Thursday, November 5, 2009

Non-Facebook Phase..

yep, after the much awaited SBG thingy, things are back to normal again!  i was in my granny's kampung in ranau for several days and now i'm back  in KK.  as of now, i'm curing away my 'non-facebook phase' in an internet cafe in Damai, Luyang :)  well, actually i just got back from ranau a couple of hours ago and off i went, looking for an internet cafe. evidently, i found one :) hmmmm..i didn't bring my lappy with me. he (yes, i christened my laptop as a 'he') got sick, sircam virus. needs to re-format and re-install Windows program.  haven't got the time to cure him since i was busy planning for my balik kampung trip :( 

so, what did i do for my kampung trip? i ate and ate and ate! stuffed myself with rambutan, cempedak, tarap, bambangan and langsat! imagine that..hah! i think i've gained some weights. no kidding! my jeans feels kinda tight and don't even mention my tummy, i think i've developed myself some love handles too! adoiiiiiiiiiiiii......! my skin? yes, it becomes darker too! nda payah la pigi tanning saloon - if there's such a place in KK!

this sunday, i'd be flying back to KL. holidays going to be over soon *wanna cry* so, gotta give myself a short tour around KK, am seeing a lot of happening new stuffs!

meantimes, i'd blog about SBG soon. i think i shot several interesting pictures that night. ah, i was a Japanese highschool girl that night :P



  1. aahh so i was correct, you were a jap highschool girl!
    sayang owh we didnt get to take picture together.itu pun masa kamurang adoring itu spider nest baru sa realize it was you.

  2. good to see kampung has transformed you for the healthier... hard to get those kinds of food over in KL... and its good to see you at SBG! ahha...

  3. carol,
    i recognized you straight away :)hehehehe, too much ghost, ghouls,prowling that night. nda sampat to see each other awal2.

    yes. tell me about it! barabis suda sa antam ngiu chap masa d kk ari tu.


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