Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guys With Talons... hot? NOT!!

was riding the bus home yesterday and saw this guy with a ten sets of talons. i didn't mean to secrutinize every people around me but sometimes, my eyes can turn to 'eagle eye' mode hahaha! sometimes, not all the time okay :P  
so, what do you guys think? to me, it's a big turn off. why must a man (one who wears muscle t-shirt at that) simpan kuku panjang macam pontianak??? long pinky nail ala-phua chu kang might still be acceptable but ten whole sets of  'em? dang! see the picture below? i managed to curi-curi snapped his picture with my camera phone.

my speculations are:

1. he's gay
2. he thinks it's sexy
3. it's convenience to garuk his back
4. toothpick? no need!
5. he's an ah beng in disguised
6. clutching that oversized wallet with his kuku pontianak is one of his 'wow' factor
7. those are his 'wolverine' weapon. can cungkil opponents' eyeballs

my advice to you guys : you want to keep long fingernails? by all means, please do. it's your right but do you have to go to this great length? when i first saw him, two words came to mind ~ eeeeeewwww, yuck!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's With Men And Their "Kangkang Conquests"??

What’s with men and their ‘kangkang conquests?’ ok, according to urban legend, men think about sex every 6 seconds. Is that true? Well, only men can vouch for that!

So, as it happened, about a week ago, my friends and I went for a karaoke session. As usual, there’d always be unfamiliar faces among the partygoers and you’d be obliged to do the mingling around whatsoever. As the night progressed steadily with over-flowing brandy, the atmosphere was getting more and more ‘lively’. While some were making trips to the toilet (I guess to empty their bursting bladders and guts out down the toilet) I was more than happy doing the singing. while I was singing, one particular guy with a big capital ‘O’ literally written all over him (that’s obnoxious) kept on trying to engage me in conversations. Fine! Talking, that one I can handle but when all the talks were about him and his pussy conquests, I’d rather be talking to the wall!

He kept on barking sentence like, “I’m not wearing underwear. Wanna see it? I can show you. Come on, I know Sabahan girls are good sport lots” my replied, “yeah, we sure are good sport but NOT cheapskate good sport. Just so you know” Then, this Caligula wannabe kept on saying, “I’ve tasted Malaysians, Indonesians, Thais and even China Dolls. As my company constantly makes trips to China, we always ended up in Guang Zhou! I tell you ah,’d be treated like a king. Those ‘bah kut tehs’ really make you feel like don’t want to leave the place!” I just ‘angkat sebelah kening’ and continued singing. He kept on rambling and rambling about his sexual escapades and at the same time guzzling glass after glass of brandy.

at one point, he asked me, “eh, let’s go somewhere to have fun. What say you?” I was like, ‘excuse me?’ I don’t want to. If you wanna leave, then you can go.’ Then he’s like ‘eh, what if I pay you? If we end up going to bed together, then so be it. I really like girls your type. Sabahan girls are fun and wild! How much you want, 500? 1000?” I replied, “No thanks. Go take your offer somewhere else. Or save it for your next trips to Guang Zhou. I bet it's value for your money”

To which he replied “hmmm…playing hard to get eh? You know what, I have bedded several Malaysian artists before. Some of them are even willing to be paid 500 a night. I even bed one artist and paid 10,000 bucks for her company.”

Wow, this guy was unbelievable. 10,000? For a night of bed-romp sessions? it must be a 'turbo-jet like' bed breaking sessions! then again, looking at his face, it's enough to make me gag. If it means money, guess that woman must be not too picky. Tired and irritated of hearing him yapping about his ‘kangkang conquests’ I left him and joined the other group.

Talk about ‘I’m in love with myself’ men….

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Makciks Kepoh

Gawd, I hope i won't be turning into a makcik kepoh when i'm nearing my menopause! wait a sec, shall I say "M" instead of the full word? some women may find the word scary but i don't. it's a natural course of life that a woman eventually has to face on her twilight years. so, accept it with respect and dignity ladies. also, find a way to live your life happily and normally. consult your doctor, medical wonders are god given gifts. therefore, we must utilize it fully :)

ok, enough about menopausal talk. back to the makciks kepoh topic. i am surrounded by these type of makciks 5 days a week. i don't know why, but almost all the makciks in my '5daysaweek' are "kepoh" (in english: gossipmongers). their excessive kepohness for 'tabbing' on someone else's life, particularly young women is almost like a final stage of cancer. For example, when i wear a floral and flowy chiffon gown and accessorized it with a wide belt, one of them would looked at me with a funny expressions. one time, she even 'radio-buruked' me:

"what dream you had last night ah? your gown looks a bit out of fashion. wah, what a wide belt. it looks heavy on you" her shrilly voice kinda filled the entire office.

damn, to think that i was wearing the latest fashion trends and she commented on the way i was dressed? my replied was: "i like it, i don't dress for people. as long as i'm comfortable and feel good wearing it, i don't see any harm on that!"

if i am in the middle of my lipgloss touch up, one of them would be saying things like: "wah, touching up again ah?" if i happened to comb my hair and applying powder on my shiny nose before heading back home, they'd go like "got a hot date keeeee?" bloody hell, always commenting on the stuff you do. Hello, it's not that they were not young once. I'm pretty sure they had enough share of bell bottom days, platform shoes, and max factor moments (the name of the popular cosmetic brand during the 70s to 80s) during their younger days! when me and my friends eat lunches in my desk, there goes a comment like this: "wah, patry ke?" this is after she and her friend ate like pig inside her friend's office! who the heck wants to eat inside a pantry that connected with toilet? the dining table is like facing the glaring toilet bowls whenever someone opens/closes the toilet door!

one time, when i went to the clinic to see an otorinolaryngologist (because my right ear had been bothering me) one of the makciks dengan muka selamba said to all and sundry : "alaaah, penuh tu dengan tahi telinga. sebab itu la gatal" i was like really wanted to punch her right there. when the real fact was, according to the doctor, i had an ear infection. the inside was kinda pinkish, bruised and tender. he gave me tablets and ear drops. in fact, i still need to see the doc this tue/thur to monitor the progress of the treatment. hope by then, my ear would already be healed.

why all the kepohness? is it a substitute for their miserable life? for cheap thrills? sex deprived? or they really love to 'microscoping' and 'documenting' other people's existence. i guess, for them, it is some kind of a food supplement...don't even mention wiping up the boss' ass and polishing up the shoes...

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Man With The Scarred Body

I was riding the bus from work one day when my eyes caught upon a man standing in the bus aisle. At that time, the bus was quite full. At first, there was nothing unusual about him. He was dressed casually in jeans and shirt, and on his back was a backpack. That was before I saw his left side of a body (at that time, his right side was facing over my direction). On his left hand, from wrist down up to the neck (below the ear) there was a trailing of burnt marks. And it’s not a thin and normal burnt mark. The healed burnt mark is very obvious, some people might even call it ‘hideous’. For me, it’s the total opposites. For a man who suffered and survived that kind of agony, it takes a lot of courage and determination. This man knows the meaning of ‘herculean’ will and I had a feeling that for him “nothing would ever scare him again. He suffered the unimaginable pain, came out from it alive and after that agonizing episode of his life, he could face almost anything”
What I admired about him was, he walks and stands proudly. He didn’t try to conceal his scar by wearing a long sleeves shirt, or even a turtleneck shirt to disguise his scar. He carried his scar like a badge of honor. That alone had me thinking that all this while, I’ve always been complaining about my own lack of physical appearances. Why God has given me with this features, more and more WHYs. God, I’m ashamed with the old me…
Sometimes, we tend to overlook the beauty in imperfections…
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