Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Wandering: Switzerland & Italy, Dec 2007

For as long as I'm breathing, this would be my most memorable journey ever.  I used to dream of travelling but I never could ever imagine that I would be travelling this far. The opportunity came knocking when my friend asked me to join her in a fully-sponsored trip! My jaw was dropping and I was like, are you kidding now? No, no, can you pinch me? Are you serious?

Well now, here are the answers and pictures from my last sojourn in Europe. Mind you, they're all of poor quality and grey, devoid of lively color (taken with my camera phone). Ah...the other are still in the memory card (digicam) and am too lazy to burn 'em into another CD hahaha

Pic 1 - 4 : Museum of Art Design, Zurich

Pic 2

Pic 3:
Pic 4:

Pic 5 - 12 : Zurich City

Pic 6:

pic 7:

Pic 8:

Pic 9:

Pic 10:

Pic 11:

Pic 12 : Zurich Railway station

Pic 13: Interlaken Ost, Switzerland

Pic 14: the famous old bridge, Luzern

Pic 15: Wall mural, Luzern

Pic 16: Mt. Titlis, Engelberg

Pic 17: Mt. Titlis

Pic 18: Engelberg

Pic 20: Engelberg

Pic 21: Engelberg town, view from the cable car


Pic 22: On board water taxi, Venice

Pic 23: Shooting pizza commercial, Venetian style

Pic 24: Assorted soap shop, Venice

Pic 25: Piazza San Marco, Venice

Pic 26:

Pic 27

Pic 28

Well, that's all i could manage to fit in here at the moment.


  1. ennie,

    i love those brown sexy high heel boot. *fap* *fap* *fap* hehe

  2. hahahah...eric, you devil you :-P

    Des, thanks for the birthday greetings *muaaah*

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  5. SLL,

    nice pics, nice place.
    looks so peaceful over there.
    by the way, long time no see.

    the last pic, is this the place where they shot the James Bond movie ?

  6. mrsabah@gmail.comJune 11, 2008 at 7:00 PM

    wah...lama nda update ni...update tunggu2 da ni..

  7. hahaha...i've been terribly busy! nak update pun susah. ok, one of these days am gonna post an 'equally lame' posting in order to appease you guys :-D


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