Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Death of Chivalry

This has been nagging me for quite some times now. I am debating with myself about the rational of making this entry.  Will Sabahans hate me after this and form an 'Anti-WanderingSumandak' page in Facebook? Or will I get pros and cons responses? Either way, I still want to blog about this.

8-letters-word, C.O.U.R.T.E.S.Y!

Yes, I am talking about the basic of social ethics, the lack of courtesy among the public, about those who are commuting via public transportations in KK City. In fact, my cousin also voiced out her disappointment about this issue. As a newly-returned KKian, I still haven't got the time for getting myself a driving licence.  Hence, I take buses every day to work. My office is about 15 or 25 minutes drive from the heart of the city.  Mind you, this is when the traffic flow is smooth.  If it's jammed up then I think it probably takes you about half and hour or even an hour to reach my office and vice versa.  From my personal experience and observation, some commuters are still lacking of courtesy. Which courtesy am I talking about? I'm talking about giving up your seat to the elderly, pregnant ladies, disabled or even ladies.  I notice at times that male passengers will steadfastly glue their butts on the seats, rather than giving them up.

Once, this old makcik was standing and nobody offered his/her seat.  If I was seated, I'd give up my seat willingly and let the makcik sits down but alas, I too was standing up. I'm not saying that I'm a good example of a goody two-shoes  but imagine when you see a young and healthy man and he just sits there rolling his eyes upward to the vehicle's roof, picking his finger nails, or even turns his face up 25degrees towards the window while an elderly is having a difficult time to stable himself/herself everytime the vehicle lurches forward without warning! I saw this several times now. I am not saying that  all male commuters in KK are ill- mannered. I believe that it's only an isolated cases but still, these questions keep on nagging me.


Having said that, I believe that not all male commuters in KK are lack of courtesy.  I did come across with some, who, actually gave up their seats willingly. So, don't worry. We're not being the rudest city in the planet.  One thing that I noticed is, most of the public transportations in the city are not practicing the 'being a considerate passenger' policy, as seen and practised on public transportations in KL. There are no active campaigns being carried out and not even a single sticker promoting 'courteousness'  amongst commuters. I have yet to see a section being allocated for disabled, pregnant ladies and elderly inside any of the City Buses. Do correct me if I'm wrong. I do feel that the DBKK and the Ministry of Public Transportation in Sabah could come up with campaigns, promoting this practice among the public. All public transportations' management could also be encouraged to enforce this policy, with endorsement from those two organizations of course.

Should and when this policy be enforced, I believe that it will somewhat  triggers people to notice and start feeling ashamed of their blatant 'don't care' attitude.  This might be a trivial matters to others but sometimes, the impact of a small or insignificant mistake can sometimes leads to a full-blown disaster. After all, we certainly do not want to project such image of being 'the rudest bunch' in the world to other people, especially to visitors/tourists, right?

So, DBKK and Ministry of Public Transportation (Sabah), what are you going to do about this?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goodness ol' me, too ancient for internet chatting games?

????  and why would someone complaints about the contents of this post???!  It's not a sexual post at all. Come on people, if you can't stomach this up, then please, you are more than welcome to make a 'grand exit'. I'm talking about the reality of the danger and downside of the internet chat webs. There are predators lurking around in the web chats, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting, gullible victims. I'm sorry but I'm not going to edit this post and I'm not going to subject myself to the whims and demands of other people. If you find this offensive, then kindly refrain from reading this blog. thank you..

My cousin is crazy about the internet chatting games! 2 weeks ago, I stayed with her for a good 3 whole days and suffice to say, she'd be 'tenet-ing' away, chatting+webcaming, giggling and swearing at the same time.  Being a curious creature that I am, I couldn't resist of jadi penyibuk. I glanced to her monitor, and WOW! She had quite a handful of opened chat windows. Amazing how she could manage to juggle them. Them being all men = the gatal ones, the lonely ones, the mild-mannered ones, the puberscent-stricken ones, everything under the skies! I think the last time I was struck with this internet-chatting phenomenon was when I was about 20 years old, during my uni days to be exact!

So, spurred by my cousin, I did try entering a 'certain' chat rooms and boy, did I not feel like ancient! 5 minutes into the chat room, this blacksabbath18 chatter buzzed me. Seconds later, kampungboy20 followed suit. 10 minutes later, there was this abangsayang25 wanting to finger me up while batangtegak89 wanted to squeeze my boobs! (oh dear!) *roll eyes*  Half an hour passed, most of the chatters were either 18 or 26 years old. I certainly felt like dear ol' Merlin! In the end, I exited the chat room.

From my side, I heard my cousin exclaiming a disgusted sounds. Someone was webcaming his nude-self, showing his engorged private parts gleefully and he didn't even attempt to conceal his face. My cousin typed something like 'sial ko', hit the enter button, then closed the chatter's window. Tsk..tsk..gatal men sure love them internet chat rooms.

As for me, nahhh...I'll pass.

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