Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Sunset Outing With My Sister..

Above picture is of me and my big sister (so does her expanding waistline! I'm gonna be an aunt for the third time!) When we were kids, there wasn't a single day gone by without us fighting. When I say fighting, it's translated as 'screaming matches, nose bleeding, fists and kicks'! I am not slightly crooked nose is a testament of her tempers! Miraculously, it had all changed when we were in our teenage years. The fightings stopped and the peace in our house restored, much to our Mama's delights. We became closer, traded our secrets and most importantly, it seemed that our roles are reversed, with me acting like more of a big sister and  her confidante (til now). 

This entry is dedicated solely to my sister, Wean. May her life be blessed..

at a gathering...

Sabah International Exhibition (Oct 2010) @ 1Borneo Hypermall, KK

that's a real orang utan, albeit a dead preserved ones @ Sabah Forestry 's booth

with her hubby, Jason. Yeah, he's supertall..

one of the hundreds of booth at the exhibition and why should you name your coffee product as kopi batang? obviously, this is for men!

taking a break at Novotel hotel's lounge

no ice cream for me, only coffee please!

tidak sama, tidak serupa..people always say: "you two are sisters? hard to believe that.."

me and my tan skin..

driving towards the city centre.  my shot inside the moving car..

'twas a clear and sunny day..

my amateurish shot of the new mosque @ Likas

my favorite place in KK, sunset-gazing @ Jesselton Point. Traded my WOMD with flats. I don't have Victoria Beckham's tenacity of doing some walkabout in heels!

taken by my bro-in-law, Jason the wannabe paparazzi  :P

enjoying the cool breezes..

shooting the sunset with my mobile phone

and the outcome is this..

I love taking candid pictures of people, you could capture the moment and the nuances of the surroundings..

laki bini enjoying the sunset...

my favourite pic, the lovey dovey laki bini. shot this secretly without them knowing. 

this bloke is a regular here. We chatted him up and according to him, you could cast your line here with a cost of RM10 per entry. Your catches is your own business..either throw  them back to the sea or bawa balik rumah, kasi guring pun sodaaap!.. :P

if only life's like this, everyday *sighs*

Sunset @ Jesselton Point, KK is undeniably breathtaking. Whenever time permits, I'd always be there...and I will never get tired of it..

That's why I love KK :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When at night (The Cleopatra of Minyak Batu)

My housemate (she occupies the room next to mine) has these weird habits.

At exactly 8.30pm, she goes to bed.

Prior to that, the smell of  the potent 'minyak batu / minyak urut' will be wafting out from her room (simultaneously, I'd be wrinkling my long suffering nose!)

Then, I'll be hearing this 'cling..cling..cling' sounds (I guess she's shaking up the roaches repellent spray can)

Adds up the 'pissshhh, pisshhh' sounds from the roaches repellent spray can,  and the smell that emanating from her room is enough to give me million migraines (yeah, I know. I'm exaggerating here..)

Then, she switches off the light. Quiet now, save from the the whizzing sounds of the ceiling fan. I guess she's off to dreamland..

In the morning, I will be smelling coffee (I have no issue in regards of this one!)


Comes nightfall, the whole circle is repeated...

Does she suffer from chronic arthritis? I doubt that because she looks quite robust and a bit on the chubby side. So, why does she shroud herself as the Cleopatra of Minyak Batu?

Still, my nose continues to suffer..every night at that!

Friday, November 5, 2010

5 Island Cruise - Oct 29th, 2010

So, that was the first of many months since I had myself a vacation! Really, the last time I allowed myself some 'wanderings' is seems like eons ago! So, when my bestie decided to come down to KK, she suggested that island cruise and it was so much fun!

The morning of the excursion, we were fetched by the travel agent's van at Le Meridien Hotel approximately at 8.30am.  It was a bit cloudy that day, prior to a quite heavy rain the night before. However, it did nothing to dampen our excitement, of course! We chose Tanjung Aru Travel & Tours as our travel guide that day. They have quite a lot of interesting packages but in the end, we opted for the Five Island Cruise package. Initially, my bestie and I were the only tourists who booked the package but upon reaching the marina, we were joined by a couple from Hong Kong (Joe & Cindy). They were quite friendly and we did get along nicely during the duration of the trip. Thank god for that :) It will be quite a nightmare if you're on vacation with tantrum-throwing people. I had quite a nasty experience with a ' demonic killjoy tourist' before and it was such an unpleasant experience!

Enough about story-telling, I'll let the pictures do the talking.. :)

Beach Bum @ The Marina. It's next to Shang-ri la Tg Aru Beach Hotel

Me & my bestie, CT

...and off we sailed!

Isn't she's pretty as flower?

pity, the sea wasn't crystal clear due to the constant rain..

posing happily with the couple from HK, Joe and Cindy

doing the 'berjemur macam orang putih' thingy @ Sapi Island. Padahal, kulit sudah pun tan sediakala, mwahahaha!

Manukan Island

candid shot of my bestie, drawing the heart..

almost there...

finally, done!

a picture is never complete without the 'melompat' thingy..


our guide of the day, Anderson, chanelling Jason Mraz with that ukulele

Joe, trying his  best ukulele a swimming brief :P

Yugari-san, the petite ukulele artist from Japan. Btw, her myspace is

serenading us with her 'Beer Song" a.k.a Kampai

Bro Blues @ Sapi Island. He told us that he's gonna show his prized pet to us. We were like, eh? Someone keeps a pet in the island? In what variety?

this's the unofficial mascot of the island: BIAWAK!  There was even a  small wild boar but the creature ran away before I manage to capture it (it's not a pet, this is some wild animal in the island)

...but couldn't see anything! 

I love this picture. Her coloring and the rock wall is such a perfect combo!

mwahahahaha, what a tacky picture!

pretty as picture, aren't they?

bringing a whole new meanings to 'sand, sea, play and umbrella under a tree' WOW! 

Joe and Cindy..

A painful token from Manukan Island, caused by the undersea coral reef. Believe me, wound and the salty sea are the perfect combos for 'tears got in your eyes'. The lifeguard boy sprayed something on it and the stinging pain made me howled like a madwoman!   

the much loved water sport: Banana Boat! initially, we wanted to ride it at Sapi Island but a lot of people too wanted some rides. In the end, our guide suggested us to ride it back at the marina.

off we went, and the result?

..was this! thrown head-first into the sea!

the Flyfish ride

believe me, this thing is quite 'bikin takut' for scaredy-cat person. The gathering speed of the boat will make the thing standing up all the way to its tail, resulting its riders to..

again, be thrown like rag dolls into the sea! I  got a cricked neck, sore legs and arms, swallowed  some mouth-full of  the sea cocktail and basically body aches! However, it's a fun water sport! Worth the pain, really! :)

Another one of my favorite shot..taken at Sapi Island.

Oh,  I failed to mention one thing. I loved the BBQ lunch we had at Sapi Island! Especially the soft-shell crab, super yummy!

So readers, if you fancy some tropical island in the sun vacay, do check our islands..

As for me, next island getaway is maybe Mabul Island in Semporna? Oh god, that'll be heaven on earth!


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