Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bonjour, Guttentag & Bonjorno!

Dec 2007? what a month! i mean, an exciting month. I closed my 2007 diary by visiting switzerland and venice....swell! Wow, it was damn cold over there but the visit was worthwhile.

I went to Geneva (loved this little swiss french city!) the women are gorgeous, really! Next up, went to Luzern, Grindelwald (it was snowing that day!), Interlaken Ost and Engelberg (the language spoken is german-swiss). I went all the way up to Mount Titlis, Engelberg. Gosh, it's freezing up there.

next, we boarded the train (Trenitalia) to Venice (Bonjorno!). I've always been wanting to visit Venice and seeing it with my very own eyes for the first time, the feeling was kinda surreal! first thing came to my mind? it's romantic, romantic and ROMANTIC! Venetians, especially the men....wow! tall, dark and handsome? yup...they really are! Maybe, one day i'll be visiting Venice again (when the weather is warmer, say, in the summertime) I fell in love with the city!

i left Venice (after 3 nights and 2 days visit) and continued my journey to Zurich. It was still cold but I savoured every moments of it. Of course, the city itself is a haven for shopping!

i left Zurich for KL, 2 days afterward. Which city i love the most? Venice and Geneva, no questions on that :-) Oh....what a feeling!


  1. Belated NEw Year greetings to you! Man, travelling to 2 beautiful cities in Europe. What sorta job do u have anyway?


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