Sunday, June 28, 2009

Max-shit Broadband

Yes, that’s exactly my opinion! I am going to christen this telco provider as Max-shit. I’ve been a subscriber for several months now and so far, all I’ve got is a crappy-shit service. At a hundred and forty over bucks per month, it supposed to have a high internet connection speed but hey, it’s all garbage talk! When I lodged complaints, the standard explanation would be “from time to time, the system needs to be upgraded” what a shit-loads of crappy answers! What I am suffering from is a barely there internet connection. when I access the net, downloading is painfully slow, the waiting is literally making you feeling like constipating with the frequent error commands of RELOAD pages. Even when I check my gmail/yahoo mail account, I would encounter this shit over and over again. Don’t even mention Facebook. I think by the time I manage to log in, my teeth have already fallen off and my hair is greying. Accessing video streaming sites? dream on! It’s enough to make me feeling like wanting to scream and tear my hair off into the night!

A lot of my friends said “oh, please..just ditch the service and opt for celcom broadband coz their internet speed connection is good” okay, I don’t know if that is true but I might do that. In fact, I am going to discontinue my Max-shit subscription and try out celcom broadband. I don’t care if I have to pay 200 bucks for handling fees (cringe, for a pauper like me that's certainly a lot of money) but do I have any other choice???? Fat chance!

Ok, I hope I won’t get sued for defamation because of this article. I am just a frustrated ‘old and wrinkled aunty’ because she couldn’t get in touch with her many internet lovers. They’re scattered all over the continents, you know. So, don’t blame me if I’m such a pain in the ass. Paying for bad service, even this ‘whiny-wrinkly-mouldy-old-aunty” is entitled to get frustrated!

Guess what! I diligently googled “which one is a better internet broadband provider, max-shit or celcom?", I found out that most surveys disfavored max-shit. looks like I’m not the only one who is bashing Max-shit! Well, that’s that!


  1. ya bagus ko guna tu celcom..yg skrg pakai apa??digi ka??laju lagi tu celcom....pastu ko cari yg modem dia buli support line yg drg bagi tu 3.6Mbps ja tu...biar ko punya modem tu boleh support yg lebih dr 3.6Mbps...

  2. mana mo cari modem tu? mo kana bili ka? sa rasa modem dorng tu
    3.6Mbps ja.

  3. ada yang kena beli...satu tpt kerja ni dia beli modem dia yg 7.2 punya...vodafone d epan dia tulis...

  4. i can assure you that celcom isn't much better. i've been using celcom for years and since september 09, it has gone down really fast. meaning, it's really shitty. i wrote complaints via email, called them a couple of times, and went to see them personally 3-4 times since september. dia orang buat don't know je. and then, say something like "see lah, if there's anything we'll let you know in 2-3 days" - it's been like 2 weeks now! no news.

    really, they're just playing around with us with all the promotion bullshit and all. i've stopped using celcom.


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