Sunday, July 5, 2009

A guy Hot-a-Meter will decrease should he...

ok, talking about hot guys..we ladies sure love to! however, i shall reserve my opinion about a guy's hotness after seeing this incident happened in front of my very own eyes..and it happened in one of the popular mamak's hang out in Bangsar.

about two weeks ago, i was in Bangsar doing some banking stuff. after that, i quickly headed to the mamak's to grab myself some lunch (i was starving!). I was about to "attack" my rice (with mutton varuval & acar) when my wandering eyes suddenly zoomed into a group of guys having their teh tarik and roti canai. Right, they were good looking...and obviously had this 'we're urban and hip' airs stamped literally on their foreheads. I was enjoying my lunch and stealing glances to the most good-looking guy in the group. BUT, wait a minute! just a damn minute! that hot and cute guy turned out to be NOT HOT in matter of one second maybe? why?????

HE PICKED HIS NOSE in public. imagine that..he actually picked his nose vigorously and in a restaurant, where people eat no less! i was..what the???? trust me, it is not HOT at all. A few moment after that, not content on picking his nose, he then started to poke his pinky into his ear. obviously digging his 'treasure' inside his ear. My lunch was ruined, not mentioning about his zero hot-a-meter.

guys, if your're planning to do your digging, leave that in private, your home or during the shower. i understand it's a normal thing to do but at least please, just please DO NOT do that in public. I don't care if my guy does a digging spree or farts (in front of me) as long as he does that in the comfort of his home or in private!


  1. hahahahah...jgn la tgk lelaki yg hot...

    tgk la yg tidak mcm kami...hahaha

    sa klu time driving pun malu2 lagi o...malu sa kana nampak..hahahah

    kurik dungot lagi tu...hahahaha

  2. pemandangan yg biasa kita tengok, esp masa stuck d traffic jam/light!

  3. you are right. guys like this digging job so much.

  4. why? is it a reflect kind of thing? like driving and smoking?

  5. wahahahhahahaha..buruk tabiat eh!

  6. moi, mimang. teramat buruk sekali. muka ja handsome tapi perangai..bikin geli!


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