Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Announcement: TheWanderingSumandak will be no more...BUT..

Dear my recruits & accidental readers,

Please don't be alarmed of this announcement! My lappy is not in trouble, nor am I saying kiss goodbye to the blogniverse (Yes, I think I'm the inventor of this word. It's a combination of BLOGging & uNIVERSE hehehehe!) I am pretty much still signed in to blogniverse! :P

So, keep on reading folks..

I have been blogging since 2006 albeit sparsely (my early year of blogging).  There were stretches of times that I was plagued with the much dreaded writer’s stumbling block per se.  Nowadays, I might not be as active as before but whenever there’s an issue or ideas that my mind keeps on instructing me to ‘you must write about this’ only then I’ll try putting some sentences together.  

This time around, several of my friends have been complaining about my super long blog’s name. Admittedly, it’s a tad too long “thewanderingsumandak.blogspot.com”.  That’s 31 letters all together! Actually, I came out with the name during my gallivanting years  in KL. Between 2005 – early 2010, I was working in KL and I guess the name was aptly put.  Come to think of it, between 1999 – early 2010, I was (and still am) actually living a gypsy-like existence.  There were Uni years  in Sarawak, followed by a brief ‘striking  out on my own’ between 2003-2004 back home, then continued living in KL from 2005 til early of 2010.

The year of 2010 sees me going back to me hometown. I guess my wandering years is finally over. Logistically, yes.  Mentally? Well, I’m no vegetable but I think somewhere in the deep recess of my mind, my inner gypsy is still residing. Hmmm..forgive the melodramatic me, would you? However, I've to admit that I'm pretty much settled in now. Not fully settled but I am more than half way there! :-)

So, this year, I will be changing my blog’s name but I haven’t got the idea for its name. Maybe something simple? A name which is reflecting my name? My  personality? Or maybe something eye-catching? Or  something very ‘cincai’? I will post the name later and will retain the current name for maybe a week to let my readers know about the imminent changes.

‘til next post.. XOXO


  1. good luck with the new blog... :)

  2. Cath,
    lol..i am still pondering on what name to use. Decision, decision, decision! Hmmmm...

  3. Cool, looking forward for the new blog name. ^_^

  4. ko buat the sumandak ja ba.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe..

  5. Aki,
    Sumandak nda buli la..bukannya jadi kekal sumandak lama2. Bisuk2 sa suda jadi odu2 suda adeeiiii...nda sesuwei la :)

    still deciding abt the name :P

  6. Kalau gitu.. The Proud Odu-Odu.. ^_^.v.. Hahaha.. men2 jak ba.. Ok lah tu.. masi kira sumandak juga ba..

  7. have u decided on the name yet? :)

  8. Moi, I think I have. It's simple but it's me :)


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