Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Pulse Point of Kota Kinabalu: Centerpoint Sabah

There have been many malls built around KK but one of the most enduring landmark is the Centerpoint Sabah mall, better known as CPS.  This mall was built 22 years ago and its popularity never cease to wan. It's always jam packed, especially during the weekends and, I think its popularity will continue to grow as the building management is planning to do new upgrading works as reported in the local daily: Wajah Baru Centerpoint Sabah, KK

Artist impression of the upgraded building:

Image by

According to the CPS Managing Director, Andrew Chang, the upgrading works for the interior and out building will be conducted in stages for the next four months.  LED lights and aluminium/wooden materials will be used in outer part of the building. More toilets for the disabled and renovation works will be done in the food court (lower ground) to create a more comfortable dining experience. If you had visited Taiwan, you could expect a Taiwan-esque  version of CPS.

Well, looks like CPS will still be the main star in KK!

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