Saturday, February 28, 2009

Across The Red River

I read this book last weekend but I had to stop reading in the middle chapter. The bloody and gory details of the Rwandan and Burundi Genocide is too much to bear.

this book was published in 2001 and written by a TV journalist, Christian Jennings. It chronicles his highly dangerous accounts while he's on his assignment covering the war. He arrived in Rwanda in the summer of 1994, with an almost impossible mission to track down the army officers and government officials responsible for the slaughter of 850,000 people and hoping to persuade them to participate in a TV documentary about their crimes. His supposedly 5 days assignment ended up to three and a half years, during which he became witnesses (dodging bullets, encountering fierce and suspicious AK47 totting guerillas) to the harrowing details of the sheer atrocities of this central african nation genocide.

find and read this book, that's it, if you don't mind the gory details. Don't worry, some parts of the book was written in humourous manners. maybe the author was attempting to divert the readers' minds from all the horror and cruel details. The Rwandan Genocide is considered as one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century, since the Nazi Holocaust.

as for me, this book is great but I'm done...


  1. bagus ko tinguk movie "Hotel Rwanda" bestt.. base on true story juga :)

  2. best yang macam mana tu? cerita pasal apa ya?

  3. cerita pasal di rwanda juga laa..lebih kurang sama cam buku yg kau baca tu laa.. lepas tinguk trus sya tepikir balik .. gila rasis


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