Friday, November 9, 2007

Back in KL

hmmmpphhh...after my pleasant 'balik kampong' i've adopted (AGAIN!)the slow, idyllic and lazy days :-( it is rather sad, leaving the familiar faces and places back in my hometown, and be a Sabahan in KL. One thing for sure, i've gained weight! when i look at my latest pic, yayyyy....i look more 'montel' than the last time I had my pic taken! That's what happened when you stuff yourself with homemade cooking, the one that your mum cooks :)

suffice to say, i was chewing most of the time, be it morning, noon, evening, or late night suppers! aside from my mum's cooking, my sister's fiancee kept on feeding us! No wonder my sister has become 'tersangat-sangatlah montel' During my last night stay at my sister's place, he treated us with 'makan-makan' session at the stall, in front of the shopping mall (which is within walking distance from my sister's house) I had beef & chicken satay, soto ayam, beef burger, chicken wing bbq and fresh fruit juice. Gosh! that's all i can say....

overall, my vacation was great! oh, forgot to add... my skin has turned to brown! i was outside most of the time, roaming the streets of KK, checking out new shopping malls :-)


i got myself a brand new tatoo, on the left side of my legs :-D


  1. i would love to see those tattoo in person. can ar? hehe

  2. show it to us!! Mana sia mau tengok..heheh

  3. spent half my life in kl and now i am happy to be back in kk..not quite fit here at first but now i just can't live in kl..hehe.getting older may be..

  4. Hi Ceara, thanks for dropping by

    yeah, KL is kind of losing its shine on me. I've become itchy feet and most probably by the end of next year i'll jump ship and sail away to 'only god knows where'. i don't care a bit if i ended up, may be, in Timbuktu? Timbuktu? Hell's teeth...the mere thought of it gets me shivering


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