Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A penchant for Nasi Kerabu

While I was in Sabah, I never came accross with this particular dish. Having said that, I had my first taste of nasi kerabu about a year ago when I moved to KL. I've been hooked into it ever since. I think I had a fairly amount of nasi kerabu since then. In fact, I make it as a reminder to check out the weekly pasar malam dekat tempat tinggal I. You can find almost every type of hawker foods here.

Well, not everything actually cause I'm craving for the famous 'sayap ayam panggang' and 'Soto Sabah' I miss it terrrrrribly! Dekat KL ni, hampeh susah nak dapat. Pergilah round satu KL, sure you won't find it. Ok, KL does have it but the taste is different...wayyyyy different *lol*

Ok, back to nasi kerabu. Nasi Kerabu, is rice based dish served with coconut milk, flaked fish, desiccated coconut and a variety of herbs, spices, and sauces. You can also eat nasi kerabu with other side dishes such as fried chicken, keropok (fish/prawn cracker), rendang daging (beef chunks cooked in coconut milk and other spices/herbs), ulam (raw vegetables) and etc. The rice is normally in bluish tinge. Nasi Kerabu dish is originated from Kelantan. Apart from nasi kerabu, Kelantan is also popular with its Nasi Dagang, though I prefer the former.

Nasi kerabu with fried chicken wing

Nasi kerabu with salted egg and sambal...yummy!


Monday, May 28, 2007

Gia Carangi - The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia

Book title: Thing of Beauty – The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia
Author: Stephen Fried
Published: 1993

Ok, I’ve finally finished reading a biography about this world’s once famous supermodel. Her name was Gia Carangi (Italian, Welsh and Irish ancestry) and she was among the world’s highest paid and sought after supermodel of late 70s to early 80s.

Gia’s stat:

Name: Gia Marie Carangi
Born: Jan 19, 1960
Died: Nov 18, 1986
Height: 5ft 8 inches
Bust: 34
Waist: 24
Hips: 35½
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

She was 17 when she’s first discovered while working in her father’s luncheonette in Philadelphia and by the time she’s 18, she stormed the fashion world, jetsetting around the globe and became the darling of moguls & movie stars, royalty and rockers.

Her striking features have made her a ‘hit’ among the world’s famous fashion photographers including:

Francesco Scavullo http://www.scavulloeditions.com/
Arthur Elgort http://www.arthurelgort.com/
Richard Avedon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Avedon
Chris von Wangenheim

However, her fame was short-lived when she succumbed to the deadly disease: AIDS! Many believe that her addiction with drugs had contributed to her downfall. Her death was not widely publicized and she was among one of the first women in US to die of AIDS. On November 18, 1986 at 10.00 am, 26-year-old Gia Carangi died.

In 1993, a biography of her life written by Stephen Fried hit the bookstands and the following 1998, a biographical movie titled “GIA” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gia, starred by Angelina Jolie, was released by HBO.

Prior to the death of Gia Carangi, a 22-year-old Cindy Crawford http://www.cindy.com/who/
emerged as the new 'IT' girl in the fashion world. She was nicknamed as the new "Baby Gia."

Gia's pictures:

Pictures courtesy of http://www.gia-carangi.com/index.html

* drug gives you a taste of heaven but it leaves hell on its wake. Once hooked into it, you're on your way to perdition. HEALTHY LIFE ROCKS, STAY AWAY FROM DRUG!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Keep on mooning, wankers!

Last night, my cellphone beeped while I was watching the So You Think You Can Dance, the Malaysia version aired on 8TV. Cellphone's screen displayed '1 message received'. I opened my inbox and tadaaa...it's from my friend. The content?

Snippets of our SMSes conversation:

fren :
They* confessed something about you. Hahahaha...

Huh? Confessed about what? Who are they and what did they say?

Well, they said they have 'chiaked' you before, discussed 'bout your body and your acts!

Well, didn't know am that great! Problem is I can't remember their names! It's either their dicks are needle thin or they are lousy fuckers!

Can't reveal their names. Promised to zip up my mouth. But the way they described your body is partly match ler.

Means, you believe them issit? Well, thank you for believing the rumours. It's an honour to be the the number one slut in ........... Believe all you want, I don't care.

Fren: Wah, I got scolded for no reason. You angry with me ah?

Who's not angry if people making up stories about you? Ofkoz hati panas mendidih la... dont worry lar. I'm not mad at you..

Some people are soooo syok sendiri. Well, keep on mooning you jocks! I'm sure you're the type of people who talks about sex all the time, pants over some celebrities on your computer screen, go home and ended up jerking off! I'm sure Mrs. Palmers and her daughters are getting pissed off and sick of you by now!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

True or False?

Now, now...I'm not talking about some puzzle here. I'm gonna post an article here, which I have received in my inbox this morning. It's in Malay and malas la nak translate in English. It's too long. So, I'll just cut and paste it here :-)

He he he.... cintailah bahasa kebangsaan kita

Orang yang kalau kentut salahkan orang lain

Orang yang tak sadar kalau dia tengah kentut

Orang yang mau kentut tapi tak boleh

Jika dia kentut, orang lain tak tau

Orang yang tiba2 menahan kentutnya saat kentut

Orang yang ingat kentut dia wangi

Orang yang kalau habis kentut, kentutnya dikibaskan dekat orang lain

Orang yang kentut tak bunyi, tapi malu sendiri

Orang yang menyembunyikan kentutnya dengan tertawa terbahak-bahak

Orang yang habis kentut, menghirup kentutnya sendiri untuk menggantikan kentutnya yang keluar

Kentutnya sungguh panas berapi

Orang yang kalau dia terkentut, akan diceritakan kentutnya itu berasal dari restoran mahal

Orang yang kalau kentut atau orang lain kentut, riak mukanya sama sahaja seperti tiada apa2 berlaku

Orang yang suka mencium kentut orang lain

Orang yang hobi kentut di dalam air

Orang yang kentut sambil mengeluarkan tenaga dalaman

Orang yang mengaku bila habis kentut meskipun orang lain tak tanya

Orang yang boleh tahu kentut orang lain dengan bau, bunyi serta kehangatannya

Orang lain yang kentut, tapi dia yang selalu kena

Orang yang kentutnya berirama

Orang yang bunyi kentutnya macam bunyi modem

Orang yang terus balas kentut jika ada orang lain yang berani kentut di depannya

Orang yang mengentuti orang lain tepat di mukanya

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Condom Chronicles

...sneak peak preview in pictures

wahseeeeh....playing congkak issit? Lol...

Checking up for any leakage ...... duwan those little 'buggers' to escape and create havoc hehehehe....

lo and behold! Pick your sizes *lol*

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Genting Theme Park Getaway...

This was during the recent Wesak Day off. My girlfriends and I decided to drive off up to Genting. The morning started as sunny and we were anticipating that it would last for the whole day but.... fat chance on that! We parked our car at the Genting Skyway Complex and decided to hitch a ride to the peak via Skyway Cable Cars, RM5 per one way trip, RM10 for a round trip.

View from the top.....

the girls inside the gondola.....

it was a cold and wet day...but the girls were all smile!

well, we were actually hoping for a good weather but our hope was dashed off!! Lady luck was not on our side. We only managed to try out four of the outdoor rides. The Pirate Ship, The Flying Coaster (this ride is not for those weak-hearted type), Spinner and The Pirate Train.

However, we did encounter a-not-so-pleasant-experience with one of the theme park crew. This happened when we girls and a bunch of other eager tourists wanted to experience the Dinosourland. After queuing up for about half an hour, we were told by the park crew that they have to close this section while waiting for the rain to subsides. Of course we understood his message, word by word, but he kept on huffing:

"tutup..tutup...hujan" (closed..closed..raining)

seeing that no one of us was budging from the queuing spot, (which of course, we didn't want to because it's raining heavily for god's sake, and the shed provides us shield from the heavy rain)

he huffed : "Dinosourland tutup. Tutup! Hujan, tidak fahamkah?!" (Dinosourland is closed. Closed! It's raining, don't you people understand?!"

We can't believe it! How come this person employed when his mannerism clearly demonstrates lack of professionalism? Did he expect us to venture out in the pouring rain?

Well, the answer is: Glory, glory... semuanya ada in Bolehland!

Sayonara Genting...
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