Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 Travelution: PERTH, AUSTRALIA!

Well helloooo..

I have just celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago (oh gosh, this woman is still harping about her birthday! Hahahaha)  and what did I buy for myself as a treat?  I bought myself a post-birthday trip to Perth! Will be flying to Perth on March 7th - 12th :)

My dear cousin will be joining me and our relative (He's a farm manager there, btw) will act as our tour guide ! Well, it's a good thing, really. He was the one who actually proposed this trip. Initially, we planned for an island vacay (Tioman Island ) but unfortunately, we had to shelve the plan as he wouldn't be able to make it on the proposed dates and changed it to a Perth trip instead!

I'll stop writing about this oncoming trip here. For now.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today's picture: Me after 33!

Well, some people might say that I'm such a friggin' camwhore but let me just clarify this.  It's only been two days since I turned 33 and I just want to record and memorize the 33 year old me in photos, and when I reach milestones upon milestones of my age (If I'm still alive by then! God willing..) I'll be able to look back at these snapshots and said: Dang! That was me when I was 33!

So, here's me, two days after celebrating my 33rd birthday!



Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Milestone!

A short, simple entry..

Happy birthday to self. Another milestone. The good power of being is still blessing me with another year to be in the universe's statistic. The past year has been fair and kind to me, I think. The good and the ugly were thrown to me in a more or less fair manners. There were hiccups along the way but I managed to overcome it. I'm lucky to experience all of human's feelings: joy, pain, courage, sadness, frustration, struggles, confusion. Basically, the facts of life.

Looking forward to another awesome year. I might be 33 and single but it doesn't bother me much. There's more to life than burying oneself in the 'mud of desperation and depression'. I'm happy to count my blessing, each and every single day of my 33 years and beyond...

I'm having a wonderful date with life! So, we'll be celebrating. Each day counts.

..and, Happy Birthday to dear ol' me!

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