Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Armpit Matters. Ladies: Have you checked your underarms yet?

Hairy armpit, on men it's still allright.  However, on ladies? I personally think it's uh, gross.  From the earliest dawn of the centuries until the late 1980's, it must be cool for a woman to sport a thick sprout of hairy underarms but nowadays, YUCK!

Last night I was having my nasi lemak at the cafe' (down in my condo complex) when I saw this beautiful lady (a foreigner) wearing a supersexy tube dress. She was seated right opposite of  my table and appeared to be deeply engrossed in conversations with her companion. She was gesturing wildly and I've to say that having your meal with a view of hairy armpit as a side dish is not my idea of nasi lemak and teh tarik session. Just imagine, a gorgeous woman with a hairy set of armpits - a "thriving crops" at that! Bluweeekk...!

I may not be the OCD-ish type of a person but I would at least ensure that some cleanliness aspects of my person is well-maintained. I shave/wax my legs and underarms on a regular basis. I always keep waxing strips, tweezer and shaver with me. When I travel, I'd make sure that I pack them together in my toiletries bag, without fail!

Can you imagine those Victoria's Secret Angels sashaying on the runway with hairy underarms and legs? No, right?

Some reactions from my FB buddies:

Dear ladies, think again if you are planning to bowl over people with your sexy attire. Have you check your underarms yet? The Chinese or Japanese might be okay and can get away with it but .....

Bottom line is, IT'S GROSS!!


  1. That is GROSS! Although there's the opposite argument is that it's society's fault that has drummed us all into thinking that it's OK for men but not for women. Double standards.

    But heck, I still find it disgusting.

  2. LOL, I do think that in certain countries, hairy underarms is ok for both gender. I think the 'beautification'of beauty regime has more or less triggered this effect to self-conscious women of the millennium (the whole appearances)

  3. Oh no. I'm against hairy underarms on girls too. Some men with unruly armpits (and shows it around) pun bikin buang selera makan juga. Imagine a strand got loose and flew away... It might end on someone's plate! Not only it's gross, i have the feeling that its uncomfortable too... yark.

  4. hahaha..i'm trying to visualize men with unruly armpits wearing fishnet shirts! that would be quite a sight!

  5. I super-geli armpit hair!! OMG! Maybe that woman thinks it's sexy au naturel but there are reasons why waxing salons exist! For girls to go get groomed! Adeh..

  6. But honestly ladies, how long has it been since woman in YOUR country started shaving thie armpits??!

  7. That's disgusting! Like seriously... What is sexy about having armpit hairs? especially girls?... it's like girls who wear mini skirts or hot pants, but with bulu kaki tebal(kadang2 ada curly sikit)... eurgh!

  8. Female shouldn't have any bodily hair.. Menggelikan ok!? OMG, especially armpit hair.. yuck yuck yuck!!

    Moi, next time take picture! hahaha

  9. expat2, read my posting again. I never said women of my COUNTRY started to shave off their armpits right from their cradles. This article might has offended your sensibilities but if you are a man, do you like your woman has unruly armpits?

    mi, hahaha..lupa pula sa mo ambik gambar.

  10. Yes I am a man and I think it's a woman's right to make a conscious choice, not just shave because Gillette or the media tells her to!. Many women (and men) have been brainwashed in recent years into thinking that all woman should look like hairless 10 year old girls. Were women any less attractive to men 100 years ago when only prostitutes shaved their armpits? I don't think so. It's certainly something to think about. And the answer to your quesiton is yes - I personally DON"T like a woman to look like a hairless little girl!

  11. LOL! an icy rebuttal, are we? well, good for you then. I am not gonna harp on your choice on 'hairy/hairless' woman. like you said, it's a personal choice and my choice is being that partly 'hairless' woman. Rest assured, i'm still hairy in certain parts of my body not some hairless 10 years old girls :) For me, going hairless is for hygiene purposes.

  12. Moi, panas juga this topic ah hehehe. Memang pun gross.

  13. hahahah..memang panas. ada pula org yg bukan perempuan terasa hehehehehe..

  14. Ya, i think to have hairless armpit is actually more for hygiene purpose. if hairy armpit, cepat bau gia tu if sweating.

    sa almost every day pluck armpit hair. rajin kan hehe...

  15. carol, ya. We're living in a hot tropical country, just imagine having sweaty hairy armpits...ugh!

  16. Bulu ketiak at its triving best!!

    I hv no idea how i can come across this page, but i just have to write something here, in honour of bulu ketiak..hahaha

    Funny post btw..err..this is suppose to be funny right?

    Good day~~

  17. J.D,
    Lol! Never think that this post will generates more comments than my other entries! LOL, yes, you supposed right. So, what's your pick?


  18. TWS,

    Bulu ketiak => Definate no-no
    Bulu kaki => sikit - sikit la
    bulu Hidung => HOH!!!
    Bulu Togs => tinguk keadaan..

    i think i'm telling more than i'm suppose to..hahaha


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