Friday, August 3, 2007

Rollercoaster ride weeks

It’s been a rollercoaster ride weeks for me. Any residue of enjoyment from my last holiday trip had been doused off with the usual craziness around my office. I came back to work , and by god, all four of my bosses are literally tearing me apart left, right and center! Hence, my walkabout around the office phewwwwww! Some morning, I haven’t even put away my purse inside my drawer nor have the time to make myself a nice mug of my favourite morning drink, Milo O, and shoot, it’s already 12.00 noon!

These past 3 weeks, I’ve been tremendously busy arranging some interviews with potentials contractors and on top of that have to take care of 3 other bosses.
Scratch that, I have one more new boss. Yesterday was his first day reporting to duty and let’s just say that that has added up another notch on my bedspot (naah…just kidding, what I meant was another pain in my ass!)

By now, I feel like I’ve been hit by 18-wheelers-truck, didn’t have enough sleep. The problem is, when I get too tired and uptight, INSOMNIA is the word. I would twist and turn the whole night long while mentally berating my eyes and my mind at the same time. My eyes are shutting down but my mind is constantly humming and running, refusing to obey my eye’s command of “turn off that damn engine, dispel all the nuts and bolts and let us rest for a spell!”

Heck, wait a goddamn minute. I’m turning into a whiner. Duh…I hate bitching and there’s no love lost between me and whiners! Okay, I will probably treat this stupid rambling and gibberish as my therapy session. Just an evidence that I’m not immune to stupidity and negative vibes. Talk about being an oxymoron :-D

Oh, I would give anything just to sleep for one damn whole day! I’m actually contemplating on popping sleeping pills but gosh, it's a habit that i don't want to start to. The notion of turning into a sleeping pills junkie is scary!

Yesterday, a friend of mine rang me. As usual, I asked him how was his day and that fella just replied “ummmm..okay loh” Well, I told him my day (or rather these past few weeks), I’m in the cloud nine cause everyone is fucking me left, right and centre. Oh well, glad that I made that fella’s day judging from his barks of laughter :-D

*sniff* Not forgetting about the crazy painting-the-wall fiasco in my apartment. The management has been circulating notices like forever regarding painting works of the apartment outer walls. Of course this brings debates after debates among the homeowners and the management. Tenants have been advised not to put anything on the balcony (i.e. laundry, furniture, potted plants, washing machine and whatnot) and windows/sliding doors must be closed all the time so that the painting works can be carried out. The notice said about 3 days but now it’s already bordering to a week. For god’s sake, with the delay and the messy painting jobs (which of course done by cheap and untrained labourers from Mynamar and Indonesia) no wonder homeowners and tenants are getting antsy. I came home last evening, opened the balcony sliding doors, and lo and behold…thick debris greeted my already tortured feet. Gosh, they didn’t paint the wall in the balcony and it’s unsightly. Imagine seeing white paint on the outer walls but your balcony looks like a square of brownish cardboard box! This, after the notice said ‘painting works of wall and balcony’. My landlady complained her bedroom windows resembled a bad painting on canvas. Specks of paints are all over her windows.

*sigh* I wish I’d have more relaxing days these weekend...


  1. *smile* I hope things do get better ... and happier ...

  2. Anton,
    fat chance on that but hey...that's part of life. I mean, can't do anything much about it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm putting my leg one stride after another :-)


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