Tuesday, February 18, 2014

34 Years Later..

Yeah, a few days ago, on Feb 11th, it was my birthday. Man oh man, hard to believe that I'm old. In a few years time, God willing, I'll be 40! So, one of my friends had suggested that we should go for a trip. She said:
"Hey, why don't we go to Bali?" I said "Sure, that'll be fun. Let's"

So, it was then decided that Bali it is. Unfortunately, timing is all wrong. So, we then decided to shelve it until May. And so, we'll be going to Bali. But wait, if it's Bali, I should at least shave off a few kilos of my fat. Yes, I am flabby. I need to lose it. Especially my 'cushiony' tummy. I don't want to end up like a washed up whale! NO.

So, 34 years later..I've come to this:

What will next year brings? 



  1. tidak apa... muka baby face. Heheh

    1. Hahahaha...adehhhh..cepatnya masa berlalu. Rasanya aku masih lagi terperangkap dlm detik2 umur 20an.

  2. Ya, like the other comment said, macam baby face. Wakaka.

    Lek ba, yang penting enjoy life. Uisheh. Ba marila kita sama2 berexercise. I also wanna shave off kilos :D

    Happy weekend, Ennie!

  3. Haha muka baby face ka. Ya ba, ada juga.

    Susa o kan kasi lari tu extra tummy. lol.

    Ba happy Wednesday, Ennie.

    1. Part yg paling bikin gerigitan, part babat. Setengah mati konok planking exercise tapi adehhh...


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