Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas & Avatar! well...,

yup, i'm that wayward soul during the Christmas Day. literally...

i didn't get to celebrate Christmas this year with my family. that's just so sad..well, never mind. i'll celebrate the next one with them. it's a promise, a definite promise to myself.

so, what did i do? i had a pre-christmas dinner and lunch with a couple of my good friends. christmas gifts, yeah. i got them too. my lovely bff, CT presented me with WINE giftbox!! boy, did i not love that..I DID :)

on the christmas day, myself and my bestfriend went to watch that much celebrated and talked movie of the year, AVATAR at Tanjong Golden Village cinema in KLCC. what can i say? the movie's superb. the creatures, the storyline, the plot, the casts, the cinematography and the CGI effects? it's fantastic, kinda blew my mind away! James Cameron is a one brilliant filmmaker! i think, his Titanic fell short of 50% behind his Avatar. 15 years in the making and well, the final outcome is just MAGNIFIQUE!

even my bestfriend (she is not a fan of fantasy and sci-fi movies) was awed and caught under the spell. well, sort of..

me..? oh yes, i'm a fan. she dislikes Transformers, i love it. she hates Star Wars, i love it. she hates all the combat movies in general. me, i like all type of movies..

meanwhile, merry christmas and happy new year 2010 ya 'll.

p/s:  i ain't no lesbian but hell, Michelle Rodriguez is one hot, kick-ass chick!

signing off now...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please laaa, we sabahans are not pekerja-pekerja asing di semenajung..

how long does it take before some of the orang semenajung realized that sabahans are malaysians too? that sabahans are not 'expats' in their own country? another millennium? another century? it's been nearly a decade since the dawn of the second millennium and they are still thinking that sabah is another neighbouring country across the south china sea!! tsk..tsk..tsk..

last week, i encountered this kind of ignorance, again! i was riding the cab and when i was about to pay for my fare, the cabbie asked whether i could show and give him sabah currency! WTF! i had to explain to mr. cabbie about Sabahans being malaysians too, and we're using the same currency as in Malaysian Ringgit! he was like: ahhh? i thought sabah is another country...(i don't think he's stupid, seeing that his manglish was kind of ok)

now how ignorant can you be?

please la...wake up! i'm sure these kind of people do read newspapers, watch the TV, listen to the  radio, and surf the net for information and whatnots and they're still assuming that sabah is a country??!! some semenanjung people also 'cocktailing' up the fact that kota kinabalu (KK) is the capital city of sarawak state and not in sabah!! take my colleagues for instance. i have to correct them from time to time that KK is in sabah, not in sarawak! they will ask me question like: bila lagi nak balik ke sarawak? wah..this after knowing that i'm from KK and the only sabahan  in my office. i damn tuuuuuuulan! don't tell me that they never heard of mt. kinabalu, sabah, the highest mountain in MALAYSIA and south east asia, or (one of the) world's best diving site is located in sipadan island, sabah,  MALAYSIA! don't even mention about mt. kinabalu via feratta (italian word for 'iron road' - the newest route for climbing mt. kinabalu) being awarded by Guinness World Records as the World's Highest Via Feratta! too much information for them to digest? i say, HAH!

in the meantime, it may take another century or millennium before the whole of the semenanjung people realized that, we, sabahans are not pekerja-pekerja asing di semenajung. well, no need to go back to school to study  geography la. everyone is talking about 1Malaysia concept these days..and we, sabahans are always lauded by certain ministers as the best example of 1Malaysia concept. as far as our ancestors (and new generations) concerned, we've been 1Malaysia since like forever!, ada faham ka??!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Missing Home

well, i've moved to my new place. finally. however much small is my new place, it's ok. i can handle it for several months more. in May or maybe before that, i'd probably be in KK!

i miss home and i'm not coming home for Christmas! so sad! what to do? air ticket is expensive, and my present problems need to be solved with money, money, money! after solving some of them, the outcome? no 'I'll be home for Christmas!"  what to do....there's always the next Christmas.  i'll definitely celebrate Christmas with my family next year! my big brother is flying back home this jealous of him!

in the meantime...i'm taking an afternoon nap now.  slept quite late last night.  been out with a friend, lepaking at mamak's. and yeah, Fullham defeated Man United, 2-0. surprised much? i've never been a fan of Man U.  don't shoot me..

Happy Christmas, world!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remembering December As...(The Worst Month For Me In The Year of 2009)

warning: foul languages ahead!

YES! it definitely is!

 a lot of unpleasant things happened to me this month.  Christmas seems to be overshadowed by these personal things. in fact, i don't feel any joy at all. it's end of the year, people normally feel giddy and jubilant celebrating the approaching christmas and new year but it's the other way round for me.  i'm not in the festive mood! what mood i am now is i really want to 'cangak' someone who is so deceitful and bermuka2.  he really is a numero uno moron in my life existence now! his words are totally bullshit and full of lies. keeps on running around the bushes, pitching me and my friend against each other, changing his tune every time we demanded answers from this bas-turd. in short, he's the landlord from hell! he's the lucifer of landlords! he said he will have to deduct the stamping fee for the tenancy agreement from our rental deposit. bullshit, what agreement is he talking about? we never saw nor received the agreement at all. we've been demanding for a copy of the tenancy agreement since the first month we moved in and his answer was, "haven't got the time to proceed with the agreement. i'm busy" EVERYTIME! the last time we asked this pariah, we were shocked when he said, he'd given us the copy of the tenancy agreement! fucking lier, we didn't received any! and now, he had the nerve to say, i have to deduct the stamping fee from your rental deposit?!! fucking moron. you are one big fat ugly disillusions old and bitter bachelor.  no wonder you're still living with your mother even though you're greying! fucking pariah!

i know, it's really unbecoming for a woman to swear but i'm so mad right now. he toad-ally ruined my December. i will always remember Dec 2009 as one of the worst incidents in my life!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The exclusivity of a word..Allah

This is a sole and private opinion of the owner of this blog. This posting is not influenced nor affiliated with any other movements whatsoever. No malicious and slandering intended. World Peace?

A local daily yesterday, The Sun, reported that a Melanau woman has submitted an application on Jan 12th this year to challenge the Home Ministry for confiscating eight CDs of Christian religious teaching containing the word “Allah” while she was disembarking at the LCCT in Sepang last year. The woman, Jill Ireland Lawrence Bill, 27, brought the CDs with titles such as “Cara Menggunakan Kunci Kerajaan Allah, Cara Hidup Dalam Kerajaan Allah and Ibadah Yang Benar Dalam Kerajaan Allah “ from Indonesia. Now, following the "hijacking" of her CDs, she then received a letter on July last year from the ministry claiming that the reasons for the confiscation were:

1. It was a threat to security
2. It was using the prohibited words. Therefore, it was a breach of Jakim guidelines
A threat to  security? How in the world is that possible?  What security? Is the word “Allah”  reserved exclusively only to Muslims? As far as I'm concerned, Allah is an Arabic word for God. 
According to Wikipedia: Allah is the standard arabic word for GODWhile the term is best known in the west for its use by muslims as a reference to God, it is used by Arabic-speakers of all abrahamic faiths, including christians and jews, in reference to "God". The term was also used by pagan meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity in pre-islamic arabia.
The concepts associated with the term Allah (as a deity) differ among the traditions. In pre-Islamic Arabia amongst pagan Arabs, Allah was not considered the sole divinity, having associates and companions, sons and daughters - a concept which Islam thoroughly and resolutely abrogated. In Islam, the name Allah is the supreme and all-comprehensive divine name. All other divine names are believed to refer back to Allah. Allah is unique, the only Deity, creator of the universe and omnipotent. Arab Christians today use terms such as Allah al-ab ( "God the Father") to distinguish their usage from Muslim usage. There are both similarities and differences between the concept of God as portrayed in the Qur'an and the Hebrew Bible.
In pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was used by Meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity.

Arabic-speakers of all Abrahamic faiths, including Christians and Jews, use the word "Allah" to mean "God". The Christian Arabs of today have no other word for 'God' than 'Allah'. (Even the Arabic-descended maltese language of malta, whose population is almost entirely roman catholic, uses Alla for 'God'.) Arab Christians for example use terms Allāh al-ʼab  meaning god of fatherAllāh al-ibn  mean God the son, and Allāh al-rūḥ al-quds  meaning God the holly spirit.
arab christians have used two forms of invocations that were affixed to the beginning of their written works. They adopted the Muslim basm-Allah, and also created their own Trinitized basm-Allah as early as the eight century CE. The Muslim basm-Allah reads: "In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful." The Trinitized basm-Allah reads: "In the name of Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, One God." The syriac, latin and greek invocations do not have the words "One God" at the end. This addition was made to emphasize the monotheistic aspect of Trinitian belief and also to make it more palatable to Muslims. 
another article findings: GODALLAH.COM 
The word "Allah" is the perfect description of the "One God" of monotheism for Jews, Christians and Muslims!

Is "Allah" only for Islam and Muslims?

[No! It is for All Three Abrahamic Faiths.]

"Allah" is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Bible, centuries before Islam came.

On page one [1] of Genesis in the Old Testament, we find the word "Allah" seventeen [17] times

"For God so loved the world..."
- and the word the translators used in Arabic for "God" is the very same word used by Muslims around the planet, "Allah."
Where Does the word "Allah" Come From?

"Allah" comes from the Arabic word "elah"a god' or something worshiped. - (Arabic) means '

so, Jakim is declaring that the use of the word Allah by non-muslim is prohibited and it's a breach of Jakim guidelines? funny, why the Muslim/Christian Arab communities use the same word in their faith exercise then? guess, only in malaysia eh? wow...
This Ms. Ireland hit it right when she demanded the return of her CDs and a declaration that she has the legitimate expectation to exercise her right to possess, use and import publications containing the word "Allah"
i am still puzzled with that "a threat to security"  part!  bravo...cheer to malaysian made 'exclusive rights' by..... i leave it at that!
it appears that Malaysia is more Arabic than the Arab nations themselves. another cheer to to that.
i better stop here before i get hauled up to jail for malicious intent and slandering charge!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

packing up and leaving...

the time now is 1.29am, the tv is showing this horror movie (darkness falls) and i'm still wide awake. tonight, the weather is quite warm. wish there's a midnight rain, sure it'll be cool!. i'm looking around the living room and all i'm seeing is lots and lots of stuffs! the story goes like this: about a couple of weeks before, our landlord told us that he's selling his condo and we (that's me and my housemate) had to move out by the end of next month! this is one crazy landlord! geeeez, hope i can find myself a new place! pronto! otherwise, i'd be pitching a tent under a bridge! hence, the clutter of stuffs *rolling eyes*

this is such a nuisance! six months from now, i'd be quitting my current job and go back to sabah for good. god, i'd be moving place, packing junks and in 5 months time will be packing up again!! odoiii dogo..TULUNG!!! 

yes, i'd be quitting KL. i'm getting tired of its environment. i'm tired of its dwellers, the horrible jam, and the "my-race-is-better-than-your-race" sentiments. okay, maybe i'm gonna miss the banana leaf rice and the nasi kandar!! wonder where can i find banana leaf rice in KK :( ada ka di KK?

okay, the movie has reached its climax. the ghost is shattered to a million pieces after being exposed to the bright light of the lighthouse, the hero got the girl and the boy is finally freed from the terror and everyone went home happily!  as for me, buenos noche, i'm off to dreamland....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009

Date:  31st Oct 2009
Venue: Imperial Hotel, Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu, SABAH
Theme:  Halloween Night

well, my posting about this gathering is rather quite late but i'm not going to write a longish report about the gathering as i'm pretty sure a lot of those who came that night might have already blogged about it. in short, all i can say is that everybody had a blast. judging from the flashes of their cameras, you could tell that they were really enjoying themselves, immensely! myself included. i've met new friends and i really enjoyed it, especially the guest artistes who performed that night. there was Roger Wang with his guitar-rockin' skills (trust me, this guy is fantastic!), Alvin Mahatir Yunus (from the group Infinatez) with his soulful voice, and a local indie band called Sasuka (hope i got the band name spelled correctly!) great performances indeed!

okay, to further sums it up, take a look at these pictures of the bloggers in their finery (or shall we say scary and weird get ups?)  :)

1. the backdrop

2. sumandak surrounded by "pocongs"

3. Avin & the almost Geisha, Kate

4. the line-ups for best costumes award

5. the gleaming weapon's kinda scary!

6. the three pocongs, yet again!

7. an array of characters, mr. bear won the best costume award!

8. pirate girl and...?

9.  sumandak (center) with her schoolgirl uniform :)

10. V for Vendetta

11. mr. v & the half-done geisha

12. who were they? honestly, i have no idea..

13. bloggers mingling around

14. yeah, what's halloween without mr. pumpkin?

15. mr. roger wang with his love..

16. sumandak, trying to will away the spider to, it wasn't a live spider, it's plastic!

17. see, i ain't scared of your ghostly face!

18.  myself & kate

19. this is my favourite picture!

well, these are enough i think. can't possibly upload all those pictures here, right?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Non-Facebook Phase..

yep, after the much awaited SBG thingy, things are back to normal again!  i was in my granny's kampung in ranau for several days and now i'm back  in KK.  as of now, i'm curing away my 'non-facebook phase' in an internet cafe in Damai, Luyang :)  well, actually i just got back from ranau a couple of hours ago and off i went, looking for an internet cafe. evidently, i found one :) hmmmm..i didn't bring my lappy with me. he (yes, i christened my laptop as a 'he') got sick, sircam virus. needs to re-format and re-install Windows program.  haven't got the time to cure him since i was busy planning for my balik kampung trip :( 

so, what did i do for my kampung trip? i ate and ate and ate! stuffed myself with rambutan, cempedak, tarap, bambangan and langsat! imagine that..hah! i think i've gained some weights. no kidding! my jeans feels kinda tight and don't even mention my tummy, i think i've developed myself some love handles too! adoiiiiiiiiiiiii......! my skin? yes, it becomes darker too! nda payah la pigi tanning saloon - if there's such a place in KK!

this sunday, i'd be flying back to KL. holidays going to be over soon *wanna cry* so, gotta give myself a short tour around KK, am seeing a lot of happening new stuffs!

meantimes, i'd blog about SBG soon. i think i shot several interesting pictures that night. ah, i was a Japanese highschool girl that night :P


Monday, October 26, 2009

Anticipation..anticipation ~ ya bah, inda kesabaran suda!

well, i've been posting this KK Trip Countdown thingy in my FB wall.  so,  as of now, my trip to KK is a shy away from 2 days! YES, two more days to go! inda sabar sudaini...! oh yes, seems like my posting today is full of exclamation marks (!) that's how excited i am...! really...

so, have i bought my halloween costume? checked.  Have i bought my lil' sis her birthday pressie? checked. 

and  i've been diligently clicking the links for the SBG upadates and from what i read/gathered, it's gonna be an interesting ones.  Gathering and halloween? peeps,  let's partayyy! *grins* for my costume,  i won't be dripping in blood, don't want to look gory in my picture. nanti inda cute hehehehe (choooiiii, masuk bakul angkat sendiri!) 

hmmm..for this trip alone, my schedule is pretty tight.  from KL to KK to Ranau-KK-KL, whoah, that's one helluva tight of a full-packed calendar! 

owh, forgot to mention.  one of my BFF is flying down to KK to watch the rugby tourney ~ 2009 Asian Rugby Sevens Series (Borneo Sevens, Kota Kinabalu - October 31 - November 1) hmmm..i think i might have to re-arrange my calendar.  alang-alang suda di KK, bah, apalagi.  pigi la tinguk rugby.  bulih juga tingu tanak wagu, bapa urang belari2 di padang pakai shorts baju ketat2 :P

til then...sit tight and wait for the day :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The super boring long holiday breaks..

Well, there wasn’t really special or interesting happenings during the Eid holiday breaks, at least for me.  Initially, I was thinking of heading back to my hometown for a badly deserved holiday breaks but considering the daylight robberies of the plane ticket (both MAS & AirAsia respectively) I had to cross that plan in the end. Tried to book myself a return ticket one month before the fasting month begun but all the cheapest seats have already been booked! So, no balik kampung trip for me..

Also, I was thinking that since i'm going to terbang balik to my hometown end of this October, I might as well abandon the whole idea of flying back home during the Eid breaks. It’ll save me from overspending for  plane ticket! Hmmm, can’t hardly wait for October to come. There’s my little sister’s 17th birthday party, an extended family gathering, and a Halloween party to attend to. Excitement, excitement, excitement! Hehehe..

So, what did I do during the Eid breaks? first day of Eid, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my bff, Dee. Basically, all we did was window shopping, people watching, eat, and watched the movie, “The Ugly Truth” . As usual, Gerard Butler is a superhunk, superhot and supersexy even without removing a single article of clothings. ah well, what can I say? He’s all that. Ah, and who could forget about the hot doctor (Heigl's next door neighbor & the object of her affection in the movie) Of course, this movie is not for minor. Expect a lot of gruff, expletives, hot and sexy dialogues!  Actually, I had fun watching this movie! i liked it. Second day of Eid, I marooned myself at home – slept, internet, TV, DVD marathon. Basically, a couch potato! Third day of Eid, spent the day mall-haunting from noon til 10.00pm! Again, money was spent on invisible things!  Nda tau apa benda pun yang sia beli! Would you believe that????! 

Who said KL was empty during the Eid breaks? Wrooooong! The malls were teeming with people, be it local or foreigners - it's like "Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Myanmars' Day Out!"

oh well..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gastritis Attacks, Birthday Party, SBG 2009 & Halloween Party? the bad and the good.....

Gosh! Thursday, 24th Sept 2009...the scorching afternoon sun is enough to kill my mood to go out. well, i should be on my way to the clinic by now but it's damn hot outside!

didn't go to work today. the story goes like this:
woke up this morning, and my room was spinning madly. no shit, my gastritis has decided to plague me again. headache, nausea, heartburn and i was salivating like a bulldog. despite of all these, i still managed to shower, put my clothes on but when i was about to walk out from my room, i was like "no, you are not fit to go to work today.  take an MC' in the end, i disrobed, drank a glass of milk, took some medicines, slept and woke up at 1.00pm. well, i'm gonna go the clinic after this. anyways...

first thing i did after waking up was to switch on my lappy, logon to and bought myself a return air ticket to KK for my balik kampung trip end of next month! i managed to get myself a 310(MYR) deal (which i think cukup bagus sudah compared to AirAsia's 386MYR)! so, 29th Oct - 8th Nov 2009 - KK/Ranau trips YAY!

hmmm. 30th Oct, it's my little sister's birthday party. it's going to be her sweet seventeen birthday. what gift shall i give her? i'm not really good in gift-giving department. i'm totally clueless. shall i give her a necklace? a perfume? clothes? can't think of anything besides necklace and perfume. tia tau, masih mencari lagi..

31st Oct, it's Sabahan Bloggers Gathering (SBG) 2009. well, i didn't go during the first gathering which i think was held back in 2008 (umm dunno if this is correct). so, this time around i decided to join in. i think it's going to be great, what with guest performing artists, lucky draws and free goodies (harap2 dapat heheheh!) and i've got to see my fellow sabahan bloggers. Owhhh, it's Halloween night too! can't wait, can't wait! what shall i wear? a mask? a catsuit? no, cross catsuit. i'm no halle berry nor kate beckinsale.  shall i be the murderous schoolgirl Gogo in that Kill Bill movie? a military inspired get ups? aissshhhh...bingung! still searching. i wonder what would be my crazy friend, Daniel the Gallivanter wears..i think he's going to wear something gila-gila...LOL! after all, he's the life of the party and a nearly converted Sabahan :P

i'm so looking forward to this trip. gonna sukat the whole city of KK, eat my favorite foods - sayap ayam panggang, soto, ngau chap yum yum...and if time permits, check out the current clubs scenes. heard it's getting more and more interesting...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wankers, Go Bang The Pie!

Right now, I am pissing mad with some of the egoistical and moronic men in WM about their typical assumption that most girls from Sabah are easy. I was reading an online forum where most of the typical ‘my dick is too small, I can’t score, that’s why I’m getting my release by jerking off to some porn-star bimbos on the net’ losers. First, they were discussing about Daphne Iking’s estrangement from her husband. Well, I can’t be bothered with their conspiracy theories but what irked me the most is that one of the forumers’ comments about girls from Sabah.

His exact comment was this:

“She is like most women from the place she comes from”

And then, another forumer asked:
“u mean from suckBAH?”

Of course, the answer was obvious seeing that Ms. Iking is also a Sabahan herself.

He’s implying that most women from Sabah are loose. He’s implying that Sabahan girls are highly sexed up. they even had the audacity of  nicknaming Sabah as “suckbah”

What fucktard mentality!

I wonder, why Sabahan girls are always labeled as ‘sexed crazed, easy, sporting, adventurous’? I beg to differ. sexual tendencies and prowess has got nothing to do with where you came from. It’s a natural born traits that each individual has. After all, our  pheromones are unique on its own way.

So, the fucktard yang cakap suckBAH tu, apparently he has an ego as big as Mt. Kinabalu. You can go bang the pie! What pie am I talking about again? Go watch the American Pie movie.

What I’m saying here is that, EM is different from WM. Our cultures, customs and way of life is different. We might be lacking in  development compared to WM but in terms of open mindedness (I‘m not talking about sex here), we are progressing way ahead of our counterpart. After all, who in the world has over hundred of dialects spoken but us Sabahans? In spite of all these, we’re living peacefully. Regardless of which ethnics we’re from, we identified ourselves as ‘urang Sabah’. there’s no such thing as Melayu, Cina & India.

did I hear the echos of the word ‘touche’?

p.s  pardon my foul language. ah, i mean, those are the only words that i deemed as "almost polite"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Monkey comes, monkey goes

the carpark at my office has become as some kind of  monkeys' playground! some can be seen doing their 'monkeystics' on top of the parked vehicles. some are just contented 'monkeygazing' at you with their flashing small, beady and intimidating sharp eyes! this is a familiar sight at my office building surrounding area. hmmm..takut juga kalau one of these days, they would turn rabid on you! saints above, they might be carrying diseases!

whenever i see them, i'd totally freeze. i am quite traumatized with the story of people being mauled by rabid monkeys! well, if you don't kacau them, i guess they will leave you alone.

that's what happened when the forests are felled, the hills are cut to make way to new constructions. the animals lost their habitats and they will begin to 'migrate' to a human populated area!

meantimes, manage to capture a pic of the other monkeys, perked on their chosen spot, watching me snapping their pics from afar..eeeiiiii takutnya!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guys With Talons... hot? NOT!!

was riding the bus home yesterday and saw this guy with a ten sets of talons. i didn't mean to secrutinize every people around me but sometimes, my eyes can turn to 'eagle eye' mode hahaha! sometimes, not all the time okay :P  
so, what do you guys think? to me, it's a big turn off. why must a man (one who wears muscle t-shirt at that) simpan kuku panjang macam pontianak??? long pinky nail ala-phua chu kang might still be acceptable but ten whole sets of  'em? dang! see the picture below? i managed to curi-curi snapped his picture with my camera phone.

my speculations are:

1. he's gay
2. he thinks it's sexy
3. it's convenience to garuk his back
4. toothpick? no need!
5. he's an ah beng in disguised
6. clutching that oversized wallet with his kuku pontianak is one of his 'wow' factor
7. those are his 'wolverine' weapon. can cungkil opponents' eyeballs

my advice to you guys : you want to keep long fingernails? by all means, please do. it's your right but do you have to go to this great length? when i first saw him, two words came to mind ~ eeeeeewwww, yuck!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's With Men And Their "Kangkang Conquests"??

What’s with men and their ‘kangkang conquests?’ ok, according to urban legend, men think about sex every 6 seconds. Is that true? Well, only men can vouch for that!

So, as it happened, about a week ago, my friends and I went for a karaoke session. As usual, there’d always be unfamiliar faces among the partygoers and you’d be obliged to do the mingling around whatsoever. As the night progressed steadily with over-flowing brandy, the atmosphere was getting more and more ‘lively’. While some were making trips to the toilet (I guess to empty their bursting bladders and guts out down the toilet) I was more than happy doing the singing. while I was singing, one particular guy with a big capital ‘O’ literally written all over him (that’s obnoxious) kept on trying to engage me in conversations. Fine! Talking, that one I can handle but when all the talks were about him and his pussy conquests, I’d rather be talking to the wall!

He kept on barking sentence like, “I’m not wearing underwear. Wanna see it? I can show you. Come on, I know Sabahan girls are good sport lots” my replied, “yeah, we sure are good sport but NOT cheapskate good sport. Just so you know” Then, this Caligula wannabe kept on saying, “I’ve tasted Malaysians, Indonesians, Thais and even China Dolls. As my company constantly makes trips to China, we always ended up in Guang Zhou! I tell you ah,’d be treated like a king. Those ‘bah kut tehs’ really make you feel like don’t want to leave the place!” I just ‘angkat sebelah kening’ and continued singing. He kept on rambling and rambling about his sexual escapades and at the same time guzzling glass after glass of brandy.

at one point, he asked me, “eh, let’s go somewhere to have fun. What say you?” I was like, ‘excuse me?’ I don’t want to. If you wanna leave, then you can go.’ Then he’s like ‘eh, what if I pay you? If we end up going to bed together, then so be it. I really like girls your type. Sabahan girls are fun and wild! How much you want, 500? 1000?” I replied, “No thanks. Go take your offer somewhere else. Or save it for your next trips to Guang Zhou. I bet it's value for your money”

To which he replied “hmmm…playing hard to get eh? You know what, I have bedded several Malaysian artists before. Some of them are even willing to be paid 500 a night. I even bed one artist and paid 10,000 bucks for her company.”

Wow, this guy was unbelievable. 10,000? For a night of bed-romp sessions? it must be a 'turbo-jet like' bed breaking sessions! then again, looking at his face, it's enough to make me gag. If it means money, guess that woman must be not too picky. Tired and irritated of hearing him yapping about his ‘kangkang conquests’ I left him and joined the other group.

Talk about ‘I’m in love with myself’ men….

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Makciks Kepoh

Gawd, I hope i won't be turning into a makcik kepoh when i'm nearing my menopause! wait a sec, shall I say "M" instead of the full word? some women may find the word scary but i don't. it's a natural course of life that a woman eventually has to face on her twilight years. so, accept it with respect and dignity ladies. also, find a way to live your life happily and normally. consult your doctor, medical wonders are god given gifts. therefore, we must utilize it fully :)

ok, enough about menopausal talk. back to the makciks kepoh topic. i am surrounded by these type of makciks 5 days a week. i don't know why, but almost all the makciks in my '5daysaweek' are "kepoh" (in english: gossipmongers). their excessive kepohness for 'tabbing' on someone else's life, particularly young women is almost like a final stage of cancer. For example, when i wear a floral and flowy chiffon gown and accessorized it with a wide belt, one of them would looked at me with a funny expressions. one time, she even 'radio-buruked' me:

"what dream you had last night ah? your gown looks a bit out of fashion. wah, what a wide belt. it looks heavy on you" her shrilly voice kinda filled the entire office.

damn, to think that i was wearing the latest fashion trends and she commented on the way i was dressed? my replied was: "i like it, i don't dress for people. as long as i'm comfortable and feel good wearing it, i don't see any harm on that!"

if i am in the middle of my lipgloss touch up, one of them would be saying things like: "wah, touching up again ah?" if i happened to comb my hair and applying powder on my shiny nose before heading back home, they'd go like "got a hot date keeeee?" bloody hell, always commenting on the stuff you do. Hello, it's not that they were not young once. I'm pretty sure they had enough share of bell bottom days, platform shoes, and max factor moments (the name of the popular cosmetic brand during the 70s to 80s) during their younger days! when me and my friends eat lunches in my desk, there goes a comment like this: "wah, patry ke?" this is after she and her friend ate like pig inside her friend's office! who the heck wants to eat inside a pantry that connected with toilet? the dining table is like facing the glaring toilet bowls whenever someone opens/closes the toilet door!

one time, when i went to the clinic to see an otorinolaryngologist (because my right ear had been bothering me) one of the makciks dengan muka selamba said to all and sundry : "alaaah, penuh tu dengan tahi telinga. sebab itu la gatal" i was like really wanted to punch her right there. when the real fact was, according to the doctor, i had an ear infection. the inside was kinda pinkish, bruised and tender. he gave me tablets and ear drops. in fact, i still need to see the doc this tue/thur to monitor the progress of the treatment. hope by then, my ear would already be healed.

why all the kepohness? is it a substitute for their miserable life? for cheap thrills? sex deprived? or they really love to 'microscoping' and 'documenting' other people's existence. i guess, for them, it is some kind of a food supplement...don't even mention wiping up the boss' ass and polishing up the shoes...

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Man With The Scarred Body

I was riding the bus from work one day when my eyes caught upon a man standing in the bus aisle. At that time, the bus was quite full. At first, there was nothing unusual about him. He was dressed casually in jeans and shirt, and on his back was a backpack. That was before I saw his left side of a body (at that time, his right side was facing over my direction). On his left hand, from wrist down up to the neck (below the ear) there was a trailing of burnt marks. And it’s not a thin and normal burnt mark. The healed burnt mark is very obvious, some people might even call it ‘hideous’. For me, it’s the total opposites. For a man who suffered and survived that kind of agony, it takes a lot of courage and determination. This man knows the meaning of ‘herculean’ will and I had a feeling that for him “nothing would ever scare him again. He suffered the unimaginable pain, came out from it alive and after that agonizing episode of his life, he could face almost anything”
What I admired about him was, he walks and stands proudly. He didn’t try to conceal his scar by wearing a long sleeves shirt, or even a turtleneck shirt to disguise his scar. He carried his scar like a badge of honor. That alone had me thinking that all this while, I’ve always been complaining about my own lack of physical appearances. Why God has given me with this features, more and more WHYs. God, I’m ashamed with the old me…
Sometimes, we tend to overlook the beauty in imperfections…

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A guy Hot-a-Meter will decrease should he...

ok, talking about hot guys..we ladies sure love to! however, i shall reserve my opinion about a guy's hotness after seeing this incident happened in front of my very own eyes..and it happened in one of the popular mamak's hang out in Bangsar.

about two weeks ago, i was in Bangsar doing some banking stuff. after that, i quickly headed to the mamak's to grab myself some lunch (i was starving!). I was about to "attack" my rice (with mutton varuval & acar) when my wandering eyes suddenly zoomed into a group of guys having their teh tarik and roti canai. Right, they were good looking...and obviously had this 'we're urban and hip' airs stamped literally on their foreheads. I was enjoying my lunch and stealing glances to the most good-looking guy in the group. BUT, wait a minute! just a damn minute! that hot and cute guy turned out to be NOT HOT in matter of one second maybe? why?????

HE PICKED HIS NOSE in public. imagine that..he actually picked his nose vigorously and in a restaurant, where people eat no less! i was..what the???? trust me, it is not HOT at all. A few moment after that, not content on picking his nose, he then started to poke his pinky into his ear. obviously digging his 'treasure' inside his ear. My lunch was ruined, not mentioning about his zero hot-a-meter.

guys, if your're planning to do your digging, leave that in private, your home or during the shower. i understand it's a normal thing to do but at least please, just please DO NOT do that in public. I don't care if my guy does a digging spree or farts (in front of me) as long as he does that in the comfort of his home or in private!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Max-shit Broadband

Yes, that’s exactly my opinion! I am going to christen this telco provider as Max-shit. I’ve been a subscriber for several months now and so far, all I’ve got is a crappy-shit service. At a hundred and forty over bucks per month, it supposed to have a high internet connection speed but hey, it’s all garbage talk! When I lodged complaints, the standard explanation would be “from time to time, the system needs to be upgraded” what a shit-loads of crappy answers! What I am suffering from is a barely there internet connection. when I access the net, downloading is painfully slow, the waiting is literally making you feeling like constipating with the frequent error commands of RELOAD pages. Even when I check my gmail/yahoo mail account, I would encounter this shit over and over again. Don’t even mention Facebook. I think by the time I manage to log in, my teeth have already fallen off and my hair is greying. Accessing video streaming sites? dream on! It’s enough to make me feeling like wanting to scream and tear my hair off into the night!

A lot of my friends said “oh, please..just ditch the service and opt for celcom broadband coz their internet speed connection is good” okay, I don’t know if that is true but I might do that. In fact, I am going to discontinue my Max-shit subscription and try out celcom broadband. I don’t care if I have to pay 200 bucks for handling fees (cringe, for a pauper like me that's certainly a lot of money) but do I have any other choice???? Fat chance!

Ok, I hope I won’t get sued for defamation because of this article. I am just a frustrated ‘old and wrinkled aunty’ because she couldn’t get in touch with her many internet lovers. They’re scattered all over the continents, you know. So, don’t blame me if I’m such a pain in the ass. Paying for bad service, even this ‘whiny-wrinkly-mouldy-old-aunty” is entitled to get frustrated!

Guess what! I diligently googled “which one is a better internet broadband provider, max-shit or celcom?", I found out that most surveys disfavored max-shit. looks like I’m not the only one who is bashing Max-shit! Well, that’s that!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Music Festival Pesta Malam Indonesia 3

TM Music Festival Pesta Malam Indonesia 3
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium @ outdoor arena
Date: Sat, 20th June 2009

ok, i'm not much of a concert-rat kind of a person but my bestfriend practically collared and kidnapped me away to go see the concert. apparently, she's into this indo band called Andra & The Backbone. so, there i was, sacrificing myself to the merciless heat and not to mention 'colourful' people cramming to see their idols : Padi, Gigi, Dewa 19, Sheila on 7, Andra & The Backbone. of course these names are undisputed crowd-puller, the giants of Indo music scenes.

and.. it turned out, i had a great fun. the performances were superb, vocally and muscially. despite the sweltering heat, they kept on churning great performances. I especially liked Sheila on 7..wonder where did the lead singer, Duta found the energy to jump around the stage and still managed to maintain his vocal chord! hats off, dia tidak pancit pun! Great entertainer, his sometimes funny antics on stage cheered the crowds up

walaupun pening tengok terlalu ramai orang, dengan ragam dan 'aroma' yang alahai...i had a really great time. Overall, fantastic performances from all the bands involved..
makasih ya mas mas sekalian lol.... did i get it correctly? :)

here are some of the pics from the concert..

....the hair and the hat

....random shot of the concert goers..these guys were ready for the camera lenses, obviously!

....what with the t-shirts waving tendencies? promoting the shirts?

...Padi, rockin' the crowd

....see the perfect contrast? these duo practically stole the limelight. even the photogs were busy snapping their pics away...

........sumandak and her retro-inspired sunnies, yep..gotta protect dem peepers

sumandak and her BFF, Dee

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Super Duper Jumbo Crappy Day!

this is a loooong entry but it did happen to me.

the day is not yet over. it still has about 1hr and 45minutes before the new day begins and i'm ending it feeling like shit!!! and best of all, bewilderment, daze, anger, confusions! Those words are best describing the ME, MYSELF & I today :(

to sum it up, the story goes like this:

about 9.00-ish pm, i was happily watching the telly. when i happened to enter my room, my cellphone screen displayed 5 missed calls. I checked the number and it was from one of my friend, a guy to be precised. i didn't think much about those missed calls cause i was thinking like "well, if it's something then i'm sure he'd call back" so, i left it like tht and continued gluing myself in front of the telly. several moments later, my cellphone beeped, indicating 1 message received. i checked the message and imagine my bewilderment when this message appeared on the screen:

"hi, saya harap kamu tahu saya sgt mencintai suami saya"
translated in english: "hi, just to let you know. I love my husband dearly"

at first, i thought this guy friend was playing joke on me. so, i simply replied his text msg:
"lol, wtf is this msg? sia nda faham la. sori, hp kat my room. tengah syok tingu tv (i don't understand. sorry, my cellphone was in my room. i was watching tv)

as soon as i hit the send button, his call came in. BUT, it wasn't him at all. it was a woman! imagine my bewilderment when the woman said:

"do you know Mr. X?" (referring to my friend of course)

I said, "yes. why? what is this about?"

woman caller: "i am his wife's bestfriend. i'm calling on behalf of her. I hope you could explain the nature of your relationship with Mr. X. you know, he is married with kid and his wife is like suffering because of your relationship with him. I hope you'd understand her situation and suffering. please, i beg you, please don't wreck their marriage. She's thinking of going back to Sabah with the kid because she's heartbroken"

i was like "Jesus, is this woman for real?".

I said, "what jokes are you playing ? since when do i have illicit affair with your bestfriend's husband? I believe, and I can assure you tht our relationship is nothing like tht. I treat him like any other friends in my Facebook friend list. after all, it's only natural, us being Sabahans in WM, of course we want to connect with each other, it's a nice thing to meet up with fellow Sabahans. it brings back the sabahans spirits. Don't get me wrong, he's not the only Sabahan in my Facebook. Dozens are in the list too and i occasionally meet them up for mamak or drinks session. sure, we go makan like two three times but that's that. nothing less, nothing more. i have never given him any impressions of liking him more than friends. I think i've made myself very clear in the beginning that right now, man/woman thing relationship is definitely not on my list. i'm enjoying my freedom and all i want to have now is friendship, real, honest friendship, no hidden agenda."

however the woman caller insisted that Mr. X has admitted that we're in a relationship! i was like, "what? what relationship? now you're making me upset. to tell you the truth, this makes me want to puke. this gives me goosebumps, this disgusts the hell out of me. Now, i'm fucking mad at him. I'm not insane, my mama didn't teach me to go and seduce other woman's husband."

woman caller: "maybe he fell for your charm. maybe you're sweet to him"

i said, : "yeah, right. don't get me started. my charm? charm my ass! sweet my foot! i'm a very straight forwand kind of a woman. i say whatever inside my mind and my heart, faster than the rocket launcher. I don't know how to act sweet, most of the time i talk more like guys cause i've been around them for so long. cousins, friends, most of them are guys. and i sometimes think that most guys are intimidated by me. So, don't start spewing nonsense about me being sweet on him."

woman caller: "ok, i believe you. i understand. i can tell from the way you talk over the phone. it's just that ever since my friend read your emails to Mr. X, she's been working herself up to a lather, agonizing because of your supposed relationship with her husband."

I said "eh, i don't think there's anything illicit with my emails. they're normal emails, no incriminating evidence of me 'flaming the bed to ashes' with Mr. X. If you don't believe me, i can forward you those emails. I don't think your friend is stupid enough for making the worst assumption from those emails. Pls tell her that, she can stop worrying. There's nothing going on between the two of us. if he admitted that he has feelings for me, then it's a one sided thing. I DON'T, CAN'T, NEVER, have affair with Mr. X, EVER!"

woman caller: "ok, i believe you. i'll makesure that my bestfriend knows about this. thanks for your time and explanation. sorry for troubling you like this."

a small consolation, we ended up our conversation with decent civil manners. because, apparently, we both are not stupid women. it's a relief that we didn't end up like those stupid/shallow women in the Malay drama, rivaling for the love and attention of one wayward stupid he-jerk.

well, i had a suspicion that the caller was Mr. X's wife herself, pretending to be the bestfriend. just to catch me off guard. I did ask her something like "are you the wife? you maybe pretending to be the wife's bestfriend. if yes, then you may stop pretending now. i've got nothing to hide, i know i did nothing wrong." the woman caller said "no, i'm the bestfriend. i'm living next door. we're having BBQ party at their house tonight"

BBQ party, my ass. If yes, then why did it sounded like she's in a tomb or something?

...i say, the nerve of Mr. X! how could he did something like this? Christ, we're just friends and you started doing something like this? i'm afraid, i'll have to drop you off from my FB friend list.

definitely a crappy day! shitttt..!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Joke Of The Day...

...funny ha ha entry to loosen up our kinks :D

a little girl asked her mother, 'how did the human race appear?' the mother answered 'God made Adam and Eve and they had children and then all mankind was made'

two days later, the girl asked her father the same question. the father answered 'many years ago, there were monkeys form which the human race evolved.'

the confused girl returned to her mother and said 'mom, how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by God and dad said they developed from monkey?' the mother answered, 'well, dear, it is very simple. i told you about my side of the family and your father told you about his.'

sex is like a restaurant. sometimes you get full satisfactory service, and sometimes you have to be satisfied with self-service! 

H - housing
U - understanding
S - sharing
B - buying
A - and
N -never
D - demanding

W - washing
I - ironing
F - food
E - entertainment

...really? i'll kick my future husband's balls blue black if he thinks that i'm his housekeeper!

a man had 4 wives, and he called his...
4th wife ... baby doll
3rd wife ... china doll
2nd wife ... barbie doll
1st wife ... panadol!

why was the 2-piece swimsuit invented? to seperate the HAIRY section from the DAIRY section..

75yr old man got married to a 15 yr old girl...(yikes, old fart is sure a pervert!) on their first night, both were crying - why? coz she didn't know anything, and he had forgotten everything! (or may be his virility has deserted him eons 

make sentence using 'Neither-Nor.'  naughty boy students when girls wear tight fitting dresses, 'NEITHER are they comfortable, NOR are we!

woman complaining to dentist: 'it's so painful, i'll rather have a baby than have a tooth removed.' dentist: 'make up your mind soon, i'll adjust the chair accordingly' (what a kinky dentist!)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sumandak and her pantyhose

..well, i believe, OL (office ladies) are pretty fond of this particular item of women's clothing. Me, i wear them everyday to work. It gives (lol..) your gams a nice silhouette and best of all, kalau ada parut2 yg hodoh (tak kira la besar 5, 10, 20, 50 sen ka) semua tanggung beres kalau pakai pantyhose hehehehe :P and i think, guys also curik2 jeling if they see ladies wearing pantyhose.

but main reason for wearing pantyhose is because, mau cover my ankle tats bah! after all, i'm working in "a bit of a conservative environment" and tats i think, is clearly prohibited. well, at least not visible. however, mine is in my ankle. it's clearly visible! So, I have to wear pantyhose or tights. The downside is, i have to get  new pairs like every two three days cause they always ripped off! no idea on how they ended up like that. I'd only realized that after work!

lol, now i have quite a selection of colors. Grey, black, brown, nude n lumionous (my favourite ones), navy blue etc. the only thing i don't have is fishnet stockings. Hah, if i wear that, i'm pretty sure that i'd scandalized myself even further!! Let me tell you,  the women in my office either wear baju kurung, batik or slack with looooong jubah. i'm the only who wears shirt/blouse and knee length skirts. so, you can say that i'm an oddball among them normal colleagues...not to mention the only Sabahan :)

...ok, i've thrashed another pair yesterday. so, i think am gonna head off to the nearest shopping mall and get myself maybe a dozen more? tsk tsk tsk...

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Table Has Been Turned..

...on against "mr. houdini"

yes, I am being cruel and YES, I AM BEING A BITCH! mind you, not a bitch in the heat okay?! the last straw came when "mr. houdini" pretended to forget to wish me happy birthday and happy valentine's day. i mean, what kind of a boyfriend who totally left his girlfriend alone on her birthday and valentine's day by herself?? well, his disappearing acts is legendary..

so, imagine my dismayed when 2 months later he casually appeared in front of me and pretended that everything is sunny and bright and i would willingly open up my arms widely to welcome him back! Sorry, it's too late now. You're not welcome in my world anymore. Your magic tricks have ran out of their course. They have lost their appeal. You're regretting it now, but i am relieved to know that i am not in love with you anymore, not now, not ever! You're asking for another chance but NO, no more. We're finished, finito, pause, full stop, gone baby gone. you are a history that needs to be tightly locked up in a pyramid-like tomb. You're like "If only i could turn back time, i wish to be a better boyfriend for you" but let me refresh your memory. I've given you chances to "turn back time" repeatedly but you failed yourself and you failed our relationship. Well, this time around, ADIOS....and if you happen to stumble upon this blog, i hereby announce to you again (aside from my last "i'm breaking up with you" text message):

"No Hard Feelings But You've Been Dumped"

i've finally bid goodbye to an emotionally draining relationship and boy, the feeling is divine :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ya Taaa! ( I did it..! )

Yep, I did it!

..what did I do? no, it's not about what i've done. I'm refering to my previous entry 'The Hitler Interviewers"

Yes, i got the job. in fact, last monday was my first day reporting to work. so far, it looks promising. I've got great colleagues and my lady boss appears to be okay (but i'll leave a blank spot to be filled in on this one. it's too early to speculate!)

lol, everyone says "meet our new team, the one who came from Sabah" followed by a collective statements of "ooooh, patutlah, that accent" (again...i've been hearing this for the last 4 1/2 yrs! and yes, by the end of this year it's gonna be my 5th yr in KL) quite an accomplishment, don't you think?

hmmm...i have a sense of contentment whenever i hear the statement "oh, that accent"
in my own interpretation, it's translated as "you're unique" and yeah, Sabahans are truly unique people. It's an undisputable fact :)

workwise? am liking it here...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello From Ireland...

Aye, aye...what happened???

Lately, my FB inbox has been flooded with friend requests from Irish people. Some have even asked me out for coffee (does Irish people drink coffee? - they must be) and beer. They thought i'm in flabbergested, i mean didn't they read my profile? i have to reply:

"lovely, but am living on the other side of the continents and we can only do coffee and beers in our dreams"

and they go like: "err, you're not from Ireland? i thought you are"

eh???? did FB somehow ommitted my 'networks and current city info?' ...... i don't think so..

never mind, i did aprrove a few of those friend requests...where's the harm in that? i only hope that they are not axe murderers moonlighting in FB, lol!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Melting, Melting...SWEATING!

Yikes…..I am wilting away! This hot weather is playing havoc to my peace of mind, obviously! Restless, restless and restless. I know, it’s summer time in some part of the world now. We, in South East Asia (unfortunately) that’s Malaysia, so to speak, are suffering from this merciless heat. It's been unbearably hot and dry all week!

It has reaches to the boiling point, where days and nights are equally scorching hot! I am practically prancing around my house partially naked! Serves me right, cause I’ve never get around to contact my housemate’s handyman to install the AC on my room. It's still languishing inside the store room, collecting dust and rust. To be honest, I don’t really like AC that much. AC kinda gives me chill and makes my body aches, that’s why. Up until now, I am still depending on the conventional fan. Besides, it saves power and it doesn’t harm the earth.

Gawd, feels like want to stand in the shower for another 100 years more or so! That's it, if I don't become all dried up and brittle already..., if only I look this cute when sweating!

Hah, NO, I don't! Need to drink gallons of water...go, get yourself some water. Need to take care of that skin complexion. Errrrrkkk???!
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