Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Magnificent Sipadan

Shame on me. I'm a true-blood Sabahan but sadly this part of Sabah is yet to be featured in my "Wanderings Itinerary"

I'm literally drooling while looking at these achingly magnificent shots of oceanic island of Sipadan, located in Tawau. Time to update my "Must Visit" itinerary. Sipadan's seabed is an explosion of more than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species and it never fails to wow the worlds's sea-diving enthusiasts.

Here's a collection of best shots courtesy of DivingBear


  1. Wooo...really tranquil. I would love to go there too for a week. ;)


  2. Mandak, lawa daa gambal ngavi diho nga onini kozo gia ho. I clicked to enlarge & found myself disapntd for the pics size.
    Suggest'n: upload the full-sized image, i'm sure your cam is one of those high end gadgets.
    neyway nice ones.

    macho @grunge

  3. sia pun mau pigi ni tapi nda sempat2.. jadi orang dewasa memang menydihkan



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