Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12th UMS Convo 2010 - Days In Pictures

It was held from 9th-11th October 2010 at the Chancellor's Hall, UMS. I was one of the officers on duty (usherette) and gosh, it was such a tiring day.  So, during the last day of the event, we revenged and took loads of  'em to compensate for our tiredness! However, most of the pictures were taken after the event ended. Well, we couldn't take pictures while on duty..

Love this picture. The photographer asked  me to act up the as a lovelorn girl.. LOL

Play-acting with my colleague, Radie.."geezzz, they  aren't roses'!

Final day saw me barefooted and beaten up! It was that tiring..

Finally...legs tortures ended! Heading towards the Tamu Gadang..

on a side note, I met Chegu Carol yesterday (final day of the Convo). Although it's only a brief moment but I was glad. Congrats to her brother, whom recently graduated! :)



  1. i already ingat2 mau take picture bah tu with you but dunno when kita jumpa, terus lupa hahaha

  2. hahaha...ko excited bah tu cause it was your brother's big day. :) but lama juga kamu tepaksa duduk kan? masa tu, almost a thousand bah tu yg graduated sesi pagi tu..

  3. thanks. i got lots more but i need to resize them..:)

  4. Hai there..
    Terjumpa and terklik to your blog. Nice and wanted to be yr fren la this. Will follow you and add you to my blog list. Nice meeting your here in this blogosphere. Drop by at my blog la if you hv free time ya.

    You staf UMS? Saw Ahmad Sudin in one of your photo. The Prince of Katak.. :-).. Send my regards to him.


  5. hi there..thanks for commenting :), si Mad? oh so you do know him eh? he's our ketua during that event la. kecil betul dunia ni.. his nickname is Prince of Katak? wahhh.. will send your regards to him.. :)

  6. wahahahahaha... i love la ur blog.. make us so cute... macam couple jak kan, so sweet... LOVE IT SO MUCH!! with love (Radi).. :*

  7. lol, Radi, akhirnya sampai juga ko di blog sya..:) anyways, thanks for dropping by :)


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