Saturday, November 28, 2009

packing up and leaving...

the time now is 1.29am, the tv is showing this horror movie (darkness falls) and i'm still wide awake. tonight, the weather is quite warm. wish there's a midnight rain, sure it'll be cool!. i'm looking around the living room and all i'm seeing is lots and lots of stuffs! the story goes like this: about a couple of weeks before, our landlord told us that he's selling his condo and we (that's me and my housemate) had to move out by the end of next month! this is one crazy landlord! geeeez, hope i can find myself a new place! pronto! otherwise, i'd be pitching a tent under a bridge! hence, the clutter of stuffs *rolling eyes*

this is such a nuisance! six months from now, i'd be quitting my current job and go back to sabah for good. god, i'd be moving place, packing junks and in 5 months time will be packing up again!! odoiii dogo..TULUNG!!! 

yes, i'd be quitting KL. i'm getting tired of its environment. i'm tired of its dwellers, the horrible jam, and the "my-race-is-better-than-your-race" sentiments. okay, maybe i'm gonna miss the banana leaf rice and the nasi kandar!! wonder where can i find banana leaf rice in KK :( ada ka di KK?

okay, the movie has reached its climax. the ghost is shattered to a million pieces after being exposed to the bright light of the lighthouse, the hero got the girl and the boy is finally freed from the terror and everyone went home happily!  as for me, buenos noche, i'm off to dreamland....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009

Date:  31st Oct 2009
Venue: Imperial Hotel, Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu, SABAH
Theme:  Halloween Night

well, my posting about this gathering is rather quite late but i'm not going to write a longish report about the gathering as i'm pretty sure a lot of those who came that night might have already blogged about it. in short, all i can say is that everybody had a blast. judging from the flashes of their cameras, you could tell that they were really enjoying themselves, immensely! myself included. i've met new friends and i really enjoyed it, especially the guest artistes who performed that night. there was Roger Wang with his guitar-rockin' skills (trust me, this guy is fantastic!), Alvin Mahatir Yunus (from the group Infinatez) with his soulful voice, and a local indie band called Sasuka (hope i got the band name spelled correctly!) great performances indeed!

okay, to further sums it up, take a look at these pictures of the bloggers in their finery (or shall we say scary and weird get ups?)  :)

1. the backdrop

2. sumandak surrounded by "pocongs"

3. Avin & the almost Geisha, Kate

4. the line-ups for best costumes award

5. the gleaming weapon's kinda scary!

6. the three pocongs, yet again!

7. an array of characters, mr. bear won the best costume award!

8. pirate girl and...?

9.  sumandak (center) with her schoolgirl uniform :)

10. V for Vendetta

11. mr. v & the half-done geisha

12. who were they? honestly, i have no idea..

13. bloggers mingling around

14. yeah, what's halloween without mr. pumpkin?

15. mr. roger wang with his love..

16. sumandak, trying to will away the spider to, it wasn't a live spider, it's plastic!

17. see, i ain't scared of your ghostly face!

18.  myself & kate

19. this is my favourite picture!

well, these are enough i think. can't possibly upload all those pictures here, right?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Non-Facebook Phase..

yep, after the much awaited SBG thingy, things are back to normal again!  i was in my granny's kampung in ranau for several days and now i'm back  in KK.  as of now, i'm curing away my 'non-facebook phase' in an internet cafe in Damai, Luyang :)  well, actually i just got back from ranau a couple of hours ago and off i went, looking for an internet cafe. evidently, i found one :) hmmmm..i didn't bring my lappy with me. he (yes, i christened my laptop as a 'he') got sick, sircam virus. needs to re-format and re-install Windows program.  haven't got the time to cure him since i was busy planning for my balik kampung trip :( 

so, what did i do for my kampung trip? i ate and ate and ate! stuffed myself with rambutan, cempedak, tarap, bambangan and langsat! imagine that..hah! i think i've gained some weights. no kidding! my jeans feels kinda tight and don't even mention my tummy, i think i've developed myself some love handles too! adoiiiiiiiiiiiii......! my skin? yes, it becomes darker too! nda payah la pigi tanning saloon - if there's such a place in KK!

this sunday, i'd be flying back to KL. holidays going to be over soon *wanna cry* so, gotta give myself a short tour around KK, am seeing a lot of happening new stuffs!

meantimes, i'd blog about SBG soon. i think i shot several interesting pictures that night. ah, i was a Japanese highschool girl that night :P

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