Thursday, February 5, 2009

First entry of 2009

My, it's been a while since I wrote my last entry! The thing is, my 'creative writing' completely ditched me, for a while . So, here goes...

wow..see how fast the time flies! Double wows, it's February already! Ok, i know it's a bit too late for me to write about my 2009 resolutions. i normally don't make new year's resolutions, knowing that they will end up nowhere! anyway, just for the 'heck' of it..

"2009 Resolutions -???"

#1 Get a new job with a good pay (what? in this current "recession is when your neighbor lost
his job, depression is when you lost yours" siuation? get real!

#2 Reduce alcohol consumption! (it's getting there)

#3 Get a driving licence

#4 Widen my network (my facebook's friendlist is pitiful!)

#5 Find a real & comitted boyfriend, not one who is fonds of disappering acts, i hate being
Houdini-ed all the time! i think it's time to cut him's tiring, really!

#6 Complete kampong house (well, it's in progress and hope it'll be ready by Christmas)

#7 Buy a car (if it's possible!)

#8 Save money...

#9 Save more money...

#10 ...again, save more money!!

well, those lists aren't that difficult to achieve. Hope by the time I bid "adieu and hello (2010)" i could at least say "checked" to one of these lists :)

fingers crossed!


  1. i wonder if u have done ur last year resolution....suda buang ka itu pink thing?? klu blum...kasi saya la... :)

  2. hahah...the pink thing already buang about 2 yrs ago, i think! mo buat apa pulak kasi ko? bikin spice up your ahem ahem ka?? :P

  3. ehehe...mana tau buli buang just mcm tu saja??

    rugi o..ekekekek

    p/s:update la sllu.. :P add me add FB

  4. mana rugi. someone mailed the 'pink thing' all the way from Germany to me. that was abt 2yrs ago, methinks. it's neon pink, for pete's sake! apa ko punya profile name d FB ni?

  5. ekekeke...nti macik yg bungkar2 tu sampah yg pakai balik... :P

    sa suda add ko bah...suda ko approve sa...ada sa komen gambar ko lagi..ada joe nama blakang.. ;)


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