Monday, October 26, 2009

Anticipation..anticipation ~ ya bah, inda kesabaran suda!

well, i've been posting this KK Trip Countdown thingy in my FB wall.  so,  as of now, my trip to KK is a shy away from 2 days! YES, two more days to go! inda sabar sudaini...! oh yes, seems like my posting today is full of exclamation marks (!) that's how excited i am...! really...

so, have i bought my halloween costume? checked.  Have i bought my lil' sis her birthday pressie? checked. 

and  i've been diligently clicking the links for the SBG upadates and from what i read/gathered, it's gonna be an interesting ones.  Gathering and halloween? peeps,  let's partayyy! *grins* for my costume,  i won't be dripping in blood, don't want to look gory in my picture. nanti inda cute hehehehe (choooiiii, masuk bakul angkat sendiri!) 

hmmm..for this trip alone, my schedule is pretty tight.  from KL to KK to Ranau-KK-KL, whoah, that's one helluva tight of a full-packed calendar! 

owh, forgot to mention.  one of my BFF is flying down to KK to watch the rugby tourney ~ 2009 Asian Rugby Sevens Series (Borneo Sevens, Kota Kinabalu - October 31 - November 1) hmmm..i think i might have to re-arrange my calendar.  alang-alang suda di KK, bah, apalagi.  pigi la tinguk rugby.  bulih juga tingu tanak wagu, bapa urang belari2 di padang pakai shorts baju ketat2 :P

til then...sit tight and wait for the day :)


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