Sunday, October 28, 2007

Greetings from KK!

Time to update my blog, I suppose!

well, as of now, I'm posting from one of the internet cafe, here, in Centrepoint KK. Been here (my hometown) since 18th Oct and planning to return to KL end of this month. It's good to be
back and I AM ENJOYING EVERY MOMENTS OF IT! one thing for sure, KK has changed a lot. I mean, the last time I was here, there were no Starbucks, MNG, San Francisco, Nose and Secret Recipe! Now, you can find it here. KK is thriving, REALLY!

aside from the reunion with my ex-collegemates, my sister get herself engaged to a 'galah man!' She's just 5'1" and he's a six footer! He's dwarfing each and everyone of family member :-) well, I'm glad that she finally found her man and hope that they will be happy together.

Hmmm....i have to log of now. My one hour has ended lol... until next time


  1. remember to take alot of photos yea. hehe and those "sexy sexy" wan you can email to me yea so that i can look at them at my "leisure" time. hehe

  2. galah man ? wow 6 footer fun ?

  3. hohoho...klu tau ko balik jemput p umah beraya.. :)

  4. Lai, lama gak aku di kg. hari2 bejalan sampai kulit pun jadi coklat hehehe :-)


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