Friday, September 4, 2009

Monkey comes, monkey goes

the carpark at my office has become as some kind of  monkeys' playground! some can be seen doing their 'monkeystics' on top of the parked vehicles. some are just contented 'monkeygazing' at you with their flashing small, beady and intimidating sharp eyes! this is a familiar sight at my office building surrounding area. hmmm..takut juga kalau one of these days, they would turn rabid on you! saints above, they might be carrying diseases!

whenever i see them, i'd totally freeze. i am quite traumatized with the story of people being mauled by rabid monkeys! well, if you don't kacau them, i guess they will leave you alone.

that's what happened when the forests are felled, the hills are cut to make way to new constructions. the animals lost their habitats and they will begin to 'migrate' to a human populated area!

meantimes, manage to capture a pic of the other monkeys, perked on their chosen spot, watching me snapping their pics from afar..eeeiiiii takutnya!

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