Thursday, April 21, 2011

4th Reunion - DSS Class of 98

Event: Class of 98- 4th DSS Reunion Dinner (Friendship to Cherish, A Night to Remember)
Date: 26th March 2011
Venue:  Puteri Ballroom, Taman Tun Fuad, Kota Kinabalu

We have been doing this reunion thingy for every 2 years interval and everytime you meet them, whew..someone is pregnant, someone is on maternity leave, someone is in the hospital because she's due to give birth anytime now, someone brings along her new kid, someone have just gotten married! The obvious changes of all is the collective moans:  I AM GETTING BROADER/FATTER! OR "I'm adding another wrinkles this year"

My, how time flies...

Some pictures from the party:

Me and a friend (Rodz), sorting out some of the gifts for lucky draws..

My heavily pregnant friend, Raysia a.k.a Kobie

l-r: Leng, Blynn, yours truly & Rodz

Karaoke time!

some of the girls, l-r: Karen, me, Jane, Leng, Rodz, Kobie & Anis
The highlight of the night: Best Dressed title went to Anis

cuting the cake! 

Children's fashion show funny, I got the 'Miss Body beautiful' title. If only.. maka penternakan babat suda ni..

Kena denda nyanyi lagu Sayang Kinabalu!

Another group picture with the Queen of the night :)

Overall, we had fun that night! Everybody got hadiah dan gelaran (Ms. Beautiful Smile, Ms. Gorgeous, Ms. Congeniality, Ms. Friendship and a few others)

Well, ladies, see you again in two years time! I'm sure there will be another major, major changes! 



  1. hi i was here k.. nice poses..:)

  2. o so fatttyyy dat time huhu...miss those time ;)
    (halluuu just drop by in ur blog Ennie)

  3. hehehe..Kobs, thanks for dropping by!


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