Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Genting Theme Park Getaway...

This was during the recent Wesak Day off. My girlfriends and I decided to drive off up to Genting. The morning started as sunny and we were anticipating that it would last for the whole day but.... fat chance on that! We parked our car at the Genting Skyway Complex and decided to hitch a ride to the peak via Skyway Cable Cars, RM5 per one way trip, RM10 for a round trip.

View from the top.....

the girls inside the gondola.....

it was a cold and wet day...but the girls were all smile!

well, we were actually hoping for a good weather but our hope was dashed off!! Lady luck was not on our side. We only managed to try out four of the outdoor rides. The Pirate Ship, The Flying Coaster (this ride is not for those weak-hearted type), Spinner and The Pirate Train.

However, we did encounter a-not-so-pleasant-experience with one of the theme park crew. This happened when we girls and a bunch of other eager tourists wanted to experience the Dinosourland. After queuing up for about half an hour, we were told by the park crew that they have to close this section while waiting for the rain to subsides. Of course we understood his message, word by word, but he kept on huffing:

"tutup..tutup...hujan" (closed..closed..raining)

seeing that no one of us was budging from the queuing spot, (which of course, we didn't want to because it's raining heavily for god's sake, and the shed provides us shield from the heavy rain)

he huffed : "Dinosourland tutup. Tutup! Hujan, tidak fahamkah?!" (Dinosourland is closed. Closed! It's raining, don't you people understand?!"

We can't believe it! How come this person employed when his mannerism clearly demonstrates lack of professionalism? Did he expect us to venture out in the pouring rain?

Well, the answer is: Glory, glory... semuanya ada in Bolehland!

Sayonara Genting...

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