house...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can I Wear a Maxi Dress??

Well, the fashion police dictates:

"Midget women, you look like shit wearing maxi dresses"

Ok, like I give a damn.  I know, I'm a rebel. As a woman, I don't follow most of these fashion police advices.  I wear what I like, I'm confident with what I'm wearing and best of all, I feel happy wearing it.  However, I pretty much agree with this: Wear the clothes, instead of letting them wear you!

As vain as I am, of course I don't want to look stupid  or clownish. Or ended up captioned with "this woman should be put under house arrest for stepping out of the house looking like that!"  Well, if I'm Helena Bonham Carter, it'll be a different story all together.  She practically makes kooky as her patented trademarks and she's rocking it like nobody's business!

Back to maxi dresses, yes, I am a midget.  My height barely reached 5ft. Hence, the constant bingeing for high heels shoes.  About a week ago, I window shopped and I saw this bohemian style flowy maxi dress. At first, the 'midget mantra' warned me 'that dress is off-limit'! So, I hurried my steps heart said:  eee, cantik ba tu dress tu. Try dulu ba..kalau nda ngam, nda payah beli. Try dulu la..bukan ko rugi apa-apa"  So, I retracted my steps, entered the shop, pulled the dress out of the hanger and walked directly inside the fitting room. Aaaaannnd, I liked what I saw in the mirror. Ignoring the 'midget mantra' I bought the dress! Aaaaand, I ended up entering one of my favourite hunting ground for shoes: VINCCI and saw this nice strappy sandals and said to myself, "wow, they go well with my newly purchased dress"

So, here's my midget-self, working my maxi dress, plus the strappy sandals.. yes, these are my 'gambar perasan...'


with my cousin and little sister

Yep, midget or not, be confident of your outfit. Rock it and screw faux pas!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Leonne Liew to the world and yes, I'm a completely besotted aunt!

Yes, she's my newborn niece and let's say her arrival was pretty much anticipated. She's my mama's first granddaughter. We too have two boys, gifts from my eldest sister.  It took about 3 days before she opened her eyes for the first time to the light bulb of the hospital operating theater! She was delivered via C-section due to her refusal of going through the natural birth canal. My sister told me, those 3 days were the longest wait ever and she felt like wanting to crawl on the hospital walls - not because of the pain she's experiencing but because she was impatient for the baby's arrival! I was like..

Me: 'Oyyy, brapa cm suda skarang?'

Sis: 'Heeessshhh, baaaru 2cm duktur bilang

Me: 'aduiii..bah, keep me posted la..'

Sis: 'Malas sa, balik-balik VE. Nda suka, padih. Yang conduct VE pun doktor pelatih. Panat suda ni duduk di hospital'

On the fourth day, approximately at 3.00pm, my sister called me up. She told me that it's now 4cm and she's to be sent to the labour room. At 1am, the baby's crown was already coming out but the birth canal refused to co-operate. So, the doctor had no other choice but performed the dreaded C-section. The baby came out weighing 3.2kgs. Hallelujah! Upon hearing the news, my first sentence was:

'Bah, macam mana la? Si baby nda itam? Kopi tu kan ko punya minuman rasmi time preggie'

Sis: "Ai..nasib baik nda juga. Sa bimbang suda itam si baby tapi nda juga"

I guess the nonsense about drinking black coffee during pregnancies will begets you dark-skinned babies are untrue. 

She's now about 3 weeks old and the proud parents are preparing for the Chinese tradition of "Full Moon Party" just in time for the Chap Goh Mei, where my sister will  finally be freed from those dreaded pantangs! Yes, the baby is of mixed parentage. The dad is pure Chinese and my sister is a Dusun. Hence, the 10,000 pantangs! 

Latest pictures:

Sooo chubby kan, her cheeks! Yes, the little angel is gonna be a heartbreaker.. :-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hairy Tales..

"Dear, U are invited to my birthday barbeque party at A'famosa on 14th Feb..U can bring along ya friends"

That was the content of an SMS that was sent to me last week. I didn't bother replying, as the number is as alien as Jar Jar from Gungan City (in Star Wars movie) to me. On Monday, when I checked back the conversation features in my mobile, the message jumped up on the screen. So, curious creature that I am, I decided to reply: "Anyhoo..thanks for the invite. Malacca is a bit far from me at the moment as I am now at the other side of the ocean. So, who this again?"

The reply came:
"Oh..I am hairy..we've met a couple of times before. Once at your friend's birthday bash and at RumJung"

Me: Hairy? you mean, you're hairy as opposed to hairless?

Hairy: No la. Just Harry. I intentionally spelled my name wrongly..hehehe

Me: Oh..thank god  for that. If you're hairy..that's uhh..ok. case closed.

Harry: lol..

Me: Wow..I am sorry. To be fair, I don't remember you. You're talkin about which friend?

Harry: Your friend la, S.

Me: I remember (the fact is: NO, I don't remember this guy) Well, It's been like 2 years and gosh, you still keep my number?

Harry: Of course. You left a quite lasting impressions to me. I remember you being this petite and sassy, you're coming to my party or not?

Me: Lasting impressions..mmmhh..I wonder what those impressions are.. (and..I am still trying to figure out this bloke's face, to which until now I can't still recall his face!)

Harry: Oh..believe me. You and your and your EM counterparts are fun, as in F.U.N! hehehe

Me: Fun? Ok, that's cliche..I believe, everyone has their fun side. If that has some double entendre meaning, I can assure you, I'm not spelled in F.U.N.

Harry: hehehe..ok. sure you're not going? C'mon, it'll be fun. I've secured a bungalow, there will be about 30 guests, free flowing drinks, bbq pit, some games.. besides, you're fun..

Me: Nah, don't think can make it. You guys have fun ok?

Harry:  :-(  too bad. I'm actually looking forward to your company..Next time then? Ok?

Me: :-)

I'm not a paranoid bitch but when he mentioned about securing a bungalow, 30 guests, free flowing drinks and some games, that sounded like some full-blown orgies to me. Besides, I'm not aspiring to be on the 8 O'clock prime time news nor being subjected on the front page headlines. It's 14th Feb, the month of love, la luna de amor or as TV3's 999 will phrase: bulan maksiat, I'm sure all those Anti-vice enforcements will be put on the look out for these type of activities. You bet!

Besides, I've got no interest with someone whom I presumably met two years ago and out of the blue contacted me, spewing nonsense about lasting impressions. That's so meh! Furthermore, I refuse  to be some decoration, appetizer, side dish or main dish to those testosterone-laden vultures!

Sweet god, no!
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