Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The World of Facebook..

So.. after Hi5, Friendster and Myspace, then it's the Facebook's turn to gatecrashing our cyberworld. One of my friend, Daniel 'Crazy' Gomez initiated me to join this highly popular (if not, highly confusing) social networking site. Ok, all seems to be ok and interesting and off I went, saying "YES" to the invitation.

browsing through, i found it interesting, fresh and guaranteed you zillions of "friends" so to speak. However, there is also a set back (at least for me-lah) all those itty bitty features really make my brain doing rollercoaster spins and i have no idea on how to respond 'Properly' to those "Requests" and I found myself clicking "YES' to every request/invitation, but honestly I don't even have any idea on what I've been agreeing to hahahah...(ok, am laughing to myself) and most of the time, i just gave up "YES-ing"
Truthfully, i am hopeless when it comes to techie matters, hah!

having Hi5 and Myspace accounts? Guilty as charged! However, I ditched them after getting so many 'friend requests' from kinky and sex-crazed men. My inbox (especially Myspace) was swollen with dirty pictures, mostly of male privates! I also hate to read messages typed in "overly creative" letters like this "HoW aRE YoU" bloody hell, can people just type it properly? it annoyed the hell out of me and giving you crossed-eye! If and when I want to get creative, might as well do it in bed!

so, now i am experimenting with this facebook thingy. yes, i am a confused member but i'd give it a try, for now....
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