Monday, December 16, 2013


Albert Einstein once quoted this:

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots"

Well, Einstein, you weren't wrong. The world now is overrun with generation of idiots, as you had correctly predicted.

Well, we have idiots running around, speed chasing smart technologies. Errr, I'm actually sugarcoating this. What I meant was ruled by smart phones, which if I might, I'm calling them as generation of:

I'cooler than the regular kids'
I'rich n famous'
I'nstagram bitches'
I'selfie bitches' name a few.  Of course I'm the owner of a smartphone myself but I believe there's still a 'kampung' soul in me. I don't get attached or enamored with my smartphone. I do have Instagram/Twitter/Facebook apps in my trusty Samsung S-II but I don't log into them like 24/7. I still crave the conventional human interaction. When I'm out with pals, I don't clutch my phone like it's my lifeline. I take selfies, I take food-selfies but only for maybe a few minutes at a time. Well, maybe when I'm trapped in a bad date, then I'll envoy this "OMG, I'll totally die without my phone" tactic! At home, I will be the only one whose eyes are glued on the telly. The rest of the house occupants, their eyes are glued onto their smartphones' screen! In any functions that I've been to, you'll see the guests will be doing the same. People around us are doing the same. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace!

Take a look at these (sources from the internet):

Coffee dates with girlfriends..

It ain't Beatles..

Updating your FB status: 'amazing game today'

A very merry thanksgiving dinner with the fam..

Leisure drive around the city with BFFs

All for one, one for all..

Let's have a date..

Guess the paintings at this gallery failed to bring forth these ladies' artistic souls. Beaten by the technologies..

Grandpa is a bit puzzled..

Coffee date at your local Starbucks

Ahm sexay and I kno' it..

What a warm feelings I have...

A good day for BFFs outing..

Ok, mate. I'll take care of burger, you take care of your cappucino, eh?

Oyy, mom! You're a danger to your kids.

and the winner is..
May the force be with us, in the darkened cinema..
Maybe thousand years from now, archaeologists will probably find ancient fossils of smartphone prototypes at their digging sites all over the world and note in their findings: our forefathers in the 21st century were great pioneers in today's technologies !

It's Smartphonegeddon!



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