Friday, September 14, 2007

Sabahan Beauties - Local & International Acts

Yep.... we Sabahans are gradually storming over the entertainment scene in strides, be it locally or internationally. Over the last 8 years or so, we have quite a number of Sabahans who managed to grace the showbiz limelight.

Personally, the most prominent to date are the Sabah born lass, Cherilyn Lim a.k.a Che'Nelle, the talented young singer (she's currently making waves internationally) and Daphne Eleanor Iking (a regular face in the Malaysian entertainment industry)

My Pick:

1. Che'Nelle - The 24-year-old Sabah born singer, currently residing in U.S, debuted her first album "Things Happen For A Reason" under Virgin Records American label. She was the opening act for Kanye West's concert in Australia last year. Google her and you'd be surprised, she's all over the net. Her single "I Fell In Love With The DJ" is a smash hit internationally.

2. Daphne Iking - the delecteble former beauty queen, a model, actress and TV personality.

3. Marsha Milan Londoh - A graduate of local TV reality show "Akademi Fantasia". She's a budding singer, actress and model. She's the new face for an international beauty product, Nivea.

4. Linda Nanuwil - another Akademi Fantasia graduate. The beauty who caught the attention of many Malaysian. She has one album under her belt and acted in a film, directed by Malaysian well-known director Datuk Yusoff Haslam. Her second album is set to be released soon.

5. Nicollette (Nikki) Palikat - The Malaysian Idol graduate. Known for her strong vocal. The protege of Ning Baizura, Malaysian well-known and successful singer/actress, released her debut album "Maharani' last year. She also collaborated with other Malaysian singers.

6. Azharina Azhar - Another successful singer. Competed in Bintang HMI RTM. Known for her strong and husky vocal. Her single "Elegi Sepi" has sealed her place in the Malaysian music industry.

7. Pija - the younger sister of the singer Azharina. A graduate of local TV reality show (singing competition) "Mentor" Her energetic perfomance combine with her strong and unique vocal made her a favourite among judges and viewers. She bagged the title. Hopefully, we'll see more from her

8. Karen Kong - the petite lass from Labuan, she's a Chinese who sings in Malay songs! Yes, she's famous on her own right. Her demo and makeshift music video are widely accessed by thousands in Youtube. Her first full Malay album debuted early this year.

9. Candra "Candy" Clement - another graduate from the reality show "Akademi Fantasia"
signed under Maestro Talent Management, hope to hear more from her very soon.

10. Velvet L. Aduk - Fellow Akademi Fantasia graduate. wowed the viewers with her strong vocal.

11. Yanie - a former contestant in the singing competition "Mentor" another protege of the singer Ning Baizura, no doubt she'll make another interesting addition to the Malaysian music scene. hit single to date "Drama" a duet number between herself, Ning Baizura and Nikki. Also a budding actress, she can be seen in TV 3's serial "Farra"

well, I say good luck to these beauties. Do continue to wow us with your talents...


  1. mama-mia...i wanna bonk a sabahan chick

  2. Why don't you put yourself on the list? ;D

  3. most sabahan girls are really a beauty, include our blogger here. I love you all especially enniemye. :-P

  4. alamak, put myself on the list? *Bluwek* I ain't no beauty mah :-(

  5. pija was not azharina sist..btw, me oso forgot her sist name..hehe

  6. ok, if you say so. actually, i read in local malay entertainment mag that these two are sisters.

  7. i like this list. how about men. let say felix agus..etc

  8. ok..if you guys wanna chat with che'nelle...just go to

    there's a post about her and she always reply to that post...

  9. this is his link >>

  10. there is many beautiful Sabahan out there... yup this blogger owner also cutie beauty....:)


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